Used & Pre-Owned Iron Sets for Sale

Golf has always been a luxurious sport and business enterprise to venture into due to the cost of its equipment. This highly competitive sport has spurred many skill level golfers to get the best quality gadgets available in the market in an attempt to have some form of advantage over their competitors from Tee to Green.

Buying brand new irons sets which cost upward $1,000 is one of the reasons why the game of golf is perceived as an expensive sport as most average income earners or frugal golfers might find it difficult to afford.

However, careful evaluation reveals that there is little or no difference between used iron sets and a new one except for the price tag, few scrapes, and tad improvement. The main difference is seen in the stronger loft; other forms of development are barely noticeable in the distance, control, forgiveness, and feel.

The general misconception in the golf industry between used golf iron sets and a brand new set is that more new clubs are the best option and offer a ton of advantage compared to those produced 3-10 years ago. This notion is not always the case; because there are a lot of used golf iron sets with a quality performance that can rival any brand new iron set for lesser price tags.

Things we focused on in this article:

  • Iron sets that are three years and above;
  • Models with the best reviews when  introduced to the market;
  • Finding the best iron set for golfer personal need (do you want more forgiveness, distance, distance control?);
  • Top Brands like Callaway, Mizuno, and Titleist.

For individual searching for a set of irons not within this focus, you can check out our article on the best website to buy used golf clubs.

Here are the best Pre-owned irons set for sales.

Most Forgiving: Mizuno JPX EZ

Golfers searching for the most forgiving used irons should consider investing in Mizuno JPX EZ irons. This model is the brand most forgiving iron set while also boasting of impressive distance.

The Mizuno JPX EZ irons are uniquely designed with oversized sweets spots, lower center of gravity, and more full soles that make balls to fly high and far irrespective of where you hit it on the face.

Though the Mizuno irons hold the reputation of being one of the best in the golf industry, these brand designs focus on more feel and distance control at the expense of forgiveness makes most of their Irons harder to hit.

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The introduction of the EZ series of clubs was not only designed to correct this inadequate forgiveness identified in earlier models, but it also guarantees high handicappers and beginners who struggle to get the ball in the air or hit the middle of the clubface consistently will have no worries improving their skill level and game results.

Buying any of the Mizuno EZ clubs will be an excellent deal for golfers searching for more forgiveness and improve distance.

The Best Preowned Iron (Distance-Wise): Callaway Rogue X

Most golfers irrespective of skill level often try to gain more distance to improve their game results, this addictive pursuit can be achieved by purchasing a premium quality iron set capable of hitting the ball a couple of yards longer.

The Callaway Rogue X irons set is one I would recommend to any golfer because of its sturdy loft capable of launching the ball at incredible distance and height. Although, this top quality club is pretty expensive when purchasing a brand new club, but could be bought at a reasonable discount rate saving couple $100’s when purchasing pre-owned iron set on a website that sells used Iron clubs such as eBay.

Callaway Rogue iron set is designed with innovative technologies such as 360 Face Cup and Variable Face Thickness (VFT) into these irons to ensure the ball rebound off the club face at the highest speeds possible.

The Rogue X irons are unique compared to other regular Rogue irons because these models are lighter, stronger lofted and longer. Besides, it lower and deeper COG’s (centers of gravity) make it easier to launch the ball at the highest launch angles possible.

This durable iron set offer joy to any golfer aiming to add couple yards in the distance after every swing.

Best Used Players Irons: Titleist AP2 (710, 712, and 714)

Professional golfers who are less interested in improve distance and forgiveness often makeup with other characteristics such as control, feedback, and workability to optimize their game results.

The Titleist AP2 iron series are the best set for golfers looking to buy used golf clubs with a low budget, this series of iron set offer multiple money-saving models with quality performance. An example is seen in the old 710 models performing similarly to the 718 AP2’s models. The 712 and 714, on the other hand, offers an excellent quality return for an affordable price tag.

The earlier models of the Titleist AP2’s offer the best performance for every penny spent for golfers who can consistently hit the center of the face, it also assures top-notch feel, durability and distance control.

This used golf iron sets will save savvy shopper hundreds of dollars while lasting for many years to come.

Note: when making your purchase ensure these clubs are in good condition to last a few more years.


As an ardent golfer, spending economically on premium quality golf equipment is another way to help you minimize cost why getting the desired result. Buying top quality used irons from a website such as eBay at a much lower price could save golfers thousands compare more expensive new set.

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