The Best List of Golf Tips for Beginners

The game of golf has become increasingly popular and accessible to lots of individuals around the world, this once luxurious and limited sport has attracted the interest of many around the world making it more competitive than ever.

Golf is not an easy game to master due to its complicated rules and varieties to gadgets needed to hone your skills; If you’re a golf pro, I would advise you to spend your time elsewhere.

In this article I will show you the list of Golf Tips for Beginners!

Improving the Fundamentals (Grip, Alignment, and Posture)

Every golfer who fails to master these essential skills should start thinking on early golf retirement; it’s like learning the A, B, and C of golfing.

Grip: As a novice, mastering various grip technique is as important as knowing what to change at impact, either by pronating your wrists or by excessive forearm rotation. However, it is crucial to know the three main grips (the baseball, the Vardon and the interlocking) while practicing and stick with the one that works best for you.

General rule: golfers who keep missing right or slicing could strengthen grip by turning your hand clockwise on the club more (for righties). This technique allows the club to be more closed at impact.

While for those missing left or hooking use a weaker grip by turning hands more left (for righties), this technique opens the club face a little upon impact.

I recommend golfers should limit how often they change grip because it takes time to fix. I’d also recommend the aid of a practice club with a molded grip to help perfect and fast track the process.

The Best List of Golf Tips for Beginners

Alignment: The alignment technique is very tricky and easy to get wrong, it doesn’t have to be always perfect, but if adequately done ensure game results see significant improvement.

For right-handed golfers who keep aiming right, the best way to correct this is to start seeking square or hit a little left to get a straight shot or slight fade shots.

Another alternative is getting a pair of driveway marker, or alignment stick to start your range practice, set up to aim a target (make it a little left of the goal to adjust for feet-to-ball distance). Align your feet properly, and when notice an improvement you should return the stick and hit balls frequently.

Posture: the effect of a golfer posture can either make or mar your swing; this is why these essential tips are the most important golf tips for beginners. Although various posture combinations and swing adjustment techniques are available for better swings, it is vital that your knees are slightly bent while maintaining a relatively straight back with no hunching over and a neck that is not pointed too far down.

For golfers who struggle with hunching back, remember to bend from the hips to keep the back straighter (not the waist).

Take a Lesson from a Golf Pro Coach

The Best List of Golf Tips for Beginners

Employing the service of best golf coach/pro in your area is another dominant approach to improving your skill level, though golfers budget plan often determines the level of your coach.

If you find a coach with the right coaching attitude and knowledge always listen to his/her corrections, take notes and trust their advice. Changes might not be instantly, but over time you’d see significant improvement.

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However, if your coach is teaching you one specific method, I’d advise you to find someone else.

Note: not all professional golfers are a good coach.

Learn why Different Shots Defects (like tops, slices, hooks) Happen and how to Correct them

Every beginner needs to learn why various shots defects like tops and fat shots happen and how to correct it, this is because as a novice you will be experiencing lots of this shots till you improve your skill level.

A “top” occurs when a golfer hit the golf ball at the very top making it difficult to make contact with the entire ball. The effect of the “top” causes the ball to go into the ground cover distance below 100 yards.

A “fat shot” on the other hand means a golfer club keeps hitting the ground before the golf ball; this shot reduces club speed and ball distance.

Solid contact: is when the Irons hit the ball first and then taking a chunk out of the ground (a divot) after impact.

Note: All beginner golfers need to knowledgeable about the ball flight laws which states that “where the ball starts is due to the clubface at impact; how the ball curves are due to swing path.”

These means 85% of the starting line of the ball is determined by where the clubface is when it’s the ball. The other 15% is due to the club path (out-to-in or in-to-out).

85% of the curvature of the golf ball (slice or hook) is due to the club path, while the other 15% is from the clubface at impact.

This tip is to help golfers detect defects in swings and shots and fix it.

All Beginners should Learn Money Saving Tips

The Best List of Golf Tips for Beginners

Buying quality used golf equipment and getting the best discount rates for course membership plans is often the best way to begin cutting your cost. Beginner golfers should stick to walking rather than cart rides to reduce cost.

Golf bulk lessons designed to span over a long period at a not too frequent interval is usually the best for cutting cost.

Riding with a professional while taking notes and acquiring knowledge to help improve your game is another means.

Reading Best Budget/value articles on golf equipment, buying the gadget in bulk is another means of saving cost. Some golfers search for balls in woods and ponds to save cost as well.

Improve your Short Game Through Dedicated Practice

Beginner golfers should focus more on improving their short game via dedicated practice routines, spending an hour daily on chip shots, putting, bunker shots and pitches would improve your short game results.

Concentrating on hitting each practice shots like tournament and hitting different target helps perfect this technique.

Rule: never hit the same shot twice in a row.

Playing with Golfers that are Better than You

The Best List of Golf Tips for Beginners

As a beginner playing against better golfer should be your goal, while playing with them, try learning what makes them better, their techniques, pre-shot routine, and reactions to shots.

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Engage in educative discussion to learn about their swing coach and what he has improved with their games, maybe his the final solution to improve your handicap level.

Range practice

Having an excellent range will help improve beginner’s game results, while regular range practice with quality rangefinders will make sure golfers know what to improve and correct to get a better result.

Play Competitive Rounds as soon and as Often as Possible

As a beginner, the best way to improve and test your skill is by participating in competitive games, whether it’s your weekly Sunday rounds. Novice golfers who are not competition ready should consider playing with friends, and you can also bet to induce nerves and test how well you’d handle the big stage.

When it means something to you, every shot become difficult. This tip helps identify areas you need to improve and fast track your development process.


Every professional golfer started as a beginner, and this means they must have gone through the awkward phase of learning and mastering the necessary skills needed to improve their skill level. Newbies should sit tight as this article would provide them with the best golf tips required to boost confidence and enhance their skill level.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments. 



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