Top 5 Best Fairway Woods of 2018

Fairway woods are the golf clubs used to make shots from the fairways and are an extremely important addition to a golf set. Though the introduction of hybrids made the fairway popularity drastically reduced over the years, its importance cannot be downplayed in the golf world as it helps find distance and consistency from the tee and can be effective from the rough or around the greens. 

When choosing the best fairway woods to buy, there are of course several factors to consider making sure that you get the best.  To help your decision we have researched many of the fairway woods available hopefully to assist you in choosing the perfect fairway woods no matter what level you are at.

I have compiled a list of what I think are the top five fairway wood in the golf world today.

Callaway Golf Rogue Fairway Woods

The Callaway Golf Rogue is among the top three best fairway woods in the golf world currently, those boost golfers confident off the fairway as on a tee because of it long distances and high forgiveness thanks to the special crown design. 

It is the brand first fairway wood to have the “jailbreak” technology, two bars behind the face braces the crown and sole, stiffening the body so the face takes on more of the load. This help mis-hits fly like the center-face hits. The bars also work with the company’s cupface technology, where the face wraps around the body, to boost distance. Meanwhile, tungsten-infused weighting is used to control spin.

The ease with which golfer launches fairway wood produces a stronger and straighter ball flight, this premium feature makes it perfect for professionals or those who wish to get a feel of professional golf playing.

Titleist 917 F3 Fairway Woods

Titleist is one of the best fairway woods in recent times, For years they are known for classic design golf clubs intended to appeal to golfers seeking a traditional-looking golf club.

The Titleist 917 F3 Fairway woods have a relatively compact, classic profile with full-face grooves assisting alignment. Active Recoil Channel 3.0 extends further into the head, producing greater face flexibility and faster ball speeds, especially low on the face.

Additionally, a thinner crown saves weight, while SureFit CG allows shot shape to be adjusted.

Though, it tough for some off tight lies but it is extremely workable and quite forgiving golf fairway wood.

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TaylorMade M4 Fairway Woods

This is a very affordable, high-quality golf club with fantastic features that are beyond its price range. The TaylorMade M4 fairways wood speed pocket is designed for faster ball speeds, particularly on shots struck low on the face; thinner and stronger face with Inverted Cone for the increased high-COR area; Geocoustic Technology for improved sound and feel at impact.

The M4 wood line has less of a focus on adjustability compared to the M3 and has been made even more user-friendly across the board. If you’re looking to buy any new fairway woods in 2018 we reckon you’d to for the M4, it was a revelation throughout testing and various research.

Ping G400 Max

Ping clubs brands have upgraded their G400 models by reducing it weight and fiddle with the materials to create the utmost ball speed. The introduction of a slightly larger turbulators on the top compared to previous models makes it easy to align, supplying loads of confidence as golfers attack the fairway. 

Ping new improvement features the use of Maraging Steel to create a thinner face, thus improving the Moment of Inertia (MOI) and Center of Gravity (CG). Yet the stainless steel crown measures a minuscule 0.48 mm, which makes it thinner still.

The Stretch 3-wood has a bigger head than your ordinary 3-wood so it’s perfect for launching tee shots. Also the low leading edge and minimal bounce enable the sole to rest flush on the turf, which should help players launch the ball from tight lies.

TaylorMade M3 Fairway Woods

The M3s are one of best fairway woods not only because it matches up well in performance against the Rogues but also offers more overall adjustability than anyone else in this group, golfers can dial in a specific loft and lie to suit their own game and eye.

The M3s new lighter face, plus a thinner carbon composite crown and sole, let engineers push more weight back towards the rear perimeter, thus reducing sidespin and increasing ball speed.

The M3s can go toe-to-toe with any of the clubs on our list today in both distance and forgiveness.


If you’re looking for premium fairway woods because playing a 5-year-old clubs or much older sticks might leave you at a significant disadvantage. This list of modern golf equipment is helping players pound the ball farther than ever before.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.



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