Perfect Over the Top Golf Swing Secrets

Having an issue coming over the best in your golf swing?

I’d state this is the most widely recognized issue that tenderfoots and high handicappers battle with. For hell’s sake, even some low handicappers that battle with a ball striking winds up coming over the best now and again.

Analyze the Problem Causing an Over the Top Swing

For a short depiction, just to ensure everybody is in agreement, coming over the best essentially implies that one’s downswing is excessively steep or vertical.

This will prompt extensive divots being taken. You’ll likewise finish up hitting, for the most part, pulls (ball begins and remains to one side of the objective) or cuts (ball begins left and bends far right). In the event that your club confront is square, the outcome will be pulled. On the off chance that the club confront is open, you’ll hit cuts throughout the day.

The most widely recognized oversight that makes somebody come over the best is only an inaccurate chain of developments. The arms, hands, and clubs move towards the ball too early, when they should tumble down additional to begin the downswing.

There are loads of various approaches to quitting coming over the best. In any case, think about what, I have the BEST way!

Simply joking, there isn’t one most ideal way. There are loads of ways that work for a few golfers, yet that look bad to other people. So analyze your concern and afterwards discover an answer that works, sounds good to you, and latches onto your subconscious mind.  In this article, I will give you tips to help stop coming over the top and slicing and stop coming over the top golf digest.

Whip the Club Inside with Takeaway

stop coming over the top

If you do these two things then you have a problem:

  • Whipping the club open excessively (toe pointing straight up or much progressively open).
  • Whipping the club inside a lot with erroneous wrist pivot (wrists should pivot all the more upward toward the sky, not side to side).

There are numerous diverse sentiments and swing considerations that will tackle this issue. Locate the one that works best for you:

  • At the beginning of your golf swing and all through the takeaway, consider keeping the hands nearer to the body while the clubhead remains outside the hands. You can consider railroad tracks, where your hands are within a track and the club is the outside track. Keep this inclination longer in your takeaway.
  • If you will in general bend the club confront openly excessively, to where the toe is pointed up or even towards you toward the finish of the takeaway, consider keeping the golf club confront taking a gander at the ball longer. Another idea is to keep the logo of your golf glove pointing at the ball longer, rather than pointing upward. This will shield the wrists and lower arms from pivoting excessively too rapidly.
  • If you battle with your wrists pivoting erroneously, take a shot at pivoting the golf club all the more upwards instead of sideways/along the side. It will feel odd at first. Be that as it may, when you mix the wrists pivoting up with the shoulder turn, it will look and feel progressively common.

Chances are, a blend of a few these musings will be perfect. Be that as it may, whenever analyzed and rehearsed effectively, at that point one fix will take care of business and enhance your takeaway.

As usual, find what fix bodes well in your mind. On the off chance that it doesn’t bode well or stick in your mind for you to recall, it likely won’t roll out an improvement in your golf swing.

Your Backswing is Too Flat – No Room to Drop the Club

stop coming over the top

At the point when it goes to some golfer’s swings, they have to ensure their backswing isn’t excessively level. In the event that their arms swing excessively level, they have nowhere to drop the hands and club “into the opening”. Along these lines, their downswing goes the main place that has room, far from the body and over the best contrasted with a decent downswing.

This is totally reliant on the golfer’s common golf swing. For instance, a person like Matt Kuchar has dependably had an extraordinary level backswing, yet he can drop the club and shallow the downswing plane reliably.


Make your arm swing in the backswing increasingly upstanding. That way, when you are at the highest point of the backswing, you will have some space to drop the club and shallow the plane of the downswing.

Utilization of the energy of the golf club further bolstering your advantage. Leaving space for the club to drop somewhat at the best (by having a more extreme backswing) will be a colossal help at ensuring the downswing isn’t coming over the best and excessively steep.

Your Alignment is Way Off.

How about we thoroughly consider this?

stop coming over the top

In the event that you point excessively far right, your body knows it and you will (without contemplating it) attempt to spare the shot and force the ball left to get back on target. This will prompt an absurd swing sooner or later.

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In the event that you point excessively far left, it’s most likely on the grounds that you cut the ball and are accustomed to change for it. Be that as it may, presently your body realizes that you’ll need to leave the club confront open (or else your shot will go way left), so your body needs to begin the ball left. The outcome? That’s right, over the best once more. The more abandoned your point, the more absurd your swing will progress toward becoming.


So if your arrangement is misguided, go to a neighbourhood home enhancement store and purchase a couple “garage markers”. You’ll utilize one for arrangement on the driving reach and can keep the other to chip away at drills later on.

The more balls you hit with the arrangement stick effectively pointing at an objective, the more agreeable you will get with right arrangement.

By pointing square, it will urge you to figure out how to originate from within, pivot through the ball, and hit little child draws.

I’d even encourage you to point a little to one side, as long as you can imbue the way that you have to originate from within to make the ball begin right and bend left to the objective, rather than coming over the best.

Your First Move of the Downswing is Incorrect

stop coming over the top

In fact, this is the fundamental issue of any swing that comes over the best. You could be submitting issues with “Whipping the club” and “Flat backswing”, yet on the off chance that you make your first move of the downswing by dropping your hands, arms, and the club descending, you will be fine.

Simply take a gander at a portion of the swings on the PGA Tour. Some folks significantly have a takeaway that forcefully pulls the club to within and lays the club off or gets over the line, however, they generally change by dropping the club descending toward the beginning of the downswing. Simply observe Daniel Berger’s swing for proof.


Learn the most critical move in the golf swing on the off chance that you are coming over the best.

When you achieve the highest point of your backswing, delay. Overstate dropping the club head specifically down a foot or thereabouts. It will convey your hands and your arms straight descending too.

Another approach to consider it drops your trail elbow. So on the off chance that you are a privilege given golfer, drop your correct elbow straightforwardly descending to begin the downswing.

This appears differently in relation to what individuals that swing over the best does. At the highest point of the swing, they toss everything (the club, the hands, the arms, the trail elbow) towards the ball.

It bodes well. The objective is to hit the ball. So why not toss everything at it? Since a golf swing is a plane, and you need to originate from within somewhat to hit the ball straight.

Along these lines, in outline, at the highest point of the swing, drop everything about a foot and turn your body and arms through the ball.

Practice Exaggerating a Shallower Downswing

stop coming over the top

Okay, so now you know precisely what you fouled up and precisely what you should feel or consider to fix it.

Presently it’s dependent upon you to rehearse it. Practice at home with a club. Practice on a driving reach. Practice on the course a bit (ideally when you are playing alone).

Indeed, even envision yourself swinging such that the downswing will be shallower than the backswing. You’ll realize you have it right when you begin hitting a few draws and even a few snares. That is alright, however! That is the thing that you have to figure out how to do so, at last, dispose of the ridiculous golf swing.

For hell’s sake, it is anything but an awful plan to actually go to the range and attempt to hit the greatest attracts that you can to truly get the inclination for hitting from in-to-out.

When you are chipping away at the range, however, don’t simply rehearse what you think will make your golf swing right.

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You should deliberately misrepresent the fix to make it stick. Else, you won’t gain much ground and you most likely still won’t do it right.

The golf swing is a secretive thing. You may think you are doing it directly after a couple of training shots, however, I can nearly ensure that you are not overstating the redress enough.

So begin misrepresenting dropping the club, your hands, and your arms at the highest point of the swing. At that point put it to video or inspire a PGA expert to look at it. My wager is that you could utilize somewhat more embellishment of dropping the club at the best. Or on the other hand, you could utilize more embellishment with regards to shielding your takeaway from going excessively far inside.

Cautioning: You are not finished with this progression until the point that you are reliably making divots that point to one side and additionally on the off chance that you are reliably hitting enormous draws and snares.

Stop Exaggerating and Enjoy Your New & Improved Swing

stop coming over the top

So you are at last hitting some infant draws, some straight shots, and only a couple of snares, huh?

Extraordinary, presently it’s an ideal opportunity to unwind the distortions and you ought to be in a decent spot for having a characteristic in-to-out way and an incredible swing plane.

Whenever you discover yourself making enormous divots or divots that indicate excessively far the left, you currently know how (to some degree) rapidly and effectively fix it.

Keep in mind: at the highest point of the backswing feel like you drop everything straight down to begin the downswing before at long last turning through the shot.

On the off chance that you get yourself as yet hitting snares, you’ve tried too hard a bit. Take a stab at feeling like you are swinging more to one side and leave the face open a little longer through effect.

Would you be able to trust that you just went from going over the best to the direct inverse side of the range? Presently you know the two sides of golf, excessively steep and excessively shallow. All the more significantly, you realize how to fix every issue.

In this part of the article, I will give you a drill to stop coming over the top, these drills will help your technique and help you stop coming over the top golf swing. The best bore for somebody that swings over the best is an extremely straightforward one. Just use golf balls or water containers or anything that you can consider direct you to the right swing way.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.



Hi there! My Name is Vincent Lago! My goal is to share insightful reviews, guides, and manuals for people desired to know more about golf. I have years of semi-professional golf playing. And now, I want to share my experience with you.


  1. My friend kept telling me that my backswing was too flat but I had no idea what it meant. Your article really helped me to understand it and I figured out that I do some other bad things with my swing too.

  2. Most of the guys that I play with tend towards being over the top. I’m the opposite and if anything my swing is too shallow. Despite my natrual swing being a slight draw, I also struggle with getting my swing path to be in to out. Getting there after a lot of range work though.

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