Every sport has it unique equipment without which the sport is not feasible or cannot commence, when it comes to golfing, the golf clubs and the golf balls are the most important equipment, our focus is on the latter, yes the golf ball and the effect of price on the quality of golf balls.

There is high quality expensive golf balls like Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x, Srixon Z- Star & Z- Star XV, TalorMadeTP5 and Callaway Chrome Soft among others which often cost $40 – $50 , while there are other modern and more scientific golf ball which are not only less expensive but are also of high quality such as Snell MTB, Vice Pro, Oncore, Callaway super soft among others, this balls are all four piece with soft cover which translate to high quality with low price of about $8 – $33.

I would be making a list of premium balls without premium price which tick the entire box from ball speed, launch, Spin and feel that are of low budget and can be easily compared with the best balls.

The Callaway Super Soft golf ball 

This is a top quality affordable golf ball that will make a difference in the game of any golfer.

The refined HEX Aerodynamics with surface contours enable the ball stay longer in the air and high ball speeds increase distance and a reduction in spin that assures a straighter more acute ball flight.

Vice Pro Tour Ball

The piece cast urethane cover gives the golfers that soft touch feeling when strike, The 318 large dimple design for stable trajectory and High Energy Speed Core (HESC) for increased ball speed. 

The Vice Pro Tour ball is one of the best cheap golf balls for Optimized distance for advanced golfers who own a medium to high swing speed. 

It also offers excellent green-grabbing control thanks to its S2TG tech cover, its length and also perfect spin around the green.

WILSON DX3 SOFT SPIN (Low Compression)

This is one of the few budget ball that offer more advantage from tee to green, A new shallower dimple design promotes higher trajectories and longer carry distances.

The DX3 is one of the world’s softest multi-layer balls. A new inner core generates lower-spinning drives for extra distance, while a softer surlyn cover increases spin on approaches.

There aren’t many less expensive golf ball this year than last the Srixon. Although, they have dropped the Tour’s price by $5 a dozen for 2018, the Srixon AD333 tour is designed for skilled golfers with moderate swing speeds who want the performance and feel of a tour ball, it lower compression lets golfers achieve optimal distance on full shots, while a urethane cover and Spin Skin (like Srixon’s Z-Star) generates spin and control.


However, getting the best results from tee to green is not limited to the quality of the ball alone, as individual’s personality perception in both the professional and beginner level of each golf largely help understand the advantages and edges these balls give to golfers in various competition around the world.

While most  Amateurs look at equipment from the wrong perception, thinking spending more on clubs and balls will improve their techniques overall, I would suggest such persons to go for cheap golf balls. Buying an expensive ball might give you a slight edge, but it is the person who swings effectively that makes all the difference, it doesn’t matter how expensive the ball is, the golfer adaptiveness to these equipment is what matters the most.



My name is Paul, I am a professional author and I write on various subjects about everything that surrounds me. Оne of my hobbies is playing golf, I love to get together with friends on the weekend and play golf)

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