Top Longest Golf Drivers 2018

There are many clubs that are present in the golfer’s arsenal. Each one has their purpose but if your goal is to cover long distance or hit long drives then you need a driver that is long and gets the job done. The distance covered is a very important factor to consider when selecting a driver as you will be using it most of the time to hit shots. There are also other major factors like forgiveness and the shape of the driver’s head that influence your game so you want to have a piece of gear that covers it all and has reliability. Given below are some of the best and longest golf drivers you can find in the marketplace if you are seeking optimal performance.

Callaway XR16


One of the longest and best-performing drivers you can have is the Callaway XR16. It has a reputation for breaking the long distance record of about 423 yards; accomplished by Joe Miller. Not only is it good at long range, but it is also one of the most forgiving ones as it has a large shaped club head that allows for a stable lower and deeper center of gravity. The driver utilizes RMOTO Face technology which makes it lighter and thinner without compromising its relative strength. You can strike some good pars with this driver because of its impact and balance. The driver is designed aerodynamically to make it lighter and have less drag to increase the momentum of your swing. Aside from all of the core features, the product is pretty economical if you are one who wants their money’s worth. The XR16 series has one of the reasonable price tags for something that gives such long distance coverage and forgiveness when compared to its counterparts by rival companies.

TaylorMade M1


TaylorMade’s M1 is one of the aspiring products in its series. What makes it stand out is the options for customization it offers thus making the golfer more efficient and effective in his game by compensating for his weaknesses. The M1 driver allows for adjustments of the club with the help of 27 grams of weight that can be moved to increase forgiveness when taking shots; the technology implemented here is uniquely done in this TaylorMade’s series. The latest of the M1 drivers are made with more carbon fiber thereby decreasing their weight without sacrificing much of the durability. They are also one of the best-looking drivers with the tint of white and the color of the carbon fiber. The M1 is a versatile product that shines in the hands of both professionals and amateurs alike. Even though it is a bit more expensive than the usual drivers you can find on the market, it is still one of the very best you can have.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver


Titleist is another one of the well-known golfing brands out there because of their high quality and consistent products. They also have one of the longest drivers that you can obtain in this year which goes by the name of Titleist 917 D3. It is also one of the drivers that utilize the adjustable weight mechanism to give you the appropriate forgiveness but their style is done a unique way. The weights have a range of between 8 and 16 grams and are slid into something called the SureFit CG weight chamber. The 917 D3 is divided into two “styles” or forms that you give various advantages according to the shot you are trying to take. The first one is called Top Heavy in which the weight is adjusted more towards the heel and toe; this in return gives more impact for the direction you want to take the shot in. The second form is called Neutral in which the weight is adjusted deep and low to give you more forgiveness. It may take some time to get used to all the adjustments and a lot of experience or experimentation is required, Titleist 917 D3 makes it all worth it in the long run.

Cobra King LTD


Till this date, the Cobra King LTD is no doubt one of the best drivers that have been manufactured. It has incredible length and allows for great precise shots at very long distances. The King LTD also utilizes new technologies that have revolutionized the golfing industry by setting a standard that was not reachable so easily. The driver comes with 8 different settings to adjust the size of the loft; this helps to tune the trajectory and distance in which the ball will launch itself when you impact it. It has an open “Spaceport” design of sorts that allows the golfers to see the inner workings of the driver via a removable cover. There is also 16 grams of weight attached to it that can be moved high or low and adjusting the center of gravity of the driver. This quality is important to consider when you want to take shots that cover the longest distance possible all the while having good forgiveness. Finally, the driver has a titanium E9 face which makes it lighter and thinner which makes it so the ball covers even more distance.

Ping G Ls Tec


The G Ls Tec by Ping is a driver that is geared towards players who want more distance covered with the long lengths and have low or stable spin. The driver has a lower and deeper center of gravity which makes it so it has a high moment of inertia. What this does is that it makes you impact and launch the ball with enough force to cover a wide distance. The G Ls Tec was inspired by biomimicry, more specifically a dragonfly’s wing pattern. The engineers at Ping have implemented ultra-thin crown sections on the driver to give it a more extreme center of gravity and the maximum MOI it can have. The aerodynamic shape of the head also helps to reduce the drag and makes the swing have high speed. The Ping G Ls Tech is a very good driver if you are on a budget but expect to have good performance from your golfing equipment.



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