The Lowest Compression Golf Balls 2020

Playing is fun, especially when you have to play your favorite sport. No doubt in spots there is a variety which you can see but playing your own favorite game is undoubtedly give you a great thrill and feeling. Before beginning the article, I hope that the title clears you all about this article. So this article is only for the golfer lovers and hopes this will give you a benefit to all of you. 

In my previous articles, I have discussed a lot about golf-related issues, pros, benefits, tricks, guidance, balls, clubs, shoes, bags, essential things regarding golf, and a lot more. But still, there is a lot more which I need to tell you about golf. So let’s get the ball rolling and unveil the facts together.

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I don’t know how many of you guys are aware about the lowest compression golf balls. As majority believe on the high compression and if you are a beginner, so in this case, you haven’t any idea that what is low and what are high compression golf ball and what to pick and what not? So to make all your hurdles resolve in this article, I try to trigger all these questions and try my level best to convey the pros and cons of the lowest compression golf balls 2020.

Lowest Compression Golf Balls Specifications

Large Deformation

One of the best benefits which you can get from the lowest compression golf balls are the squeezing or deformation. During the time of playing, it helps to reduce the drastic spinning and make your play smooth; that is why for most of the golfers, lower spin means a less curvature or straight flight ball, which provides you more distance.

Better Feeling

As compared to the high compression, this lower compression gives you better and safe playing during the time of your hits, moves, or shots. In other words, if you are a beginner or not having that much experience, then I also suggest you to must play with the lowest compression golf balls. 

Best for Slow Swing Speed Golfers

The second advantage which you can get from the lowest compression golf balls is that it is an ideal deal for those golfers who have a slow swing speed. So if you are among the series of them who have a slow swing speed or even you are at the beginner level, then my advice is for you to must pick the lowest compression golf balls instead of picking the high or highest compression golf balls. 

Top Lowest or the Best Choice of 2020 Golf Balls

Below-mentioned are the balls that are considering the top lowest and the best choice of 2020 golf balls.

The AVX One Dozen Titleist Golf Balls

Well, the best thing of this ball is that it gives you a low core technology compression with high speed. The design of this ball is so innovative as it gives you a super-smooth feel and also covers a marvelous level of distance. Plus, on the other hand, its thermostat urethane covers helps to maintain its durability.


  • 352 tetrahedral designs;
  • Consistent flight;
  • Low iron spins;
  • Durable;
  • Low trajectory.


  • Quite expensive.

One Dozen TP5X TaylorMade Golf Balls

I don’t think so there is any need to say something about TaylorMade golf balls. TaylorMade golf balls are come up with a special five-layer design that helps to make your each and every shot incredible without any hurdle. Its tri fast core TP5X unique system gives you progressive compression that helps to provide you the maximum level of energy, speed, and grip. 


  • Spin dual cover between the club grooves and club;
  • Impressive speed;
  • Durable.


  • Cost is undoubtedly one of the main cons only.

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HEX Callaway Personalized Diablo Golf Balls

Callaway always comes up with something unique and special. Especially when it comes about the accuracy and speed so, this Callaway is the best option for all the golfers to pick. It has come up with the two designs and ionomer cover paired with low core compression. Additionally, its modern design also helps to improve trajectory readability.


  • Come up with impressive two-piece construction;
  • Increase the resilience, strength, and comfort;
  • 17 characters max limit on each line;
  • More penetrating;
  • Increase the ball velocity;
  • Thin ionomer covering that helps to give you a low spin from the opening drives;
  • Made up with high quality.


  • The only con which I figured out in this golf ball is that print color requires some minor improvements.

E6 Soft Bridgestone Golf Balls

If you are in search of a golf ball that gives you never-ending durability and quality, then without having any single thought this E6 Bridgestone is one of the finest deals for all of you to grab. It has come up with a three-piece surlyn cover, a mid compression that helps to increase the ball speed and accuracy gives you longer spin with (low) speed, straight, and ideal long shots.


  • Comes up with different unique colors;
  • Also, come up with a delta dimple design;
  • The super budget-friendly deal;
  • Offers you soft straight core;
  • Gives you armor softer cover.


  • As far as the cons are concerned, so no specific con or drawbacks has been noticed yet.


Hope after reading the above-mentioned review and guidance about the lowest compression golf balls 2020, you are aware enough that which golf ball is best and suitable for you. Apart from this, you think something is missing, or you want to know more related to the lowest compression golf balls, then feel free to share your queries and questions in the below-mentioned comment section box. I will try my level best to counter your considerations.



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