TaylorMade Putters: TOP List and Reviews

The putter is one of the most commonly used golf clubs and plays an essential role in the scoring of each game. However, many golfers underestimate the value of high-quality putters and don’t know how to choose the right putter for their shots and matches. The professional and experts know the true value that their putters have on each match and many of the best putters ever made are based on feedback and input from the best players in the world. One of the companies that have done exceptional research for this tool is TaylorMade. They have putters that come in a variety of styles, colors, features, and designs to suit all tastes to enhance your performance for any golf game. Another keyword here is preference; many golfers will not find a particular putter best for them but it may be better for another group. Which is why we will be taking a look at a few putters by TaylorMade that meet these different requirements, each complementing a specific style on a variety of professional levels.

Here is Our List of the Best TaylorMade Golf Putters:

  1. Best Cheap: White Smoke;
  2. Spider PutterSpider Tour;
  3. Best Long TaylorMade Putter: Big Red Daytona;
  4. New: Big Red Monte Carlo.

The Best TaylorMade Putters Reviews

White Smoke​

The TaylorMade White Smoke putter is designed to please the eyes, with three black alignment lines on the top of the white putter, enhancing the player’s ability to align the putter with the ball. The white smoke series uses TaylorMade’s PURE ROLL insertion technology. The Pure Roll inserts bring a soft sound and feel, and the forward pin helps to reduce slip, which promotes smooth, precise scrolling and precise speed control.

The putter head is made of 304 stainless steel, making it softer than other materials, so you can get a fantastic feel from the putter face and give you the maximum amount of feedback to make your putter more stable.

Spider Tour

Spider Putter: Spider Tour

As one of the most popular putters on the PGA Tour, the TaylorMade Spider Tour is a beauty. With technical improvements, it helped to create the most balanced putter on the market, and

TaylorMade discovered flaw s that gave inspiration to the feel of the entire development to the putter. TaylorMade has a variety of options to meet the needs of golfers using any putter and they wanted to make sure that anyone who uses the Spider Tour would be relieved of these flaws.

Mallets are usually designed for golfers who prefer straight backs and straight-through putters, but the Spider Tour can choose golfers who prefer to use the arc hitting method.

Golf enthusiasts can rest assured that the Spider Tour’s Pure Roll plug-in prevents slipping, provides an excellent feel, and allows the golf ball to be launched from the face with smooth-rolling.

The Spider Tour is equipped with a SuperStroke grip that reduces the twist of your hands during travel and helps to provide robust and superior performance for any putter stroke. The adjustable weight allows the golfer to adjust the putter’s impact and get the ideal shot in.

Big Red Daytona

Long TaylorMade Putter: Big Red Daytona

The TaylorMade Daytona uses a longer shaft length, about 36 inches, than most putters, which allows you to get a more stable shot in, all the while reducing the impact of mishits.

You will notice the difference when you slightly hit the ball because it will launch the ball accurately and keep the speed you want. Daytona’s larger putter head is about 0.3 inches longer than a similar putter, which increases the stability of the impact, to avoid mishits and ensure that the ball maintains the proper speed.

The extra length in the blade of the putter is to make sure you will be more confident when hitting the ball, as a golfer are hesitant when using long putters especially.

The Daytona has an aluminum face, which is an improvement over past materials. Aluminum provides you with better topspin and ball grip while providing a more pleasing and crisp sound when hitting the ball. The aluminum alloy face also ensures that you maintain the required ball speed, even if it is slightly off-center.

Big Red Monte Carlo

TaylorMade Monte Carlo is a tolerant and high MOI putter with a face that is in the shape of half a moon. The putter insert provides a soft but responsive feel that helps the impact. It also attracts a lot of players because it provides the help of playing shots over short distances but can also perform over farther ones with great precision.

The large head and the wide insert immediately roll on the ball to achieve consistent results; the distance loss that is good at eccentric hits is minimal.

The half-moon design of the TaylorMade OS Monte Carlo putter will appeal to a variety of shots, from arc to straight back and through. The key attributes of the club are the things that many players look for in their ideal putter.

Popular Questions


The putters belonging to the TaylorMade Spider series are one of the best by far. The tenth generation of TaylorMade’s Spider putters, which is also the latest one in the series, is the Spider X. It comes in two colors, which are copper and midnight blue. This model uses a lighter 15g carbon composite core, less than 70g on the Spider Tour, and a 30% heavier frame for added stability. The Spider X is designed to maintain ball speed and minimize distortion when eccentric hitting, the two compact tungsten weights at the back of the head also contribute to this. Finally, this new model features a slightly thicker Pure Roll plug-in that provides better or tactile sound while enhancing the feel of the impact on the ball.

The key difference in the TaylorMade Spider putter is the increase in impact, stability, and alignment over the typical ones. After researching over one thousand impact shots, TaylorMade’s team found that golfers of all experiences lacked the accuracy to hit the center of the face, and almost two-thirds of the time, the impact was more towards the toes. For those high-level mistakes, the putter must be more stable at off-center shots. TaylorMade’s new Spider X putter is optimized for this purpose with a smaller head, thicker insert and Y-line of sight at each angle; this configuration is designed to bring your mishits closer to the hole. The putter also has a high resistance to twisting during impact, making it more forgiving, which is convenient for longer putters.



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