The Best Drivers For Women 2020

A common misconception of golf equipment is that women need to have specialized clubs to even get into the game as the usual clubs are not ideal. The truth is that anyone can use the best equipment available to play the best games they ever had, it all comes down to how the player swings to reduce weight and bend the contours to maximize their ability or technique. No one driver is right for every player, however, there are some differences in the way they use certain clubs. These differences are most obvious in the way they wield the biggest and most powerful driver in the bag. Thus, it is worthwhile for women to consider their unique abilities before buying or sticking to any specific driver.

Considering that each golfer has its unique swing type and style, it is very likely that one-hitter will produce better results than most other models. Your ideal driver should give you the confidence of golf and the best balance of distance and control. Players must weigh how much they pay, performance priorities, and look and feel preferences. Female golfers who take the game seriously can find a way to swing from valuable insights, and which driver is best for them. Here is a list of some of the best ladies’ golf drivers which can enhance your golfing experiences or abilities.

Callaway Women’s Great Big Bertha Epic

Callaway Big Bertha is one of the most famous and indeed very popular drivers as it has been around for many years, and each new version is continuously improved. The company has made a female version of the driver, and it earns the word Epic in its name with its features. Callaway has created one of the best ladies drivers by combining the unique, groundbreaking combination of a titanium exterior with a triaxial carbon crown and sole, they produced the lightest head ever. It is designed to give you high launch with low spin.

Combined with a large and aerodynamic head, it offers incredible forgiveness and keeps you truly away from a decent swing. Your eccentric hits won’t go too far off the line. The modified track has sliding weight, meaning you can adjust the drive to fit your swing style and speed. They also incorporate proprietary JailBreak technology. It consists of 2 x 3g titanium rods behind the face. These result in less flexing of the sole and crown, resulting in greater energy transfer, which translates into higher ball speed


  • JailBreak technology helps out new players a lot;
  • Optifit hosel is easier to work with.


  • Pretty expensive.

Adams Golf Ladies Blue Driver

Adams has made many modifications to this driver to make it particularly suitable for ladies golfers. The Ladies Blue driver made it to this list because it is designed to be lightweight, which makes the club easier to carry around on the course. One of its main features is its Velocity slot technology, which provides more flexibility to increase speed and accuracy, which are two main aspects golfers want drivers to get.

It has a large face that increases forgiveness and has a low center of gravity (CG) and backward. This helps increase the angle of rotation and increase the speed of the shot. Another feature that sets it apart is the Aldila Slimtech graphite shaft, which is ultra-light, making the swing easier and adding extra impact to the ball.


  • Velocity slot technology;
  • Aldila Slimtech graphite shaft;
  • One of the most appropriate prices among the majority of women’s drivers.


  • Not as much adjustability as some would like.

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Titleist TS2 Women’s Driver

Titleist has become so popular with its drivers and wedges that it has become one of the best golf brands in the industry, but they have also increased their production to create some of the best irons, fairway woods, hybrids and Tees. Their new TS2 women’s driver with its variable thickness technology provides amazing distances across the board, while still being very forgiving. This is also the fastest driver to date for Titleist, with a new head shape design that reduces drag by 20%.

For this driver, the company has updated the Speed Chassis and optimized weight distribution to create golfers with higher launches, while reducing spin to maximize distance. Engineers shifted the weight deeper and lighter into the club to create a lower center of gravity, which pushed the drive higher or further. This is achieved by reducing the weight of the ultra-thin, lightweight titanium crown. With all of these qualities, the TS2 is one of the best women’s drivers for those who are new to golf or have been playing for a long time.


  • Low drag;
  • The clubhead gives high speeds and good distance coverage;
  • Very forgiving, ideal for new players.


  • The longer shaft sometimes proves to be difficult to control for some players.

Taylormade Women’s Rocketballz Driver

Designed for distance and working with whatever height the golfer has, Taylormade’s Women’s Rocketballz drivers are a versatile tool for any female golfer. It is developed to make the ball fly higher and swift so that the results are consistent or powerful. The style of the women’s Rocketballz Driver is the same as that of the men’s RBZ Black. Despite the same appearance, some changes are directly suitable for female golfers. First, the Ultralite Titanium Core works differently than the RBZ Black because it puts weight in the area where higher launches are achieved.

Other features include all-important speed pockets and adjustable loft covers. Interestingly, the women’s Rocketballz driver also includes the same shaft as the RBZ black but the only difference is that the driver’s weight may be lighter. Also, the only adjustability comes from the adjustable clubhead sleeve, which allows the clubhead to be slightly adjusted. Also, Rocketballz has a soft, high-quality graphite shaft, reduced spin speed pockets, and adjustable shaft sleeves, making it easier for golfers to choose the performance they want.


  • You can cover great distances with this club;
  • Very lightweight which makes it easier to handle it;
  • Delivers a clear and crisp sound during impact;
  • Overall great value for your money.


  • There are a lack of adjustable features compared to other clubs on this list.


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