The Best Golf Cart Bags for Every Budget

The Golf Cart Bags have over the years become essential equipment to the game of golf because not only does it help golfers protect and organize their other golf gadgets accurately, it also guarantees convenient game time on the course by housing all the equipment a golfer would ever need.

Buying a golf bag cart can be a bit tricky for golfer’s who are not well grounded on the pros and cons of purchasing a cart bag. This article was written to discourage regrets from buying a heavy backpack by providing golfers enough information to make an informed decision when purchasing the best golf cart bag.

Without wasting time, these are things to consider before buying a golf cart bag.

Golfers who often feel the urge to walk or get some exercise should realize that getting a heavy golf bag is not the best approach because carrying these bags from one place to another would be very stressful and challenging,  particularly when lifting it from and into the car/cart. Any golfer who falls under this above category should consider buying a lightweight stand bag.

Also, setting the golf cart bag to stand upright can sometimes be difficult and could damage expensive equipment if it falls on a hard surface.

These are the individuals who should buy a golf cart bag:

  • Golfers who ride every time they play: the golf cart bag is the best choice bag for any golfer who doesn’t entertain the notion to work at any point while enjoying the game, these cart bags boast enough space to keep all your golf equipment, for walkers I’d advice stand bag;
  • Golfers that want to keep a cleaner car: due to the reduced capacity of the golf stand bag and inability to fit all your gadget in it; most golfer often faces the challenge of a messy car from extra accessories, and this problem could be solved by purchasing a more substantial capacity golf cart bags;
  • Golfers who prefer being always prepared: Any ardent golfers that like to be over-packed with all his accessories instead of been under-packed are advice to buy the cart bags due to the larger capacity compare to less storage stand bag;
  • Senior golfers: the inclusion of the senior class golfers isn’t meant to disrespect them. Most senior golfers love for their cart bag stem from the fact that they won’t be doing much walking around. If they do decide to walk, their cart bag is often attached to a pushcart to make it easier for them.

The very competitive golf market offers several cart bags with different price ranges and quality. Here are the best cart bags for various budget golfers.

The Best Cheap Cart Bag: TaylorMade TM 5.0 Cart Golf Bag

The TaylorMade TM 5.0 Cart Golf Bag is the Cart bag for golfers with a limited budget. This quality design bag offers enough storage and various color choice to meet individual taste.

This durable golf bag is not only cheap but guarantees better quality compared to the more affordable and off brands which easily get spoil and gives zipper problems.

Though a bit little weird and bottom heavy, this is the lowest cart bag I’d recommend to any frugal golfer.


  • Low price with decent quality;
  • Weight 4.9 Pounds, makes it the lightest compare to the other bags;
  • Six different color designs;
  • Ample storage space which includes 7 pockets total, with 2 large ones on the side;
  • 14-way dividers (dividers don’t go all the way down);
  • Ease of Handling with various handle options;
  • Velour lined valuables pocket for water bottle pouch, umbrella holder, rain hood.


  • Most people don’t like heavy bottom design;

The Best Value Golf Cart Bag: Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag

If you are looking for the best value cart bag for every penny spent, the Callaway 2018 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag should be your pick. This cart bag excellent design and pocket layout gives golfers enough storage capacity while weighing 5.6 pounds.

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This top rated bag boast of 14 dividers for each club and multiple valuables pockets. This affordable bag offers all the features a golfer need including two pen/sharpie holders, towel ring, one long strap to carry,  umbrella elastic divider, rain hood, velcro strap for gloves, spots for tees with better handling.

This is the best for any golfer looking for a fairly priced bag with a perfect layout and great designs.


  • Magnetic rangefinder holder and some small magnetic closures instead of zippers;
  • Seven different color designs to choose from;
  • Weigh 5.6 Pounds;
  • Two insulated beverage pockets with draining spots and bottle opener;
  • 14 dividers for every club that go all the way down (super rare, super convenient);
  • Enough storage capacity golfer’s equipment;
  • Affordable price tag;
  • Ease of Handling.


  • Not all pockets are easily reachable when the bag is strap into a cart.

The Best Overall Cart Bag: Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

Game of golf is highly competitive and to get the best result or have any form of advantage over your opponent, and you should be willing to spend cash on the best of the best equipment.

The Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag weighs only 7 pounds, and it is the best for any competitive golfer provided they can afford it. This bag is masterfully crafted to meet golfers need and offer more storage to house all your golf equipment.

This bag aesthetic design and color option makes it very appealing; while its high-end service and durability beat off competition from other brands.


Buying the Sun Mountain C-130 Cart bag is better than buying five crappy low-quality bags.


  • Cooler pocket design for keeping drinks fresh and water resistant pocket;
  • Smart Strap system to guarantee your bag doesn’t fall from the cart;
  • Multiple color choice which includes (Red/White/Blue/Camo);
  • 14 club dividers for all of your clubs and more substantial storage space;
  • A bit pricey for the right quality;
  • Ease of Handling and easy to access pockets.


  • Expensive to afford;
  • When filled up with equipments it takes too much space on the cart.

The Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag is the best overall cart bag due to its unique design and pocket layout.



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