Why is Golf So Hard?

Well as we know that there are dozens of sports which people love to play and are passionate about but still there are few games and sports which people love to play but still are worried as they are quite hard and among the series of them golf is on the top list. I don’t know how many times you have heard this question that why golf is the best sport or why golf is hard.

No doubt, golf is the hardest sport ever; if you think I am wrong then ask the golfers as well as other sports players if they have ever tried golf then without any asking they will tell you the same that it is the hardest game/ sport ever. If you have read my previous articles related to golf so in those articles, you have read a lot about golf specifications, advantages, golf guidance, general review, precautions, best playing tactics, tricks, golf shoes, golf kits and a lot more which helps to make your playing and shots progressive and impressive but in this article, I am going to tell you that why golf is hard? And what makes golf so hard? So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and explore the facts together. 

Unpredictable Situations and Aspects

One of the major aspects of golf is that it has come up with so many different sides this game is no doubt unpredictable. Like you cannot say that you are perfect. Nor you can cover up yourself if you are bad so that means you are bad and if you are good that means you are good but the thing that makes this game quite difficult is that you cannot rely on your expertise nor you can do and cover-up your deficiencies on the same day. Sometimes you feel you need to work on your stripping irons, on another day you start feeling that you might miss the fairway and similarly sometimes you are feeling shot issues although in other sports there are fixed conditions and rules but here in this game there is nothing fixed. So this is one of the major aspects which make this golf game quite hard as compare to the other games and sports. 

Thinking Zone

Why is Golf So Hard?

Another aspect which you as a golfer face in each and every time during the time of your golf playing is thinking before hitting. No matter how master or perfect you are or how professional you are in the field of golf. Before going to hit the shot you always think not just twice but thrice a time and the reason is that your next shot relies on the first one so if your first hitting is not smooth or well enough that means you are losing the grip. This situation affects on your game because if your first ball shot is not accurate so at somehow you low or lost your confidence that affects on your entire game and secondly as I told you above the different aspects you cannot predict the situation or scenario. To overcome this, one ideal deal that I advise you all is practice. The practice is the tool that makes you perfect and you can become the jack of all traders.

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Despite this, I have seen many people who complain that after their routine playing practice they won’t have additional time for practicing so my advice is no matter how tough your routine is if your game (golf) is your passion then you can find some additional hours and spare time just for the sake to cover up your deficiencies and It is essential when you have a competition with someone or you are willing to become a professional golf player.

Golf Swings Hurdles

The next issue which a golfer faces during the time of playing is the golf swing. I don’t know how many of you are aware about this trick but swinging your golf ball to make the perfect shot doesn’t mean that swing it as quick as possible. Believe me, this will lead you towards the complete havoc situation. For the best and accurate swinging what you all need to do is to concentrate and think logically don’t feel rush and first maintain your focus on your shot as this is one of the ideal and best ways or approaches for hitting a great shot. 

Mistakes that Generally Occur

How to Practice Golf at Home

One other thing which I noticed most is that people I mean golfers have a fear of doing mistakes. Well, this is a game and no one is professional or perfect so if you think that committing a mistake means is a crime or this will lead you towards the bad golfer tag so you are absolutely wrong. This panic situation leads you towards committing a lot of mistakes. So my suggestion is to keep yourself calm and relax secondly don’t feel shame or embarrassed if you have one single mistake as it is a part of life. A great deal is to maintain your position after a mistake instead of getting a rush feel panic or take some quick shots. 

So these are the mistakes which golfers do during the time of playing. I highly recommend you all to play your game wisely, secondly try to find additional spare time for your practice so then in this additional time you can cover up your deficiencies. No one knows you very well similarly no coach can teach or train you mannerly better than your own self. So for a professional and best player means you have to face some additional extra hard time. Rest as I said above playing golf is not a piece of cake and still, nothing is impossible in this world.

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I hope that after reading this article you will aware enough to know the tricks and realize your deficiencies. I hope that this article reading will help you out and make your next playing better than previous.



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