The Best Golf Tips To Fix Any Swing Flaw

We all are a lover of games, but the thing is we all have a different taste. Some love tennis; some love cricket, some prefer football, whereas some prefer to play golf. So apart from other sports and games, when it comes about golf so directly or indirectly we do some mistakes that affect our performance no doubt for better performance many golfers spend hours and hours on practice but still, there are few things that need to be focused. So, if you are a beginner and want to become a professional golfer, and in search of the tricks and tactics, through which you can cover up your deficiencies then, you are at the right place this article will give you some advice that will help you out so far and cover up your bugs. So no doubt there are so many faults and mistakes which golfers do, but among the series of them, golf over swing, or swing flaw is one of the most common mistakes which every golfer face in his or her golf career. 

To consider this, today’s article is all about golf swing tips. Without wastage any time, let’s unveil the tricks together.

How Can I Fix my Golf Swing?

  • One thing which I highly recommend you all is to pick one swing at the one time, most of the times the actual hurdle that becomes a big issue during the time of your playing is that golfers pick the various other alternatives at the same time, just for the sake to get maximum tricks at the same time which is not a right deal. Try to pick the one and then implement it at least in a week. After a week, if you feel not comfortable, then switch to the other swing;
  • Another reason is that golfers are not sure about the correct position. During the time of searching, one of the most common things which I noticed is the position, moments, and handling. So be very sure that you are a swing in the correct way instead of trying or implementing your own style;
  • Make sure that your shoulder, arm, and wrist are in the right position and direction during the time of your swing;
  • Another issue that golfers face during the time of swing and playing golf is to fix the right slice. No matter if you are a professional or beginner, this is also one of the most common thing and issue which golfers face. So to trigger this issue, I advise you all is to start first hooking the ball for top-slicing. To make a top slice, there are few considerations that you need to focus on during the time of hitting;
  • Make sure or try to hit the inside quadrant of your golf ball;
  • Try to swing in the right field then make sure that your shoulders are turning behind you longer in (down-swing);
  • Try to keep the club behind you (longer) in the down-swing;
  • Despite this, once you realized that you have reached at the top of your backswing then drop everything simply downward (towards your ground)like your arms, club heads, and hands, etc. before finishing the downswing;
  • Make sure that your divot points are right according to your target;
  • Well, last point but not the least thing is to focus on your practice see you are getting professional by doing a regular basis practice, so assuming that in a one night or in a one day you can cover-up your deficiencies is an impossible thing. After your hour’s practice or golf gaming hours find some spare time and start additional practice and fix golf swing.

So no matter if you are having the shots issues, swing problems, line swing issues, or anything else make sure that you are picking the one thing at the specific time instead of getting all at once and secondly spend additional hours on a daily basis as the practice is the main key. 

Even golfers using a motorized cart can burn about 1,300 calories and walk 2 miles when playing 18 holes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a good golf swing?

Apart from the practice, there are four three main key tools that play an important role to get a good golf swing. 

  • One is tilt during the time of backswing and bends in the following. 
  • Secondly, turn your hips and shoulders in a less restriction position as this will help to generate power and consistency. 
  • The third thing is tilted your shoulder as it helps you to get a good top swing.
  • The last one is to make sure that you are bending and stretch in a follow-through position in which you have to bend your upper body backward in the follow-through slightly. 

What causes an over the top golf swing? 

Well, one of the most common reasons behind of using this over the top swing golf is when you realize that your ball is actually too far forward in the stance. 


Hope after reading this you are aware enough that how can you fix your swing flaws and make your game more efficient, professional, and enticing. In spite of this, if you think there is something which I miss to add in this article or you want to know more about the swing fix and best shots in detail.

Despite this, I try my level best to cover the main and basic tricks through which you can make your golf playing smooth and demandable. At last, if you have any queries or you want to ask anything related to the golf swing, and efficient shots then feel free to bug me in the below-mentioned comment section box. 

I will try my level best to counter all your queries and trigger your questions with some relevant and satisfactory answers. 

To know more about golf, except swings, feel free to explore and go through my further golf articles and get rid of the problems.

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