The Most Forgiving Fairway Woods in 2019 for Beginners


Golf is a game for those, who love to stay outdoors for hours. It is most enjoyed in the winter when people go out and play under sunlight to keep themselves warm and steady. The sport is loved by many, but mostly by older men and senior citizens. Children and teenagers are rarely seen playing golf.

While people are experienced and play pro shots, some people might be struggling to hit the desired or expected shots. This might be due to lack of practice with fairway woods or three woods. Practice makes a man perfect. Another reason failing to hit shots might be due to the low quality or not so strong fairways.

Let us look at some of the best three wood and fairway woods you can get to take your next golf game to a whole new level and hit pro shots right at the target. Following are some of the woods for those who have a tight budget and well as those who have a good budget.


The Best Value Fairway Wood: Adams Tight Lies

For all those who have a tight budget, this might be the best option for you. Adams tight lies are famous for their excellent quality woods and hybrids. It is one of the most forgiving wood with a great appearance as well. The woods are also calm, if you hit shot, it wouldn’t make noise.

The rounded sole of Adam Tight Lies is also very promising, so if you are new and you miss hitting the center of the ball or struggle with it at times, you will still get a decent shot somehow. The wood easily gets the ball in the air.

The most important reason for recommending Adam tight lies is due to its cheap price and promising high quality as compared to other woods. If you go down the price of Adam Tight Lies, you probably will get a low-quality wood, so the best option is to go for Adams tight lies for greater quality.


Easy To Hit Fairway Wood: Callaway XR 16

One of the best quality and my personal favorite fairway woods are of Callaway. They are the easiest fairway woods to hit of all. The hitting area of their woods is the widest among all the competitors, along with that their club faces are flat. So if you do not hit the ball in the center, the ball will still go straight due to the shape of the wood.

Some of the plus points of Callaway XR 16 are that it has hyper speed face + aerodynamic head = more ball speed. Moreover, larger clubhead and clubface makes it easier to hit the shots. Also, it has a low center of gravity (COG) and a high moment of inertia (MOI) head for greater forgiveness.

Callaway XR 16 has a great quality, but its demand has decreased over the years due to new models that have been released in the market. However, I assure you that the product might be old but the quality is still the same and greater than ever. This value fairway wood can be your go-to wood as a beginner in the sport golf.

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The Overall #1 Most Forgiving Fairway Wood: Callaway Rogue

The last and the most forgiving fairway wood on my list is the Callaway Rogue. As mentioned above, with the greatest quality fairway woods, the brand Callaway has never failed to impress us yet again.

The Callaway Rogue is expensive but it is best for those who have got the bucks. Rogue comes with Jailbreak technology which makes its prices go higher. With the Jailbreak technology, the ball speed and forgiveness is greater than ever over all the club face of the fairway wood. If you didn’t hit the center of the ball, do not worry because your ball will still go straight and cover a long distance as well.

The tactic of using this Callaway Rogue fairway wood is to hit the ball near the two bars, and you will be successful in playing the shot. Some of the other prominent features of Callaway Rogue Fairway woods are Jailbreak technology for faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness across the face.Moreover, Ultra-thin club face for faster ball speeds. Furthermore, internal Standing Wave: fancy talk for a low and forward COG due to which it spins less, higher launch angles which makes it easier to hit.

We have discussed three most forgiving and easiest to hit fairways, namely, Callaway Rogue, Callaway XR 16 and Adams Tight lie. Overall, all of them are promising, high quality and forgiving. But when we compare the prices, Callaway Rogue is the most expensive and Adams Tight Lies is least expensive. The economical and value fairway woods among these is the Callaway XR 16, which might be the best option for you to take on your next golf game. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these fairway woods mentioned above can help you play a very decent game.

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