Top-Rated Vice Golf Balls Review

Vice stands for a design that is powerful yet is clean and simple. It also stands for advanced technology that is at its maximum level. It redefines the passion for golf. All their designs always follow a clear function. Therefore, all their golf balls are given a specific ball number. Other than that, they also have a distinct putting line. 

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls are first urethane balls that are made with a matte neon finish. This makes them fairly visible through long distances. Golfers who look for extra-soft feel aim at low compression construction having average club speeds.

As compared to others, these golf balls are not very low compression but do give the soft feel. The ball speed when measured also turned out to be as good as the fastest on the test. The ball speed was just 1mph slower than the fastest ball being tested. It shows that these golf balls are capable of performing much better and at even faster swing speeds as they weren’t designed for. These balls have three layers. They are available at a price of £29.98.


  • These Golf balls are extra soft as compared to the other type of balls;
  • They are highly responsive to speedy swings;
  • They easily reach long distances;
  • It is easy to track these balls.


  • The rate of spin depends upon the speed of swinger.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

It is optimized for distance for Professional golfers who have medium to high swing speed. The Vice Pro plus has an additional fourth layer which lets the Vice spin for longer drives and it allows to lower driver launch. Other than these features, it gives as good feels as the Vice Pro.

It comes in a similar premium sticky urethane cover like the Vice Pro, but the feel is much firm which is familiar for golfers who play “X” balls habitually. It is observed and analyzed that the plus launched 1.5° lower and the peak it reached was three yards down on the Vice Pro. It is available at a price of £29.98. 


  • The material is very smooth;
  • The spin rate is high on short shots;
  • It has a dual casing which supports long distances and keeps ball flight lower;
  • They are highly durable;
  • These balls are equipped with the S2TG technology;
  • The white color of Vice Pro Plus Golf balls does not stain and fade easily.


  • Ball compression ratings are low.

Vice Tour Golf Balls

Vice Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Vice Tour Golf balls are made using a lower compression. It is a three-piece ball and it has a Dupont Surlyn cover for driver performance. It gives that hard plastic look, but it still is quite soft to touch. It features 392 aerodynamic dimples that lower the dispersion rate.

When you launch it for the first time, you will feel the lightweight of this ball. The reason behind is the design that covers it is very thin. It makes one feel as firm as when playing with distance balls. It is hard to have control on short shots when playing with this one. It is available at a price of £1.09. 


  • These Golf balls are suitable for players of all levels;
  • They cover straight and long distances quite well;
  • The trajectory is highly stable;
  • Crosswind dispersion is least;
  • The Vice Tour Golf balls are very affordable and cheaper as compared to the others.


  • They give low spin rate;
  • The speed of these balls is less.

Vice Pro Golf Balls

Vice Pro Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

When you choose to play with Vice Pro Golf balls, a firm amount of backspin is guaranteed. It is optimized for distance for golfers who play on an advanced level and have a medium to high swing speed. The most beneficial thing it has to offer is its exceptional green-grabbing control. It has this control because of its S2TG tech cover which is made using urethane just like any other premium tour ball. This three-piece golf ball has 318 big dimples.

They help in reducing dispersion and cover a good distance. The specific design decreases air resistance and helps in speeding up the shot. The sticky, softcover of the Vice Pro is amazing and it gives the all-round feel and feedback with iron, driver, and wedge. The spin rate of the wedge was calculated to be within 500 rpm of the highest on the test. The ball speed was within 1mph of the quickest. The Pro launched turned out to fly higher than any other ball on the test. It is available at a price of £29.98. 


  • It has a stable alignment;
  • It has a higher trajectory for launch; 
  • Spin rates are high and it has great speed;
  • Resistance for UV is high;
  • Dispersion is reduced.


  • Spin rates are lower as compared to the Pro plus series;
  • They cover less distance as compared to the Pro plus series.

Buying Guide

Are Vice golf balls good?

Over the past couple of years, Vice Golf has grown to become one of the top brands in the direct-to-consumer golf ball market. They have to offer a variety of options. There are multiple colors available in the Pro series. Their prices as compared to other golf balls are lower and quality is good and guaranteed. Vice golf balls are quite creative and appealing. Also because they are low compression balls, they can maintain adequate firmness and give a great feel.  

Which Vice golf ball is the best? 

Vice Pro Golf ball is the best as compared to the rest of the Products. The medium to high swing speed can only be maintained using the Pro. The ball speed can reach up to 86 mph. The launch angle for Pro is 30.6 degrees. 

Are Vice golf balls legal? 

Yes, Vice golf balls are legal. All types of Vice balls conform to the R&A and USGA standards. Therefore, worldwide tournaments can be played with these balls. 

What are the best golf balls for the average golfer?

Below is the list having some of the Golf balls that are best suitable for average golfers.

  • Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls;
  • Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls;
  • ​Titleist Pro V1;
  • Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball;
  • ​Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball.


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