The Most Common Golf Mistakes by Beginners

Have you ever noticed that apart from busy and hectic routine people find the ways where they can spend quality time and get some time for their selves where they can find peace and get rid of stress and work-load

According to the research, it has been noticed that 70 to 75 percent of people prefer to play sports and games where they feel relief. There is no doubt so many games are available in today’s world. As things are going to be advanced every single passing day same like this, the field of sports is also on way towards the transformation. In the long series of sports and games, the most and well-known game which has considered the most favorite game in the eyes of people is golf.

Golf is no doubt a prominent game which has a history but like every game, golf has also its rules and regulations. But what if you are a beginner and you don’t know how to play a game of golf? Or what if you are playing golf for a long time but still you are doing the repetitive mistakes? So to consider all these things, today in this article, I am going to jot down the most common golf mistakes by beginners through which you cannot just only realize about the mistakes but also correct it by reading this article.

So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and explore what most common golf mistakes beginners do during the playing.

Most Common Golf Mistakes

Beginners do not Play from Their Right Tees

The Most Common Golf Mistakes by Beginners

Well, one of a common mistake for beginners is that they love to shot at a far distance without knowing the casualties one advice which I think is really essential for beginners is that don’t try to impress anyone by playing long shots. This will get you nowhere. At an early stage, try to play shorter rounds, as it will give you a more enjoyable long term playing pleasure and less frustration. Similarly, don’t dare to play from the tees especially in the front of the tips.

So make sure at beginner or initial level you are avoiding to play from the tees and the tips.

When Beginners Actually Overestimating their Golf Distances

The Most Common Golf Mistakes by Beginners

Well, I think this second mistake happen because of the ego. We actually think that if we don’t shot high or hit the target then our fellows will mock in front of us. But apart from this, this is not the right approach to maintain a reputation.

As an adviser, I recommend you that if you really want to maintain a reputation in front of your friends then try to start shooting consistently the lower scores. To hit the 7 iron one time from the far distance or consider a 160 perfect hit approach doesn’t make any sense. Believe that there is not any rocket science to become a best and perfect golfer. The only thing that is a matter for a perfect golfer is to maintain its grip and focus in spite of hitting the long and far shots.

When Beginners not Working with their PGA Instructor

The Most Common Golf Mistakes by Beginners

I think if you learn these little bit tricks and tactics then there is no need to ask from others how to play golf for beginners?  This is one of the most common and repetitive mistakes which initial golf players do. They think that by doing their own selves practice they can simply hit and become a star. But no it is wrong if anyone thinks like this so sorry to say you are getting a wrong perception.

To become a master in every field whether it is your sport, games, or any other profession you first need a guide and a finest instructor who can not only master you but also guide and polish you by repetitive your turns. Same this goes here, a professional golf instructor means a teacher who teaches you all the tricks, tactics, and master keys regarding golf.

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Infect my advice for all of you who are at an initial stage in golf playing is that always get in touch with your PGA instructor, make sure that you are following his or her guidelines, take the maximum level trial lessons as much as you can, don’t frustrate and act so fast. If you think that you are lacking somewhere then feel free to bug your instructor at an early stage instead of feeling shame or any hesitation.

When Beginners are not Actually Practicing on the Range Mannerly

Another thing or I can say a mistake which beginners do is that they are not actually practicing the right range. Like hitting a ball after ball at the same range doesn’t mean that you are going to become expert or professional. Indeed this makes no sense. Despite this changing the range mannerly or time by time and focus on to never hit on the same row, never hit twice a time on the same target is actually the fact which you have to consider.

Play in all directions, do all the courses especially at your beginner level and make sure to go through your pre-shot and for this, I think one of an ideal approach is to utilize your range finder trick for each shot. Apart from this, there are also different ways which you can adopt time by time when you are practicing or fulfilling the entire golf courses patiently.


After the above-mentioned initial mistakes, I think it is wide clear for you that, where, why, when and how the most common golf mistakes for beginners happen. Hope that by reading a piece of this short note article will help you out and give you enough ways through which you can mend your ways and become a good gold player.

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  1. I totally agree with your comment on how you need an instructor in order to really get good at the sport. I don’t think I actually started to really get better until a buddy of mine recommended I get a “golf tutor” to help me see the problems I can’t.

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