Titleist Golf Irons Review

There are numerous quality brands in the golf iron industry, and Titleist is among those quality names. Titleist has brought many golf irons in the market, and each of the iron holds different features. 

Picking a superior golf iron becomes a bit difficult for golfers when so many options are available. So to help our readers, we are going to write Titleist golf irons reviews that contain some premium Titleist that you might want to buy.

Best Titleist Golf Irons

Titleist 716 AP1

Titleist 716 AP1 Iron Set 3-PW GW True Temper XP 90...

Taking about Titleist golf irons and not considering Titleist 716 AP1 will be the worst thing to do. It is latest series by Titleist which has brought a lot of improvement, contract the previous models.

Design & Material

From the design perspective, Titleist AP1 is similar to other models. Unlike other products, it’s hard to predict the model of Titleist golf by looking. However, the design is elegant. 

Most of the golf body carries black and silver color a few portions also accommodate red shade. The rare end contains the “Titleist” trademark, representing the brand. 

Titleist Golf Irons Review

Similar to other brands, this product also holds linings at the front side that encourage golfers to hit more precise hits. It has stiff flex, which is suitable for golfers that can drive the ball within 240 to 260 yards range and carries a swing speed of around 84 to 93 mph.

 Rather than using a large cavity back, this product holds a hollow construction. It also contains a steel body that makes it lightweight and easy to carry golf iron. This golf iron offers a 4-PW GW configuration. So in terms of design and material, Titleist 716 AP1 golf iron is second to none.

Features & Performance

In case you are a right-handed golfer, then you must try the Titleist 716 AP1. This product is quite suitable for right-handed people, but it might not work as you want if you are a left-handed golfer. 

In contrast to previous models, 716 AP1 has higher face speed and lower spin speed, which makes it a perfect option for those golfers who accommodate lower swing. 

For mid-to-high handicappers this model works well on the golf course. However, in case you low handicappers, this is not something that you might want to own. It has a stronger grip that enables golfers to hold to golf iron firmly. Due to firm grip, the iron is not going to slip away from your hand during the rapid swing.

Thanks to the fast clubface that helps in boosting the ball speed on each hit. Forgiveness is another quality thing in this golf iron. Due to the greater forgiveness, the golf iron provides minimal bad contact and weak swing effect, which is another reason to invest in 716 AP1.


  • Firm construction;
  • Elegant Design;
  • Lightweight.


  • Only for Right-handed.

Titleist 716 AP2 Golf Iron

Titleist 716 AP1 Iron Set 3-PW GW True Temper XP 90...

716 AP2 is an added edition by Titleist in their AP2 series. If we compare 716 AP2 with 716 AP1, we might not find much difference. The only superior diversity in these products comes when we talk about the design.

Design & Material

Design is the initial thing that a golfer might see while investing in a golf iron. In terms of design, 716 AP2 is superior to another other models of the Titleist brand. 

Colors are quite dull, which makes this golf iron stand out on the golf course. But if you are a person who loves colorful stuff, then you might not like 716 AP2. You can try out 716 AP1, which contains diverse color combinations. 

Titleist Golf Irons Review

Similar to 716 AP1, the 716 AP2 has a “Titleist” trademark at the back-end. At the upper side of the mark, you may also see “AP2” representing the product. 

The stainless steel shaft material contributes extra durability and strength. Some golfers might not like the fact that it is only for right-handed golfers so left-handed golfer can try some other golf iron that is suitable for them.

Features & Performance

In terms of features, 716 AP2 is much alike 716 AP1. It grants a 4-PW GW configuration and stiff flex. You can also get regular and senior stiff in the model. 

If you swing the golf club with a harder swing, then you must try the senior flex, but for average swing speed, you can try the regular shaft. 

The Titleist 716 AP2 golf iron contributes the same superior forgiveness level, which you might find in other models by Titleist. 

Thanks to the mid handicapper functionality, which makes it the first choice of golfers having a 7-18 handicap. Besides all the features, the price is the thing that you might not like the product. The price is a bit higher but reasonable.


  • Suitable for mid handicappers;
  • Best for right-handed golfers;
  • High forgiveness.


  • Not for female golfers;
  • High-priced.

Buying Guide

Do you have any confusion about Titleist golf irons? If yes, then don’t worry because this FAQ section will help you in solving all your confusion regarding the Titleist golf irons.

Are Titleist golf clubs good?

Visual appeal is the thing that makes Titleist stand out in the market. It’s a premium quality golf iron that is a bit expensive in comparison to various other models. But it contains quality features due to which you might want to invest in Titleist golf clubs.

Which is better Titleist AP1 or AP2?

Titleist AP1 and AP2 is a golf club series by Titleist that contain numerous golf irons. If we talk about forgiving, then AP1 is better than AP2. AP1 also works well for players having a mid-to-high handicap. On the other side, AP2 offers premium playability, which makes it a good option for amateurs and professionals.

Are Titleist AP irons forgiving?

Yes, Titleist AP is forgiving.


Titleist golf irons contain all the attributes that a golfer wants to experience in a golf iron. 716 AP1 and 716 AP2 are two premium golf irons by Titleist, which we will suggest you try. If we relate 716 AP1 and 716 AP2, then we recommend you to choose 716 AP1 golf iron.



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