Why Impact Is All That Matters in the Golf Swing

For being better at sports, you need to work on the things that are the basis for good performance. What separates the professionals from the amateurs is experience, practice and the amount of research they have done with regards to techniques used in the said sport. When it comes to golf, these techniques or strategies can be either selecting the right club, the angle of your shot, environmental conditions like wind speed and most importantly the impact when you swing.

The golf swing at impact is one of the key things to determine how effective the shot you have taken will be, it will show how far the ball will travel from point A to point B and whether you did it accurately or not.

Honing the impact when you swing the club is not an easy thing to master, it takes a lot of practice with calculations each time you take a shot. Nevertheless, the results are fruitful as it is one of the skills that will set you on the path of a great performance when it comes to golf. The core aspect of the swing is to have accurate contact with the ball on a consistent basis and one that would improve your game. Alongside the swing, you need to work on the impact on the ball, let us take a look at some of the stuff you would need to know.

The Golf Impact Position

Why Impact Is All That Matters in the Golf Swing

The positioning and your stance to determine how you can swing the club but not many know that it plays a great role in determining the impact. The golf impact position will decide on whether the hit on the ball is accurate and in how it will travel, it could either go straight or have a spin. There are also other things like the pathing of the club during the swing and how open your hips are to the target in sight. The impact position is a great consideration for the professional players, you would see them compressing the ball with their clubhead trailing, hands leading and the path taken by the ball being consistent throughout. Getting an idea from the techniques that the professionals apply can give us insight on how to improve one’s impact and some things about the swings. One of these well-known professionals is Jon Rahm, who has his own style of swinging and impact.

The Jon Rahm Golf Swing

Why Impact Is All That Matters in the Golf Swing

If we observe Jon Rahm carefully, the most apparent thing about his motion is that when he does the backswing, it looks short, meaning it has less distance traveled. Which leads us to the conclusion that it does not have much power as compared to the swing that has a greater distance traveled by the club head, so what is the reason?

Well, the answer is that the path is not short, the club head is just so high that it is out of frame but we can still see the distance between his head and the club if we look close enough. Jon Rahm wants the impact to be great which is why he is taking the swing from the highest point possible, the club head has to come down no matter what type of swing you do, he just wants to make sure that it accumulates the maximum amount of force before the impact as it comes down. The force increases as the power increases and the power increase with the club head coming down with so much speed. The idea here is using gravity to your advantage to garner enough power for the impact.

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Another thing that influences the power of the Jon Rahm swing is his inclusion of the backswing. What he does is sets an angle between the club and left arm such that it actually ends up sharpening when he is about to do the swing. The analogy that we can take for this, is that he creates a whip of sorts with his arms and as he swings down to hit the ball, a sharp crack is created that adds more power to the overall impact.

It is a risky move due to do due to the club head being so close and requiring the arm just to be in the proper position, one misstep can lead to a loss in your grip and a potential injury. If you are able to perform this, it is a great power move to have when it comes to impact and you can take shots that will have the ball flying over 426 yards effortlessly.

Tips on How to Improve Impact and Position

Why Impact Is All That Matters in the Golf Swing

No doubt that the impact on the ball will help us in covering large distance with minimal effort but how sooner can we master the concept? It takes a lot of time to be able to perform such a feat but even before that, the tips mentioned below will have you working on other things that will indirectly affect the impact of your swings.

First is the backswing, you would need to have better positioning and must be able to perform an on-plane downswing and tour-like impact moves.

The second thing that will be trained is your transitions, meaning not moving the club too low, shallow or steep when you begin the downswing.

The third is your swing mechanics which include all of the backswings, transitions, downswings and the practice that comes with perfecting them.

To be able to get a position for good impact, you need to consider the positioning and how you do the swings.

Most of all, you need to practice, here are some tips that will help you on this path:

  • Keep the grip or hands ahead of the ball before you make contact;
  • Open up your hips and get our front foot out;
  • Get the shaft of the club in-line with your leading arm before impact;
  • Move the butt of the grip in such a way that it points at your front pocket;
  • Compress the ball to the ground when you use irons and wedges.

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  1. I struggle a lot with keeping my hips wide and allowing the power of my swing to shift with my weight. Once I master that then I think I’ll be a lot better.

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