The Best Golf Ball for High Handicappers

Sometimes you can play with some of the lowest priced golf balls around or you have the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball and but you still have the same score. The more expensive golf balls are only really rewarding for a golfer who has a high skill level. If you are unable to hit greens or hit the chips and the pitches cleanly, this means having a golf ball that attracts a premium price is no use to you. On the internet there are websites that suggest you should a lot of money on golf balls but I wouldn’t recommend it.

However, I would recommend that you should be buying used golf balls. It is useless when you buy a new golf ball for twice or three times the amount of the same golf ball that will have been used for a little while. You are going to lose the golf ball anyway. Or you are going to hit a tree and scuff the ball. Or maybe the cart path. You get the point. No use in buying a brand-new golf ball when it will eventually be ruined/lost anyway.

Wilson Staff FLI – Cheapest Price

best golf balls for high handicappers

Like I said in the introduction of this article buying an expensive golf ball won’t lead to you shoot better it won’t matter for golfers who have high handicaps. There will cheap and quality golf balls around that will help you with your game.

The name of this Golf ball is called the Wilson Staff FLIl. In my opinion, this will be the cheapest golf ball with good quality and it is definitely a golf ball I would suggest. If you analyze the golf balls that are below the asking price of this golf ball to put it simply they are rubbish and useless. Golf balls like this will type of balls will actually decrease your golf ability, so I recommend that you use the name brand balls. There are a couple of cons with this golf ball for example when hitting the golf ball is very hard which can be uncomfortable but it means they will go very far

Srixon Soft Feel – the Greatest Value

best golf balls for high handicappers

You probably know this brand isn’t as popular as some brands in the golf world however the Srixon brand offers a substantial number of high-quality golf balls that provide great value. This golf ball which is called the Srixon Soft Feel will be the best golf ball for the money at this current time of the writing of this article, as there are not many bad golf balls.

You can easily get this golf ball under twenty dollars, also they will produce a great feeling in your golf shots. When hit the impact will feel very good and smooth at impact, and it will travel a long way as well. Another bonus is that the company Srixon has a track record of offering company-wide discounts many times within the past couple of years.

Callaway SuperSoft – Best Golf Ball

best golf balls for high handicappers

The Callaway Super Soft is a golf ball which will include a great deal, It will behave very similarly to some higher priced Chrome Hex golf balls, however, the price will be much lower and this is great especially for golf balls which are perfect for high handicappers.

This ball will have great distance when hit at impact. This golf ball will, however, feel much harder at impact compared to some higher priced golf ball, however, the results will be pretty much the same, as the ball will not spin a lot around the greens, and this won’t be an issue for the new and upcoming golfers.

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The Callaway SuperSoft is a golf ball which that is the combination of a long and an incredible feel with all of your golf shots. Which is one of many reasons why this is the best golf ball?

TaylorMade Burner – Longest Golf Ball

best golf balls for high handicappers

Some people play golf so that can show off the distance and that type of person is you then you should pick this golf ball. TaylorMade Burner has produced model clubs and balls which are solely for newcomers who want to hit the golf ball and get a great impact.

There are three main cons of TaylorMade Burner-Longest Golf Ball:

  • this ball will not feel good at impact though, and this golf ball also will not spin on the greens;
  • this golf ball is rock solid and it is very similar to a range ball;
  • this golf ball will be very durable and it can last you many rounds especially if you don’t lose them.

Callaway 50 Ball Lot – Best Used Golf Ball

best golf balls for high handicappers

What I have recommended and what I have said if you shouldn’t buy brand-new golf especially for high handicap golfers should not be buying new golf balls. To be honest it is just an absolute waste of money, as the used balls will have the ability to perform just as well. Callaway has and will continue to produce a lot of great quality golf balls throughout the last five to ten years, and the Callaway 50 Ball will be included in this. This Golf ball is good value for money and this is good considering that the Golf balls are used.

In this article, I have listed five golf balls that will be great for High Handicappers and if you are looking for some of these golf balls then a Golf website that I would recommend is a website called, this website is great for cheaper than usual golf balls.

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