The Greatest Golf Gifts Under $100

Gift buying gesture for friends or families irrespective of reason has always been one of the best ways to express love, joy, or fulfill some of the desire of those closest to us from time immemorial. However, shopping for the best golf gifts, 2019 can be a bit tricky when you’re aiming to work within a limited budget under $100 and trying to select which golf gift offers the best utility.

Here are certain things to put into consideration before purchasing golf gifts for any golfer.

Skill level: the skill level of a golfer often determine the kind of golfing equipment that will better suit his/her games; this is because a gift for an amateur golfer would vary from that of a professional golfer.

High handicap/beginner golfers will need lots of basic and not too expensive equipment; reason has been they may change their mind and quit when they realize their love for the game has reduced overtime drastically. Professional golfers, on the other hand, require expensive and top of the line gadget to improve their game results at the highest competitive stage.

Fulfilling the recipient needs: trying to find out what the golfer needs either by asking him/her or someone else is another crucial factor to consider when buying a gift. To avoid purchasing a gift that might have little or no benefit to the golfer, identifying the recipient needs is vital.

An example is when your recipient needs a driver and a golf bag, but  you purchased a golf rain jacket which he doesn’t need, so knowing what the golfer need is essential.

Reason for the gift: the hottest golf gifts around $100 should be able to tick all or at least one of this box; entertaining, useful, or necessary. This article will help readers avoid buying golf gifts with no purpose by providing excellent golf gifts options.

Examples of good golf gifts include a new golf wedge (necessary), a scorecard holder (useful), or a gift card to TopGolf (entertaining).

Here are best golf gifts 2019 for any golfer below.

Best Gift for Professional Golfers: Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1x golf balls are one of the best gifts for any professional golfer and the most popular golf ball among competitive golfers. This masterfully crafted ball is designed to offer excellent distance, spin, feel, and consistency while costing $100 for two dozen.

This golf balls do not only guarantee quality service delivery but could also be personalized for the recipient if you wish. The only con about this gift is its relatively high price compared to other golf balls.

Though this golf ball is desired by most golfers irrespective of skill level, gifting it to new golfer might not be advisable as they might quickly lose them.

Best Gift for Newbie Golfers: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity golf balls are the best golf ball gift for the beginner golfer; this golf ball is designed to improve distance and quality service for the low price tag. Though not best in the market when compared to more expensive Pro V1x listed above, but with the same budget of a $100, you could afford about 3-4 dozen of the golf ball for our recipient.

Although these golf ball cons are reduced spin and feel, the high handicappers would hardly notice this difference because of their focus often on distance.

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Analytical Golfer Gift: Game Golf Live Tracking

Game Golf Live Tracking

The best tracking equipment can monitor the importance of tracking a game of golf round, identifying your mistakes and improving how to hit or swing. For a budget of $100, the Game Golf Live Tracking is the best gift you can give any analytical golfer as it offers accurate feedbacks and data to help improve your competitive game result and practice.

Highly recommended has it offers value for every penny spent.

Safest Gift: Brand New Nike Polo Shirt

 Brand New Nike Polo Shirt

Looking good is a good business for any individual, particularly for a golfer. Every golfer would appreciate a top quality gift of soft and breathable clothing material to add up to their wardrobe.

Although Nike golf polo is stylish and desired by many golfers, it is crucial to know the recipient size, color preference, and selection of other colors like blue or white that would blend with various belt/pant combos remain the best approach.

Buying varying colors from your $100 budget is one your recipient will appreciate.

Golf Bag Gift: TaylorMade 5.0 Stand Bag

The golf bag is one of the most important equipment as it serves as the house to keep other gadgets safe and secured when needed.

The TaylorMade 2017 5.0 Stand bag is the best I’d recommend for $100 budget, this top quality lightweight golf bag boast of enough capacity and multiple color choices to meet the need of your recipient.

Best Gift for Ardent Golfer: Putting Green

Putting Green for Their Home

The best gift for any golf addict is a putting green at home; this gift will improve golfer’s game and provide enough fun for visiting friends and family. The putting green not only allow golfers practice at home, but the recipient can also organize competitions and place a bet among friends.

Getting one below the $100 budget with multiple real holes is often the best due to the numerous target choice each time you swing your club, although most come with only one cup, while some don’t have an actual hole for the ball to fall in.

Note: this gift is addictive, and the recipient could forget personal priorities such as work and school or grow unattached to people around.

Necessary Equipment Gift: Set of Three Callaway Leather Golf Gloves

The necessity of golf gloves cannot be downplayed as it helps protect golfers from blisters and improving club grip. Though, Callaway golf is not the best in the market when this article was published but remained an ideal gift for any golfer.

This top quality leather golf gloves offer to improve protection, breathability, grip, and durability similar to FootJoy but with lower cost. For a budget of $100, you could get 2-3 packs for the right discount rate.

Best Golf Club Gift: Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3

Brand New Cleveland Wedge

Due to wear and tear the golf wedges is one of the golf equipment that needs periodic replacement whenever grooves are worn down, but budget constraint remains the major obstacle for most golfers sticking to their old wedges.

The Cleveland wedges are the best option with a $100 budget; another alternative is the Titleist Vokey. However, it is essential to know what loft wedges they need (for example, 50,52,54,56) either by asking them or someone close to them if you plan to surprise them.

The RTX 588 2.0 wedge is a cheaper alternative for those with a limited budget.

Golf Gadget Gift: GolfBuddy Voice GPS

GolfBuddy Voice GPS

GolfBuddy Voice GPS is perfect golf gadget gift under $100, this easy to use and setup equipment gives accurate distance measurement from golfer location to the center of the green.

The GolfBuddy GPS excellent features, battery life, and different setting options such as the front/back of green, volume changes, and no voice ensure it remains one of the best in the golf industry.

The Golf shoe Gift: Adidas Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are essential to golf gifts for recipients who don’t have any or own a worn out pair. The Adidas golf shoes are great options as they offer top quality professional shoes with a less expensive price tag within $50-$100 budget range.

The masterfully crafted Adipower S Boost golf shoes offer to improve comfort, breathability with a better aesthetic look to meet recipient taste and quality requirement.



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