The Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men

Most of the best golf clubs on the market are available to tall men, in fact, the concern of some men who play golf is about whether the club will serve them correctly according to their stature. This concern is stupid and proven since the clubs serve for any height regardless of whether the player is professional or not.

When I started playing golf, I had a question about whether I should buy or try out the clubs because I was a tall golf player, since most of my friends are 6 ‘and up, and most of them play golf with standard clubs without any specification about the height of the player and I never asked my friends about the clubs, I just look at the brands and recommendations on the internet about the clubs.

Brands and Uses: The truth.

  • The myth that the most expensive brands have the best clubs is a lie. I am currently using a $ 127 Wilson Golf Set, I bought it on amazon, it saved me almost $ 200 compared to Callaway’s and other brands. All clubs served me perfectly, I did not need to look for options for my height.
  • The most expensive brands of tall men’s golf clubs such as Callaway are not recommended for new players unless you want to spend a lot of money at fancy clubs. But in amazon, some golf sets come with specifications for tall players.
  • The truth is that the standard measure works just fine for all players between 5’7 “and 6’1”. For taller men, there are clubs for sale with specific measures of up to 1 inch over the normal size of golf clubs.
  • Michael Jordan usually plays golf as everyone knows, he is a big man of 6’6 “so he needs the clubs to be longer than usual. The PING brand sells a set specifically made for big men like Michael Jordan, the grips of clubs in the majority are +2 “or up to +3”.

Actually buying a set of clubs for tall men is not necessary, unless you are a man like Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley. It is an unnecessary expense, the most recommended as I mentioned above, is to buy standard golf set for all types of players, since that type of club helps you understand if you need another set of clubs or buy some clubs custom made for you.

Before buying online, the most recommended site is Amazon or any other similar with many reviews, but first, you need to know what type of player you are. Many players buy a golf set just to play a few months and then leave the game, be very careful to spend more money than you are really going to use playing golf.

Now I will detail with great precision each of the golf sets that I have used and even tested personally, these sets are standards, most are cheap and recommended for any type of play regardless of your height.

The best sets of clubs to consider

  • The best set that I have used and recommend for all players and tall men is the Wilson Ultra Set, this set is one of the best for new players, especially for novices who have never played golf in their life.

Wilson’s golf sets are always cheaper than other brands, but that does not mean they are inferior in quality. On the contrary, I have been testing other brands and compare them with my Wilson Ultra Set and there is no difference. The only thing that is not the same is the price, up to $ 200 dollars less in the prices, the golf set includes all the clubs and a bag of quality and durability.

  • The second option of which I always talk to everyone is the Confidence POWER Hybrid Club Set, this option is a combination of wood and metal, quality and resistance to using. It was a golf set that I was using with a friend for a while, it is much cheaper than the Wilson Ultra Set, but it is of the same quality for tall men.
  • The third and last option is the most expensive on the market, available in Amazon and other online stores. We are talking about the Callaway Strata Ultimate Set, $ 279.99 is the most expensive but with the most recommendations. This set is standard for all tall men and works well for most players.

Callaway offers the same as other brands but with the support of being a brand with experience in the design of everything related to golf, especially clubs. The set includes, like all other sets, the Hybrids, Driver, and the rest of the clubs. The precision of this set is what gets the most attention among the players.

Is it important to start with an expensive set?

What matters most is the hand, you are left-handed or you play with the right, that is more important than buying a set specifically for tall men. The comfort of the hand is important to choose a golf set.

When should I look for golf set for tall men?

The standards work well, but if you feel that the game is not good, and you realize that you feel uncomfortable with the clubs you are currently using, you should buy a golf set that suits you. For those occasions, it is best to go to a specialist club store.

Is buying a used set a bad decision?

In Amazon and other online stores sets for tall men or standards can be bought new and used, those users have a problem: they come with a lot of wear by the other owner. It is not advisable to buy it used, but it is a good option if you only want to buy it to try and then you can discard it or sell it.

To finish up our article, I personally learned to play with a standard set, I never worry about buying a golf set with clubs for tall men, today I have a couple of clubs made specifically for my height, but only made them build by my own curiosity, my game is still the same with standard clubs or the custom clubs for tall men.



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