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Golf is a popular sports in the current century. With the increase in popularity of Golf, the demand of putters has also increased. Different putters’ manufacturers are producing a lot of product on a daily basis. 

But not all the putters are worth it, some of them are just a waste of money. If you are an expert golfer, then you might not have any issue while finding a good putter, but if you are a beginner, then you might struggle to find a good one. 

But don’t worry because, in this article, I’m going to reveal some amazing putters from Ping brand that you will love to add in your gold accessories section.

TOP 6 Ping Putters Reviews

PING Sigma 2 Tyne Stealth Putter

PING Sigma 2 Tyne Stealth Putter is an elegant design ping putter that every man will love to have on the course. The white finishing on this product is something that really catches the attention of everyone.

At the bottom end, it has a silver and black color combination with a “Sigma” logo on its silver side. Other than the design this mallet putters, offer a lightweight of 365g which make it easier to carry. 

It also include a customer headcover and adapts length between 32 to 36 inch. This length makes this product best for a person with 6’3 ft height. The silver and black color scheme present on the product develops a contradiction with green that makes the adjustment easier. 

Furthermore, the single lines of alignment assist the golfers in hitting the ball precisely. PING Sigma 2 Tyne Stealth Putter grant a mightier hold, so you don’t need to worry about the grip. It is suitable for both right as well and left-handed people.



PING Vault 2.0 Voss Stealth PP60 Putter

Ping Putter for Women: PING Vault 2.0

If you are a woman looking for a perfect golf putter to full fill your golf needs, then PING Vault 2.0 is for you. From the design perspective, it has a premium body with black color on it.

At the bottom of PGM putter Stick, there is “PING Vault” printed on it a white and red color. The PING Vault 2.0 comes up with a strong material that contributes durability and flexibility.

To make this golf stick stronger, the manufacturer has added a combination of different alloys to all parts of the product. Thanks to its rubber grip that allows the player to keep a firm and comfortable grip on the stick.

It anti-slip body maintain the stick to your hand without much force. It 492g weight make it a lightweight product that is easy to lift even for women. The three baselines in PGM product authorize the player to aim and push the ball more smoothly.



PING Sigma 2 ZB2 Platinum Putter

PING is a well-known brand famous for manufacturing quality golf product, and PING Sigma 2 ZB2 Platinum Putter is another quality product from the PING brand.

It is an affordable golf putter that comes in 32 to 36 inches of adjustable length with a weight of 584g. Thanks to platinum material that delivers an exceptional experience while hitting the shot. 

The headcover is also made of quality fabric and provide secure protection when the product is not in use. To boost the aim and enhance visibility, PING has given a white color touch to PING Sigma 2 ZB2 Platinum Putter.



PING Sigma G Kinloch PP60

Long Ping Putter: PING Sigma G Kinloch PP60

In case you are in search of a ping putter with long shaft then you must try the PING Sigma G Kinloch PP60. It comes with a simple style and exception features. 

The product weight is around 1.5 pounds with the 35 inch of shaft length, which make it suitable for tall people.

PING is adjustable between 34 to 35 inches depending on the desire of a person, and the best thing about it is that PING PP60 is suitable for both right as well as left-handed people. The full-face insert feature offers high-quality performance to the user. 

It also contains a Pebax elastomer compound that authorizes a soft feel without reducing the speed of the ball. Thanks to the single alignment which grant a boost in accuracy while hitting the ball to the target.



Roll over image to zoom in PING Sigma G Tyne PP60 Platinum Putter

PING Sigma G Tyne PP60 Platinum Putter is an exceptional product with great style. If we take about the design, it’s hard to beat Odyssey EXO.

 It comes with a variety of different styles and sizes, so the players have vast option to choose from. Thanks to it lightweight that makes it easier to carry. Its weight is around 453g and the shaft range from 33 inches to 34 inches.

The high graded material used in it make it long-lasting and quality product. A single alignment is located to make the ball reach the desired point with accuracy. 

This product is made for both right and left-hand Orientation people. It is another good option for both beginners as well as expert players. 



PING Cadence TR Ketsch Mid Traditional Putter - Straight

PING Cadence TR Ketsch Mid Traditional Putter is another great addition in the putter’s category by PING brand. If we look at the design, it comes with a graceful design having black and white color on it. Features wise, it is an amazing tool to add in your golf accessories. 

This product weight around 619g and offer three grinds for each shot. These grinds permit the player to play different kinds of shorts. 

The greater number of grinds boost the chances of scoring more in a golf match if you know how to use them in an accurate way. It also has a Next-generation True-Roll to make things easier for players.



Buying Guide

The black dot on ping putters represents the lie angle. It is the angle among the sole of the club and the clubs shaft concerning its length.

There are various ping putters available in the market with true roll technology. PING Vault, a popular product from the PING brand, also include this technology. The PING Cadence mentioned in the list also has true roll technology.

Ping Sigma 2, Ping Kushin C and few other are toe weighted.



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