TaylorMade M3 Driver Review

Playing golf is such an amazing thing, especially when you have an interest and a passion for playing. But still there are few things or hurdles that might or become the reason of fear, distraction, and a problem, especially for a beginner.  There was a time when people especially youngsters got admired to see any professional golfer and then try their moves and observe their playing techniques just for the sake to make their playing professional and perfect but thanks to the technology that not just make things advance but also make it flexible and user-friendly for a person. 

Same this case goes here in the field of sports especially in golf as well. Specifically, today, in this article, I try to jot down some of the most important factors that become the reason of your professional playing, and that are the drivers. Well, undoubtedly there are a series of golf drivers that are easily available in market, but in this article, I am highlighting the TaylorMade M3 driver. 

The reason behind this is because of its effective and flexible features. Here one thing which I feel is essential to clear is that this article is free from any biased thoughts as I have spent hours on the web, and after reading and checking the different golf drivers reviews and ratings, I picked this one. 

So without any wastage of moment, let’s move towards the TaylorMade M3 driver and unveil its specifications, pros, and cons together.

M3 TaylorMade Driver

Well, if you are in search of something that gives you armature feeling then you are the right place. This 2018 M3 TaylorMade has come up with an amazing amateur feature as well as the thing that makes this driver more prominent from others is its Twist Face Technology. This new technology has come up with more forgiving and with more corrective curvature face. Plus, it also has come up with a double weight system that can easily control your CG, but it is quite different from the other former T-tracks. 

Appearance and Looks

When it comes about the shape of this driver so, it is quite similar to the m1. For making it interesting this M3 has come up with a variety of notable color schemes so anyone of you can easily pick the one according to your desire. 

Overall the testing, tee box, higher toe, and its shape are perfect and user-friendly, so any golfer during the time of playing feels no hurdle or moving distraction. 

Feel and Sound

The sound of this driver is quite surprising. It is quite louder and solid. Secondly, about the feel, so the hitting shots of this driver from heel to toe is far much better than other drivers. One can easily feel it during the time of hitting any shot. 


If you guys have checked the reviews of this driver, so you noticed that people liked and commented on its performance a lot. The reason behind this is its Y Track implementation. This driver has a face adjusted straight line and also has a diagonal shape influence. Secondly, the newest feature of this driver is a hammerhead behind the face slot, which is basically to make your moves more forgiving. Additionally, when it comes about speed, so it has a ball maintained speed which can control and make your shot flexible according to your desire. If you guys have used other drivers before this one so you can easily feel and compare the difference. 

Revolutionary New Twist Face

When it comes about its twist face feature so I have seen and read the both favored and unfavored comments regarding this, but actually, this revolutionary feature not just reduce the spin side but also this new curvature face with corrective angle face and off hits helps to deliver your shots straight by providing a high toe and less loft. 

Despite this, groundbreaking technology also helps and produces more consistent in spin sided areas where golfers usually miss their hits. So if you are in search of a most noticeable shot, then I recommend you to try this driver as this driver itself has come up with better launch and speed control features. 

Is this driver a worth upgrading driver?

Well, in spite of having the other features, this is the question which you all are expecting to address, so the answer is yes. I am saying yes because this driver no doubt has come up with two stupendous advanced features once is y track, and second is its optimize adjustability and skill level better weight system. 

Will it make you a better golfer?

For sure, yes, if you want to pursue this golf game in a professional level or want to make your hits, moves, and shots flexible and accurate, then without ay asking to buy this driver. Apart from this, if you still have any queries or you are confused then try a test and play some rounds with this driver you will yourself feel the difference.




Hope after reading this short review; you are aware enough to realize the specifications, pros, and cons of this M3 driver. At last, if you think something is missing or you want to know more about this, then feel free to visit other sites as well. 

Rest for buying credentials, I highly recommend the Amazon, and the site itself is trustworthy and well-known.



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