The Best Training Aids for Ball Striking (Better Drives & Iron Shots)

Many golf enthusiasts have embarked into numerous training or get some form of aids to improve their ball striking skills, and many golfers have in the past subscribed to wacky training aids that will make little or no difference at all in an attempt to attain the goal of improving their handicap level.

These golf training aids are specifically designed to proffer solution to golfer’s faulty swing or grip while taking your game to the next level by improving key areas such as Impact position, Swing plane or Wrist hinge amongst others.

Before purchasing any training aids for ball striking, better drives and iron shots, here are specific tips you need to familiarize yourself.

Tips you Need to Know

  • First, it is essential to identify which swing principle is responsible for causing your errant performance. If you can’t recognize this yourself, seeking professional help is recommended. An example can be seen in a golfer trying to cure a Slice which is caused by open club face and out-to-in swing path upon impact. Such golfer will need training aid focused on improving swing principles like poor grip, bad release, steep downing plane, poor posture and poor left wrist position to get the desired result;
  • These training aids directly improve golfer’s impact position when used adequately over time, and consistently, all you need is self-confidence;
  • The training aids listed below are not only simple to use but are also easy to set up, this ensures golfers are not discouraged from complicated and complex setup processes. The simplicity and portability of these gadgets are designed to maximize golfers training results and experience;
  • These training aids most times force golfers into appropriate or exaggerated position to attain the desired outcome, and this new change should be accommodated and adjusted into to ensure a successful process and correct swing faults;
  • The best way to improve training aids for ball striking, better drives and iron shots is to practice with these training aids while hitting real shots, although many training aids don’t allow you hit shots (some of which I included in this article), hitting the balls is very important while using a training aid.

Best Training Aid for Better Grip: SKLX Grip Trainer

SKLX Grip Trainer

Golfers with poor grip and swing must first ensure they’re holding the clubs correctly before embarking on this training. The SKLX Grip Trainer is the best for perfecting your swing and club face impact through improve grip. This grip trainer can be snap on the club while hitting your real golf ball.

The SKLX grip trainer is super convenient to use while ensuring your budgets are not drained buying it, this light grip is miles ahead of other training aid as it allows golfers to hit real golf shots.


  • Easy installation;
  • Improve full shots;
  • Improve grip and game results;
  • Easy to use and setup.

Best Training Aid for Better Tempo: SKLZ Gold Flex

SKLZ Gold Flex

Getting the appropriate tempo on your every swing is very important to improve golfer’s game result (particularly your backswing), while golfers average backswing is often too fast and lacking great tempo, the SKLZ Gold Flex training aid remains the best for perfecting this tempo with a high level of consistency.

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This training aid not only helps exaggerate your swing to improve your skill level but also helps build muscles due to the heavy ball to improve swing energy. The smooth golf swing whip flex is affordable and offers the following advantages below.


  • Improve your tempo and sequencing;
  • Improve full swings;
  • Use to exaggerates swing change;
  • Easier to use while ensuring a more powerful swing.

Best Training Aid for Better Wrist Hinge and Swing Plane: Swingyde

Wrist Hinge and Swing Plane: Swingyde

The Swingyde training aid is the best for correcting faulty wrist hinge and swing plane. This gadget is masterfully designed to make sure golfers wrists are hinged rightly ensuring the lag on the downswing lasted longer.

This tool is perfect for all skill level, mainly amateurs training to improve their ball striking and driving techniques. , and it boasts of lots of positive reviews.

Swingyde should be well secured on your arm after every impact to ensure your angles are accurate and the wrist is appropriately hinged. However, it is essential always to wear a sweatband exactly where the club hits your forearms to avoid bruise.


  • Ensures you are correctly holding the lag in the downswing;
  • Improve wrist hinge by giving you accurate feedback;
  • Improve club movement upward in the backswing;
  • Best Training Aid for Strong Impact Position: Golf Impact Bag.

Impact bags are classical training aid necessary for strong driver impact position, this tool if properly used with the right techniques guarantee golfers will bid goodbye to bad ball strikes and improve game results.

Striking the impact bag helps improve golfers impact position which causes descending blow and optimizes ball flight and distance. Though it’s a complicated process to achieve if properly mastered, it will improve your handicap level and can exaggerate an impact position irrespective of the shaft design.

The golf impact bag can be used to either compress iron shots or improve clubhead speed and distance.


  • It helps enhance clubhead speed and aggressiveness for better drive;
  • It helps golfer gain strong impact position;
  • It enables golfers to focus more on the importance of impact on game results.


Note that training aids and tips listed above should be practice consistently for desired results on Improve ball striking techniques, better drives and optimize iron shots.

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