Skechers Golf Shoes Review

Skechers sells a surprising total of 39 models of golf shoes for men and 26 for women. All the models are traditional and affordable, and mostly receive positive feedback from customers. Skechers’ golf shoes are released each year as part of their GO GOLF shoe range. The latest Skechers’ golf shoes, the GO GOLF Elite V.3, have received quite some praise from both professionals and amateurs alike. They were recognized as Best Men’s Golf Shoes of 2018 and as Best Spikeless Shoes of 2018 by Golf Digest and MyGolfSpy, respectively. Sketchers’ golf shoes are, therefore, one of the top performers in the golf industry. They have successfully outperformed amongst competitors with their unique innovations with stability and comfort. 

Skechers Men's GO GOLF Pro V.3 Golf Shoe 7.5

These golf shoes are available in the colors black and silver. They are lace-up shoes designed with quality and comfortability. Appearance-wise, they look stylish and have a good fit. They are durable for all seasons. The GO GOLF Pro V.3’s Softspikes technology is another unique thing about the shoes. When the spikes suffer from wear and tear over time, they can be replaced with the help of Softspike’s Steal PIN system.

A cushioned insole is placed inside  each shoe. It is also equipped with midfoot support technology and lightweight cushioning. The upper part of the shoes is constructed with smooth leather. The market price of these shoes is $150 which is quite reasonable considering Skechers is amongst the top-tier shoe companies. Another impressive quality about the GO GOLF Pro V.3 shoes is that they are waterproof. 

There is also a slightly upgraded premium version of these golf shoes. For the upgraded version, an upcharge of $10 is required. The premium version shoes’ upper layer is made of fine quality, full-grain premium leather. The premium edition shoes are available in navy blue color only. 



Skechers GO GOLF Fairway Shoes

These golf shoes from the GO GOLF line of Skechers are also affordable ones at a budget price. The GO GOLF Fairway shoes have cushioned insole, midsole, and outsole. Their upper layer is constructed from a lightweight and breathable mesh material. They are also covered with leather and synthetic overlays.

They have a lace-up front with the logo on the side. They have a soft fabric lining as well. The midfoot design is tapered to ensure comfortable walking. These golf shoes are specifically more popular amongst customers who have had injuries. The reason for that is the light weight of the shoes and the padding included inside it. These golf shoes come in a wide variety of cool color combinations. They are priced between $40 to $126. 



Skechers GO GOLF Drive 3 Shoes

These are also an attractive-looking and stylish pair of shoes. Apart from a good appearance, they are equipped with a moisture-wicking lining. This characteristic allows you to keep your feet dry throughout the golf round.

Like other Skechers’ golf shoes, the GO GOLF Drive 3 shoes are also quite durable thanks to their textile and synthetic material. A high-rebound insole is also supplied for extra padding in these shoes. The overall quality and comfort of these golf shoes is excellent. They are sold for $85 in the market. 



Yes. Being waterproof is another spectacular characteristic of Skechers’ golf shoes. 

There are some tips to keep your Skechers’ golf shoes cleaned and maintained to extend their life. The first tip is to never machine wash the shoes. For protection, apply a protector such as Skechers’ waterproofer spray. This will protect the shoes from water and stains if you wear them in damp conditions. A leather cleaning spray or lotion can also be used. With regular use, you can maintain the leather quality. Shoe creams or polishes would work for smooth leather. Make sure to choose a neutral color polish or the one that is closest to the shoe’s color. You can remove the dust with the help of a damp cloth. However, do not polish damp shoes. As for scuff resistant leather, small scuffs can be removed simply by rubbing with hand. To clean deeper scuffs and scrapes, a soft and neutral polish can be used. It will leave a prolonged, shiny coating that will keep the wear of the leather. Mesh shoes can, however, be machine washed on a gentle cycle. The protectant spray can be applied to these to protect from water and stains. For shoes with Skechers’ memory foam insole, make sure to dry the insole and shoe for 10-12 hours. 

Yes, they are. Over the years, spikeless golf shoes have advanced with forging techniques that reinforce lasting stability in them. Moreover, they can be worn both at home and on the course. Spikeless golf shoes come with a number of strengths such as more comfort, lightweight, adaptable for wet conditions, stability, support, etc. Based on various factors such as climate, course, and other things, you can decide whether you want to go for spikeless golf shoes. 


One great thing about Skechers’ GO GOLF line is that all their shoes (Drive, Focus, and Fairway) are completely free from animal products. This is good news especially for vegans or generally those who are against animal cruelty. 

To answer whether Skechers’ golf shoes are of good quality, yes they most definitely are. In fact, they are particularly brilliant compared to other golf shoes in terms of their comfortability and durability. Comfortability is one thing that is not so easily achievable even for the most luxurious brands of shoes sometimes. For this reason, Skechers’ GO GOLF shoes are highly recommended.  



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