The Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men 2020

Tall men are usually believed to need custom-fitted golf clubs in order to play golf. In most cases this is not true. You only named to get fitted for golf clubs if you are a mid or low handicap golfer. Usually, a fitter may advise you to get fitted for a golf club but you may not necessarily need it.

When it comes to buying a golf club, it is important to buy golf clubs that you are comfortable with. However, most golfers over 6 feet will still find themselves comfortable with Standard golf clubs. 

Standard golf clubs are designed to fit a wide variety of golfers with a height ranging from 5 foot 6 inches to as tall as 6 foot 6 inches and above. 

this is possible due to the fact that taller people are also naturally equipped with longer arms. As a result, they are hands are usually suspended at approximately the same height as people who are much shorter. The slight difference in the height at which the hands are suspended can easily be made up for by having a slightly bent posture. 

If you are a low handicapper looking for golf clubs suitable for tall players, a good idea would be to consider golf clubs of really high quality released a few years ago. Over the years the quality of the golf clubs does not change, however, due to new releases, the price of the golf clubs tends to go down. This is good for golf players looking for the best quality on a budget. Also if you simply want to shop smart and not waste a lot of money on overpriced golf clubs that depreciate as soon as you hit your first ball, you can also shop for golf clubs released a few seasons ago. These golf clubs usually have great quality and will offer you really good results. In addition, they will last much longer and best of all, they will maintain their value much better than buying the latest high-quality golf clubs.

High and mid-handicappers do not really play a lot of golf to require the services of a fitter. Also,, the difference in your performance would be ever so slight. 

Getting custom fitted for a golf club is usually quite expensive. However, a better option to save costs would be to get pre-lengthened golf clubs. The problem with this is that the pre-lengthened golf club sets a predominantly low-performance golf club sets. 

Naturally longer golf clubs are harder to hit. This is because the further away from the clubhead is from your hands, the harder it is to hit the ball with the center of the clubface. This is why some pros would actually use shorter drivers. It is worth noting that many golf pros are over 6 feet tall.

Hence,  the collection below is composed mainly of Standard golf sets that will suit tall golfers. However, if you still feel uncomfortable you can always adjust the golf clubs after.

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Cheapest Golf Club Sets for Tall Men: Wilson Ultra Complete Set

If you find yourself on the tall side, and you’re looking for an affordable set of golf clubs to buy on a tight budget, then the Wilson ultra complete set of golf clubs is going to be perfect for you. If you find a set of golf clubs priced lower than this, you will likely end up with a very low quality and consistency. Note that even similarly-priced golf clubs can have substantial differences in quality. 

This is why we recommend named brands. They always make high-quality golf clubs and have decades of experience behind them. The Wilson brand, despite being at the bottom of the market when it comes to prices, gives the best value golf clubs.

the Wilson ultra complete set of golf clubs includes everything a player needs for a game of golf. They said does not include a sand wedge, although it does include a pitching wedge that can perform the same function for a beginner. The quality of the Wilson ultra set is superb and if you need to add an inch, you can take them to a pro shop and still end up with the same quality.


  • Superb quality;
  • Great value for money.


  • Missing a sand wedge.

Overall Best Value Golf Clubs for Tall People: Callaway Strata Complete Club Set

This set of golf clubs is ideal for tall golfers looking for the most value. The Callaway strata complete club set is arguably the most popular complete set of golf clubs sold in golf ever! This is because Callaway produces great quality golf clubs at a reasonable price. the Callaway strata may not be the same quality as higher-end Callaway golf clubs, however, for a beginner the quality is perfect especially if the possibility of lengthening them is open. 

Each golf club in the Callaway strata set performs decently. There is simply no poor quality golf club in the set. The golf clubs will go slightly further on average and will not be so easily broken. 

The Callaway strata complete set does not include a sand wedge, however, they included putter wedge will sell the same purpose. 


  • Excellent value for money;
  • Decent quality for the price;
  • Long-range on the golf clubs.


  • It does not perform as well as the premium quality golf clubs from the same brand.If you are a mid to high handicapper, and you simply require the best quality golf clubs for taller players, the list below is a collection of the best golf clubs you can buy on a budget.

The golf clubs mentioned above at for mid to high handicappers that require golf clubs for tall players. However, for more skilled golfers, it is more advisable to purchase individual golf clubs with the desired quality. Please note that individual golf clubs will offer much higher quality than complete sets, however, they will do so at a considerable price.



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