The Best Golf Clubs for Women

The design of a lady golf club is often different from their male counterparts in length and weight; this is due to the difference in body type and masculinity of both genders. The best golf clubs are often designed to attain high swing, distance, control, and accuracy while suiting golfer’s ability and style of play.

These women`s golf clubs will help readers avoid wasting budget on low-quality products or overpriced clubs.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding which club is best for you below.

Price: Golfer’s budget plan often determines the quality of the club you can afford, while low price often leads to low quality that won’t last long, other expensive clubs could also be overpriced. Paying the right price for a top-rated women’s golf clubs is essential.

Brand: the importance of the brands can see in their level of consistency in service delivery. An example can be seen in Wilson as one of the cheapest brands with quality clubs and Callaway Strata as one of the best value brands for women’s golf clubs.

Type of club you need: the kind of club a golfer needs often determines the type of set he buys because different club sets offer various clubs.  Though a golfer might need a sand wedge, another might be interested in hybrids.

Appearance: the aesthetic design often plays a significant role in building confidence and feel, so finding a club sets and a bag design that suit your style is a thing to consider.

Here are the best women golf clubs set in 2019 you can buy below.

The Overall Best Women’s Golf Clubs: Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Set

Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set, Right Hand,...

Wilson brand is simply the best for ladies searching for inexpensive golf clubs; this brand offers incredible discount and quality compare to other top brands.

The Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete set is not only the best cheap women golf clubs sets, but it also offers beginners and high handicap golfers quality materials to enhance their games with the smooth launch, extra distance, and forgiveness.

This undervalued club set offers enough clubs for any lady golfer hoping to become professional.


  • A driver with a large sweet spot;
  • An easy to hit three woods for long shots;
  • A hybrid for shots that need to fly long and high;
  • Very forgiving irons (6-PW);
  • A blade putter;
  • A cart bag;
  • Headcovers.

Although Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete set doesn’t come with a sand wedge (SW), this is the best cheap women’s golf clubs set I’d recommend for those with minimum budget.

Best Value Women’s Golf Clubs: Women’s Strata Complete Set

Callaway Women's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set...

The Callaway Strata women golf is the best value golf set due to their masterful craftsmanship, the Callaway brand knack for producing high-quality equipment also extends to the ladies golf clubs.

This club set offers few improvements when compared to the Wilson set above; it improved driver and graphite shaft offers better distance, feel and accuracy.

This top-rated women’s golf clubs set includes only two irons (7 and 9 irons). The 5 hybrids were designed to ensure consistent hit and forgiveness, while the sand wedges help golfers hit better bunker shots and get out of tight lies.

Although this set does not include a 6 or 8 iron and a pitching wedge, it “mid-mallet” putter offers forgiveness and consistency to improve golfers game result.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs Under $500: Callaway Strata Plus Ladies Set

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set...

The women’s golf club industry does not have my club set within $300 – $500 range, hence the need for this premium quality club addition for golfers with a budget not exceeding $500.

Callaway Strata plus Ladies set is the runner-up for the best value lady golf clubs set; this club set is designed for a serious-minded golfer as it offers varieties of clubs to meet the needs of all skill level lady golfers.

This set flexible graphite shafts clubs options offers impeccable forgiveness and precision for lower handicappers while ensuring a beginner have all she needs to improve her skill level.


  • A 3 wood;
  • A 5 hybrid;
  • 6-PW irons.

The women’s flex golf club set is the best suitable for any lady out there, because not only are these clubs masterfully crafted with ladies shafts but also design to adapt to ladies swing speeds to maximize distance.

The very competitive golf market offers lots of lady golf clubs set with various features, quality and price tag to meet the consumer’s needs. Nonetheless, these haven’t translated to a significant technological improvement in the past five years.



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