The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

I know some readers might have stumbled upon a similar article on this particular subject on the internet; most I have read are trash written by people who don’t have practical knowledge or have ever held a golf club their entire life.

As golf ardent with eight years experience, my love for buying and researching various golf equipment allows me to try lots of top models gadget released in the past six years and the knowledge and information acquired is what I’d love to share with readers.

Every professional golfer started their journey as a beginner, and this article will help guide beginners/high handicappers find the best golf clubs while taking into consideration their budget and what they want in a set of clubs.

Selecting the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

The two major approaches to purchasing the best golf clubs for beginners is either by buying a “complete set” or “individual bought clubs.” These two approaches have their various advantages and limitations which will be discussed below for better understanding.

Individually Bought Clubs vs. Complete Set

Price: purchasing a complete set is often 2-5 times cheaper than individual bought clubs, a complete set golf club sells for about $200-$300 while later could cost over $1000.

Quality: the individual bought clubs boast of superior quality than the complete sets of golf clubs. Brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titleist often focus on producing high-quality individual club against a complete set that could break within the year.

Convenience: Complete set offers all you need with a single purchase making it super convenient, while the stress of endless research and order of each club makes it stressful and challenging for golfers.

Performance: improve technological innovation, high-quality materials, and masterfully crafted design ensures individual clubs are a mile ahead of complete golf set in performance delivery.

Which Purchasing Method is Best for which Golfer?

Buying a complete set is the best option for beginner golfers who want convenient purchase with a limited budget, have limited time for research, not sure if you are going to stick to golf for long and those who don’t know anyone who can gift them any golf equipment.

Buying individual club is the best option for golfers with a surplus budget and time to research the best or the best value golf club for each category. Golfers who plan to improve his/her skill level and play the game for long also fall under this category.

Things to Consider Before Buying the First Set of Golf Clubs for Beginners

Price: the difference in cost of complete sets is mainly due to the different materials these clubs are produced from, while some very cheap golf club sets are manufactured using low-quality materials that break easily within the first ten rounds. There are other categories such as good value complete sets and the best complete set made from excellent materials and innovative design. The last two classifications are the best golf clubs for beginners as it guarantees better performance, value, durability, aesthetic design, and results compare to the very cheap clubs.

Brand: buying top brands like Wilson (low budget) or Callaway Strata (overall best & best value) will not only perform and last better than lesser-known cheaper brands but will guarantee excellent customer service too.

Want/need of the golfer: though not every complete set include a hybrid or a sand wedge (not compulsory), but the hybrid golf clubs are important because it is an excellent alternative to long irons and makes shots more comfortable to hit and get in the air, while the sand wedge ensures better lob shots and bunker shots. Buying a club set to meet golfers need is very important.

To save time, here are the best golf clubs for beginners 2019.

Best Cheap Golf Clubs for Beginner Golfers: Wilson Ultra Complete Set

Wilson Ultra Complete Set

The Wilson Ultra Complete set remains the best quality for low budget golf club golfer, this set driver, fairway wood and iron offer enough forgiveness compare to more expensive top golf clubs listed below.

Wilson Ultra is sold for half the price of high-end clubs but also includes hybrid clubs for a better swing. Though the feel and distance are a little off compared to the best value and overall best clubs listed below, it is a great club set for beginners.

However, golfers who need a sand wedge will need to spend a tad more to get it or buy it separately.


  • Provide all you need and very cheap;
  • Includes driver, three wood, hybrid, 4 irons, PW, putter;
  • Masterfully crafted professional set.


  • No sand wedge.

The Best Value Golf Clubs for Beginner Golfers: Callaway Strata Set

The Callaway Strata has remained the best value set for beginner golfers for many years now; these club set provides the golfer with everything they need to begin the game including a hybrid but lacks a sand wedge.

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This set also boasts of better feel, control, and performance compare to the Wilson above and can rival the Strata plus below in terms of quality. The Callaway Strata aesthetic design and color choice ensure it looks very professional while offering the best value for every penny spent.


  • Top-quality to the best price;
  • Professional design;
  • Includes a driver, three wood, hybrid, 4 irons, PW, putter;
  • Forgiving clubs with offset perimeter weighting;
  • Improve feel and distance control.


  • No sand wedge.  

The Overall Best Golf Clubs for Beginners: Callaway Strata Plus

Callaway Strata Set Plus

This set is the crème de la crème for beginner golfer; though a bit pricey compared to the clubs listed above, it offers everything beginner golfer would need.

The Callaway Strata Plus set pack includes two hybrids and a sand wedge to improve bunker shots and lob shots. It’s designed to optimize the performance of beginner golfers and improve their game results from tee to green.


  • The top golf club at the right price;
  • Includes a driver, three wood, 2 hybrids, 4 irons, a PW, an SW, and a putter;
  • Well crafted aesthetic design and color scheme (black/blue);
  • Super lightweight stand bag;
  • Hybrids and a sand wedge available.


  • Clubs are very light.

The Greatest Golf Clubs for Seniors: Wilson Profile XD

Wilson Profile XD

This section is dedicated to beginner senior golfers who struggle to generate enough clubhead speed to make the ball travel far and high in the air. The Senior’s golf clubs are designed to have lighter club heads and shaft with more flex to complement senior golfers slow swing speed and improve distance upon every swing.

The Wilson Profile XD set is the best budget senior golf club manufactured with graphite materials for its woods and hybrids for improving clubhead speed.

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Although this club set lack a bit inaccuracy, it guarantees to improve distance, forgiveness, and appearance.

Note: senior golfers who still feel strong enough should use any of the clubs sets listed above with stiffer shaft and massive clubhead. Although the difference between a senior golf club and men club is not that significant, nonetheless discretion is needed to select which club set will best improve golfer game result.

Top Golf Clubs for Women

Ladies golf clubs are not only aesthetically crafted to be more attractive to ladies in color and appearance but also designed to be lighter and have a shaft with more flex like the Senior’s golf club.

Golf clubs for women are produced to fit ladies body physique making different from the men golf club.

Here are the best women clubs for beginners.

The Best Value Golf Club for Women: Wilson Ultra

Wilson Ultra Women Set

The Wilson Ultra set is the best for beginner ladies as if offers quality service and low price tag, these club color and design assure better feel and game result. Though the golf bag might get dirty easily, It remains an excellent recommendation to any golfer with a low budget.

Overall Best Golf Clubs for Women Beginners: Callaway Strata Women’s

Callaway Strata Women’s

The Callaway Strata Plus complete set is the highest quality clubs for any lady beginner golfer. This super convenient club offers all you need to play the game including hybrid and sand wedge and guarantee improve performance and professional looks.

This all in one is the best women’s club for a beginner.

The Best Golf Clubs for Kids: Callaway XJ Junior Sets

Callaway XJ Junior Sets

The very competitive golf market offers lots of option when it comes to kid golf clubs in terms of price and quality.

However, The Callaway XJ Junior sets is a top-quality golf club for kids (both boy and girl), this unique club design, color and size choice make it a perfect fit irrespective of their height and age.

This junior set remains one of the best gifts I bought for my kid.

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