The Most Underrated Golf Equipment & Brands

The golf market like any other industry has seen golfer’s shopping focus on name brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway amongst others while trying to purchase the best quality products available in the market. The truth is these top golfing brands are often well known due to their luxurious budget for advertising and Research and design (R&D).

The effect of these brand approach to satisfying consumers needs to lead to the continuous production of premium quality products and an increase in the price of products. What most golfers never realize is that in their haste to buy name brands the tad increase in product price is often used to cover the costs for advertising and other hidden costs such as R&D.

However, while there are some crappy products with unknown brand names with no advertising budget or funds for R&D, these brands are not only relatively cheap, but they are also low-quality products which are often riddled with defects and complains after purchase. Believe me, when I say any cents spend on these brands or product is usually a waste of money.

The third class of brands is the “Underrated Brands”; these brands/products are high-quality golf products with cheap price tags but remain unknown to most as robbed of the credit they deserve. These quality product low prices often translate to inferior quality to most golfers who are easily convinced by the advert strategy employed by name brands.

This underrated golf brands/products offers lots of features in an attempt to aid golfer’s game results from tee to green while ensuring it’s affordable to all, some of these golfing equipment listed below remains the best golf club equipment available as at the time of publish of this article.

Underrated Fairway Woods: Adams Tight Lies

Adams Tight Lies

Adams is one of the best golf club brands when it comes to productions of premium quality fairway woods at the right price tag. This fairway woods masterfully crafted clubface design improves ball flight and distance while ensuring golfers find it easier to hit from the tee and on the fairway as well.

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This Clubhead is specifically designed to cut through tall grasses while offering golfers various color options to choose, Adams Tight lies aesthetic design makes it one of the best options for golfers who prefer a unique club outlook.

Underrated Putters: Cleveland Milled Putters

Cleveland Milled Putters

The selection of the best-underrated Putter was not an easy task, though the Cleveland Milled putters models such as the Huntington Beach set, 2135 set and Classic set have always guarantee good results over the years. This putter has been deprived of the recognition it deserves with the well crafted Scotty Cameron claiming all praises with a more expensive price tag.

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Underrated Hybrids: Adams Red

Adams Red

This Hybrid club is another reason why the Adam brand is the most underrated golf brand; any golfer could easily afford a brand new Adam Red Hybrid club for as low as $50, and it ensures golfer save enough extra cash.

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Adams Red Hybrid is uniquely designed to optimize aerodynamics and control on the green, while durable design boast quality feature to aid both ardent and novice golfer to take their game to the next level. I’m currently planning to add this piece to my collection.

Underrated Driver: Cobra King LTD

Cobra King LTD

The Cobra LTD is not just one of the most underrated drivers but also one of the top golf club brand names in the golf industry, this club offers real feel at impact and improves distance and spin to aid golfer’s game result irrespective of skill level.

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Though this brand product quality hit a downward slope in the past, it has recently rebranded with the production of high-quality products such as the Bio cell drivers, fairway woods and Cobra LTD.

This driver is one I would recommend in a heartbeat and should be rated highly.

Underrated Wedges: Wilson Harmonized

Wilson Harmonized

The Wilson Harmonized is not just underrated, but it masterful craftsmanship also ensure it can be listed among the elite wedges while offering the advantage of low price tag, this might not provide enough spin compare to Cleveland 588 RTX’s but his more suitable for higher skill level.  

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Underrated Game Improvement Irons: TaylorMade Aeroburner HL

TaylorMade Aeroburner HL

The TaylorMade brand is a notable addition, because this name brand Burner HL irons have been overshadowed and relegated to the background over the years, this easy to hit iron offers optimize forgiveness, easy to hit clubhead and aesthetic design.

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Though the TaylorMade Burner HL irons can sometimes be challenging to control, it nonetheless guarantees a better price for low budget golfers and quality that can rival other top brands that cost a fortune.

Underrated Golf Balls: Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel

We all know the importance of a golf ball in any golf game; these balls can make or mar the results of any skill level golfer irrespective of whether it’s a competition or training.

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The Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are the best underrated golf balls as it helps optimize distance, feel and spin. This ball is not only inexpensive for a price tag below $20 but works well as an alternative for Titleist Prov V1.

Underrated Golf Gloves: MG Gloves

MG Gloves

The MG golf gloves is an absolute steal for its price tag and remain among the best gloves in the golf industry; this underrated glove helps improve grip and breathability while satisfying the needs of golfers who seek a professional and aesthetic design.

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The MG glove high-quality materials ensure it fit perfectly in the hands of any golfer; this glove positive reviews on various online and offline stores is another reason why it should rate higher.

Underrated Golf Brands


Adams Golf has always been one of the best due to their boldness to introduce unique, innovative and unconventional products into the marketplace. These strategies ensure the brand is successful with ideas like the Velocity Slot, length adjustment and Tri-level sole widely accepted and beneficial to all golfers.

Adams knack for producing high-quality golf gadget (like the XTD, Adams Tight Lies and Adam Red) at a low price makes them unique. This brand is the most underrated golf brand today.


The Cleveland brand is a worthy runner-up; this brand specializes in making top quality putters and drivers while remaining one of the best irons set on the market. This band surely deserves more recognition than it’s currently getting from golf enthusiast.


Wilson is the last on my top 3 underrated golf brands list, this brand is often seen as one of the best in the past, but has dropped drastically over the years.

Notwithstanding, they’ve continued to produce top quality low budget golf equipment in hope to return to the previous glory.


Though, some of these equipment are underrated due to numerous reasons such as lack of advertising budget, a crappy brand producing quality product and overshadowed by a different brand’s product which time of release coincided.



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