Top Geeky Gifts For Golfers

Technology has more than come to stay in every area of our lives in the modern world today. And indeed the area of sports have become one of the areas benefiting so much more in terms of catchy and innovative gear and equipment made to improve the game on the pitch. As strange as it may sound or look especially to non-golfers, the game of golf has been a regular beneficiary of updates in golf gadgets, golf accessories and equipment. Apart from the usual golfing gear, clothing and putting hardware, the means to play golf as an enjoyable game have evolved from the ordinary golf ball, golf shirt, cap and golf club. Golfing can now be played using different gadgets to suit your level in the game. Nowadays we have golfing gadgets and accessories that transcends the ordinary ball in the hole game and have elevated the game to different innovative ways like calculating your ball distance on portable gadget screen, GPS golf wristwatches, golf virtual reality simulator, collapsible putting and chipping net etc. Taking a deep gander at these, one can not help but agree that these are really cool golf accessories and gadgets that any avid golfer should have.

And speaking of thinking about the most suitable kinds of gifts you wish to present a family member or loved one who is in love with golf, then you can try purchasing one of these really cool and geeky golf gadgets already mentioned. But the truth is that these are just examples among more of the cool golf gadgets available as gifts for golfers willing to take their game to the next sophisticated level. So for those who are yet to know or willing to get but needing to know more about them, here are top modern golf gadgets and accessories to consider in playing today’s game of golf in a more convenient way

The Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator For Home

This cool piece of golf gadgetry is a ‘must have’ virtual reality system that allows golf lovers not chanced to be on the turf to practice out their golf swings within the comfort of their homes. The programmed software enables a player to swing with a pad connected to a computer as you mimic your putting moves. There are also included sensors with which you can take track of your swings as your ball travels in motion. The system also comes with 15 great courses modeled after world renowned golf club courses to give the player a great imitation of how it feels like to play golf on the turf in reality. It is available on mobile with apple iOS system.


  • It is great for having a quick training as a golfer without having to sign up at a club or stressfully go to one;
  • Quick and easy to setup using mobile phones;
  • It is really a cool virtual reality gadget for knowing the basics of golfing from the comfort of your home;
  • The multi-player platform is a really attractive feature and a dream come true for many players who want that experience but can’t get it in real life.


  • It is merely a virtual reality and the experience gained can never be compared with that of the real world;
  • The putting mechanics is labelled an awful experience and the worst among most golf simulators out there;
  • Only available for Apple mobile phone users;
  • The graphic detail is only great for fun but not of the best in terms of display.

TaylorMade Spider Interactive

TaylorMade 2018 Spider Interactive Putter (SuperStroke,...

TaylorMade is a company popularly known for its golf clubs and putting irons. But the company has also decided to take the putting game to its next level. This innovative form of golf accessory has been equipped with a motion sensor in the player’s putter shaft to monitor the data of his or her putting swings. It’s technology features a lightweight aluminium body with a heavy 304 stainless steel to ensure a very achievable forgiveness and make your ball roll on the path you intend for it.


  • The hosel is easily adaptable to use with different shafts which is good for the different choices of players with their individual preferred methods of putting strokes;
  • The arc geometry provides the high-MOI (moment of inertia) Spider design with better stability, improved alignment, and greater forward roll of your ball.


  • The weight of the grip maybe too light for hard putters.

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Garmin Approach S20 GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S20, GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking,...

This fine piece of technology is one of the best golf accessories to own in the modern way of playing the game. The Garmin Approach is actually a smartwatch designed for golfers to easily measure the distances of their shots and keep tracks of their scores and game status. The Approach also comes equipped with CT 10 sensors that help detect and improve shot projections.


  • Good battery life;
  • It functions as a stylish, lightweight multi-functional wristwatch that works as a versatile GPS device featuring more than 40,000 courses plus automatic map updates, daily activity tracking and smart notifications to connect with your healthy lifestyle;
  • High resolution display of notifications for texts, calls and emails.


  • Despite its high price, it’s multiple functions can only be controlled with just four buttons;
  • It is not a touch screen enabled gadget despite it’s sophistication.

Island Glow Led Light Up Golf Balls

ILYSPORT LED Light up Golf Balls, Glow in The Dark...

Wish to make that score hitting point just before the sky goes dark? Then the Island Glow Light Ball is the coolest golf ball you can use to make your last minute putt with style. Really a stylish way to play golf by twilight if one must admit. The Led lights also come in different colors to choose from. So as you crack at them or make them bounce around, you are sure to be delightfully treated to the beautiful lights of your golf balls as they light up your game in the growing dark.


  • This particular Island glowing golf balls actually lasts much longer than many other glowing balls on the market with up to 48 hours of battery power once fully charged. This gives a player still wishing to finish the game before dark full eight minutes of putting grace per swing;
  • They are especially good for night play just for fun.


  • It is only suitable for a brief play of fun and not for serious golf match;
  • It is prone to encounter unstable lighting problems when playing as commonly found in glowing balls like it.

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Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

Arccos Caddie Golf Game Tracking System (Set of 14...

With updated low-profile sensors are about smaller and lighter by half in percentage than the original Arccos Golf system, the Arccos 360 sensors feature a permanent battery that is designed to last five years. It’s main function is to help a player to know the exact distance to any point on the golf course, learn precisely which club to use in every situation and identify actual strengths and weaknesses of their game as they make their shots.

This is a really cool golf accessory for serious minded players who always wish to be meticulous and clear about the way they swing and putt on the course. The Arccos Golf 360 also comes with an advanced artificial intelligence  (AI) that automatically tracks a player’s shot on-course, thereby allowing both amateur and professional golfers to make use of the recorded data gotten by the system’s AI to play better.


  • It is available as a free mobile app for both iOS and Android phone users with free access to Arccos Caddie course guide;
  • It is totally hands-free and works well as an automatic system with no need for tagging or any other form of unnecessary disruptions on a player’s routine;
  • The system’s sophisticated sensors comes powered with a permanent battery that is designed to last up to five years of usage;


  • The system’s sensors tends to get affected by lighting, i.e being unstable especially when removed from direct sunlight;
  • Can only work well with phones that have an accelerometer and microphone;
  • Price is more on the high side.

Though there are certainly lots and lots more of cool golf gadgets or accessories to pick from when considering a  really nice geeky gift for a brother or female friend who is into golfing as a passion, these are one of the top picks that can be found on the Amazon store for high tech golf gadgetry. But there are still lots more and varieties of brands to select from to spice up your game on the course wherever you are. So weigh the pros and cons of the one already listed and make an excellent choice either for yourself or the person you want to send a geeky golf gift to.



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