The Best Golf Rain Gear Under $50

The game of golf is mostly enjoyed with a cool weather condition, however it is no news that all the money in world wouldn’t give man the power to control and manipulate weather conditions to suit their needs; the best we can do is protect ourselves under this weather conditions.

This weather conditions sometimes deter golfers from enjoying the games and quit the course earlier than expected, but for golfers who wouldn’t mind rainy weather, quality protection golf gear is a top priority.

Buying the best rain gear with minimum budget is a difficult task, though some golfers prefer to splash cash on named brands which are unnecessarily expensive and cost above $100. But for a rainy gear needed only few times in a year, I personally think exhausting your financial budget on a gear which you’d barely use is not really worth it.

This review will ensure golfers with low budget be saved the stress of searching for high quality rain gear with costs below $50 that offers top level protection while playing the game under the rain. The competitive market ensures our researchers look into various brands, features and quality to select the best rain gears under $50 comfortable enough to shoot the best shot.

Here are some of the features considered in the selection process:

  • Price: Golfer’s budget plan and the product price is the most important factor to consider. Any gear selected will be below $50. Truth is high price is usually as a result of advert costs unfairly and inconspicuously placed on customers;
  • Comfort: Recently, most rain jackets designed have evolved to snow-wear; looking good but restrictive upon swing at the ball, any gear selected will offer optimized comfortability while ensuring it is stretchy, fitted and un-hindering when taking a swing;
  • Quality: Only high quality product with cheaper price range would be considered, for those looking for the best and more expensive price tag this is not for you. These products should be slightly different from more expensive and premium quality brands;
  • Breathability: The golf must offer improved heat release design that will keep you warm at all time while ensuring excessive heat generated from walking and swinging are not trapped within;
  • Fit: The fit design often varies based on personal preference and brands design. While some company preferred tailored fit design, other manufacture baggier fit, every golfer personal style influence this decision;
  • Pockets: This is another important feature for the best golf rain suit and rain jacket. A small pocket can lead to scratches or loose zippers for golfers who keep tees and ball in it. Phones can also be kept in this pocket to listen to music, so the best rain jacket must have a well made pocket.

Without wasting much time, here are the best golf rain gear suits under $50:

Swisswell Rain Gear

Of course, not a super well-known brand like Nike, but that even helps out better when it comes to price. Swisswell rain gear is slightly less thick and bulky just as Nike and Under Armour golf rain gear. Beware of advert; I am convinced that all golf rain gear pants are made nearly exactly the same: same material, same thickness. You are simply buying the brand when you spend more money on rain pants, not higher quality clothing.

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Meanwhile, judging by the required basic functionality, Swisswell rain gear does just as good of a job at repelling water and keeping you dry until unless you really want to play in a very, very cold conditions. In that case, I would suggest you go for a general rain suit instead.

I personally consider portability of a product very vital to its functional quality and that is why I am a huge fan of this rain gear. The Swisswell rain gear packs up and occupies a very small space in your bag, ensuring that you always have it when you need it. When it comes to size, I go for medium, that is somewhere in between small and large. About color, I recommend whatever floats your boat. However, mine is black.

I really like the Swisswell rain gear zippered pocket which allows me to put my iPod in (you could put your phone in it too if you wanted), so that I can listen to music without headphones if I am playing in weather where it is sprinkling a little. Not a huge benefit, but it’s made my slightly rainy golf rounds a little more fun.

Pebble Beach Rain Jacket

Stay cool and dry all day in this performance water resistant jacket from Pebble Beach. This jacket features a back wind flap for ventilation, an elastic waistband, sleeve cuffs and a raised neckline for added water resistant protection. Pebble beach rain jacket offer quality service for golfers who prefer to save up for rainy day.

Arnold Palmer Amen Curve Full Zip Rain Jacket

The Arnold Palmer Amen Curve full zip rain jacket ensures Stormy weather won’t keep you off the golf course with features such as waterproof, windproof protection with breathable comfort. This polyester material wear offers zippered pocket for storage and stretchy fabric for improve swing and comfort.

Orlimar Men’s Golf Cyclone Rain Pants

Made from 100% nylon and polyester materials, the pants have side pockets with zippers and pleated back pockets with sewn in flaps for enhanced convenience. With a tailored waistband, you can expect a premium fit with superior playability. The Cyclone Rain Pants are 100% waterproof and often rated above four stars.

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  1. I love how they have gear specific to the sport but they mark it up so much just for a brand name. I could go and get just as good of a jacket from Target or Walmart for half the price

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