The Best Chipper Clubs in Golf

Many golfers struggle with chipping around the green has been one of the primary reason for their poor game results; this makes it challenging to improve their skill level or participate in any significant golf competition. Getting a Chipper golf club is a way to ensure several bad short games do not often ruin a perfectly good day.

Although numerous reasons affect a golfer’s short game which includes, hitting shanks, hitting the ball thin, chunky chips, poor distance control amongst others.

Since this article isn’t about golf chipper vs. wedge, let keep the focus on a golf chipper.

Golfers, I would recommend a chipper to are listed below.

Beginner golfer: Golfers who seek short term fix for mishitting chips and don’t plan to play at the highest competitive level; the chipper is excellent for you.

Seniors golfers: The truth is some senior golfers often have slightly shaky hands or not too good at hand-eye coordination. Also spending time hitting hundred of chip shots can be a bit difficult (no offense meant). So the chipper is the best option for seniors that struggle with chip shots.

Personal preference: it all depends on individual goals, for golfers seeking short term game result improvement the chipper is the best. But if your goal is to be a better golfer using the wedge to practice chipping is the best option for you.

For golfers who have decided on purchasing a chipper club, here are the best golf chippers for you.

Best Cheap Chipper: Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper

The Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper optimize loft and blade putter is incredibly cheap to afford with two sides.


This Chipper offers numerous benefits, which include the following:

Two-sided chipper: This clubs both hand orientation means lefties will benefit from it (as most chippers are RH). Golfers can use both sides to get the best result from tight situations. An instance is when a right-handed golfer stuck behind a tree uses the other side and hit it left-handed, or using the dominant hand to get out of water hazard.

Small, compact design: the purpose of this design is to ensure these chippers don’t get caught up in the thick/taller grass or lead to mishits. This chipper is designed to have a more consistent impact compare to other bulkier chipper affected by taller grass.

Super easy to hit: this chipper putter like design enables golfers to hit it solid more consistently than a wedge. It also got the loft of a 7 iron. All you need is just your putting technique (the less hand, the better) and you’ll see improvement.

Super cheap: this is one of the cheapest golf chippers for sale in the golf market, its price tag is relatively low when compared to other chippers below. Golfers seeking anything less expensive than this could end up with very low-quality chipper that breaks easily.

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The Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper numerous benefits show it’s perfect for budget golfers. Though other slightly better chippers for increase price tag are alternative, this will likely do just fine.

Best Value Chipper: Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper

The Intech brand knack for producing high-quality chippers ensures it remains one of the best in the golf community. The Intech EZ Roll Chipper is the best value chipper for frugal and cost-sensitive golfers. These chipper offers to improve feel, better loft, and consistency for a tad increase in price when compared to the chipper above.


Here are some benefits of Intech EZ Roll Chipper:

Best value: This chipper offer top quality performance for as low as under $30 (for a brand new club), it’s a perfect mix of the chipper above and the overall best below. Golfers struggling with chipping are guaranteed a positive change in result with this chipper.

Great feel: This chipper boast of better feel compare to the Intech Two Way Chipper above and has received lots of positive golf chipper reviews from the various website from the golf community.

Better contact due to offset: The offset features on this chipper aid better contact shots with golfers hand slightly in front of the ball at impact. This feature is infrequent in cheaper brands (like Intech Two Way Chipper).

This is an excellent chipper for golfers seeking to fix their straight forward chips while hoping for the best value for every penny spent.

Best Overall Golf Chipper: Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 wedge is not just the best of the best; it’s also the perfect mix between a real wedge and a chipper. For golfers who don’t want a chipper, this club is the ideal alternative.


Here are some benefits of this wedge:

A perfect blend of wedge vs. chipper: this hybrid club has features of both wedge and chipper to stay ideally in between. It has substantial sole like a traditional chipper but more loft to get the ball in the air.

More loft: It’s got more loft to help you get the ball in the air quicker compared to the two chippers above.

Better feel and spin: it also offers better feel, feedback and spin on chip shots compare to chippers.

Brand recognition: Cleveland is the best wedge brand in golf (or top two for those that might disagree). This brand not only started in the wedge industry, but their knack for producing excellent wedges for decades is credence to this.

The Smart Sole 3 Wedge was designed to make sure golfers who struggle with chip shots have an easy game and better results.


However, using a chipper remains the best way to fix this problem in the short term while improving contact on the chips consistently. For golfer planning to play professionally or compete on the biggest stage, learning how to play chip shots with a wedge is the best way to attain this.

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