TOP 5 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Walking

Walking the length and breadth of a Golf course has always been one of the major activities while playing the beloved game. Golfers comfort play a very important role in the player’s performance. 

With today’s Golf Shoes, golfers enjoy a considerable amount of comfort, extraordinary footing as well as other number of options that keep your feet dry with great ventilation over a game with enough comfort for tea time.

Are you aware of the innovation invasion  into major sports? Golf is one of them, one of the most played game all over the world. New gears and kits have made playing the game gain more traction and popularity. Playing Golf today with modern-day equipment has never been more pleasurable, and that’s why I bring you the top 5 most comfortable golf shoe brands, based on in-depth research and reviews, to help you make your choice for your next game. 

Golf hardware manufacturers emphasize making gears, especially shoes that are high performing and offer necessary facilities as with other athletic shoes available today. 

So in this article serves as a guideline to everyone involved in the 18 holes game from beginners, average golfers, mid handicappers and high handicappers.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes Brands

Here’s a rundown of the best golf shoes for strolling your next round.

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Comfortable, spiked and a highly affordable shoe.

This no doubt is perfect for golfers who prefer spiked sole shoes and still desires the comfort of a spikeless shoe when strolling through a course. A golfer is sure to enjoy tremendous traction throughout his swings. The combination of lightweight feeling and exceptional solidity from the outer sole is just mind-blowing. 


  • 75% Microfiber Leather;
  • 25% Lightweight mesh;
  • A synthetic sole and removable insole.


  • Adidas’ EVA insole gives solidity to slip-up;
  • The upper layer is entirely breathable, perfect for sunny and warmer days;
  • Original footing because of the six-fang spikes at the base;
  • This shoe is comfortable for strolling, even over long distances.


  • It is not waterproof;
  • Spiked shoes with a sole is a little tougher than spikeless alternatives.
FootJoy Men’s Fj Originals Golf Shoes

A budget-friendly, stylish with a classy look, built with modern materials. 

Again, FootJoy Original delivers another epic product. This is what many golfers imagine when they consider golf shoes. 

Its reliable, good construction, and a one-year waterproof warranty, you are looking at a great value with giving you that great feeling and confidence you desire on the course.


  • A synthetic sole;
  • Built on Austin Last;
  • Incredible lightweight cushioning with easy-care construction. 


  • Waterproof;
  • Lightweight;
  • Great looks.


  • Poorly breathable;
  • Provides lesser comfort as compared with other shoes in the price range.
Adidas Men’s Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoes​

The lightest and most comfortable golf shoe for warmer climates.

These are lightweight, very breathable shoes made for warmer climates. They have the technology of keeping your feet fresh, so you don’t get that draggy feeling while walking the course. Besides, they are perfect for caddies too, as they offer great traction for spikeless shoes. 


  • Textile and Synthetic, with a rubber sole;
  • Puremotion spikeless outsole;
  • Soft bounce forefoot cushioning with responsive boost midsole. 


  • Lightweight and breathable;
  • A spikeless shoe with adequate traction;
  • Water repellent.


  • Not waterproof;
  • Toe box breaks in after some time.
Adidas Men’s 360 Traxion Shoes

Offers vigorous waterproofing and perfect comfort.

Adidas designed this shoe to be lightweight and provide vigorous waterproof and provides one of the most satisfying walking experiences on the field.


  • Synthetic, with full-length bounce midsole providing exceptional cushioning;
  • Lightweight leather and microfiber leather upper with climastorm protection.


  • Terrific feel with athletic performance;
  • A stable shoe with a rounded toe;
  • Waterproof;
  • Breathable upper layer allows you to enjoy dryness and maximum comfort.


  • May turn off golfers looking for leather upper layer.

A lightweight and durable spiked shoe. 

This shoe is comfortable for walking, an excellent shoe with waterproof exterior providing satisfying walking experience keeping your feet dry and warm. It is a dynamic shoe, perfect for golfers of all levels, yes, including low–handicappers. 

Constructed with a high-end sole, though having a synthetic material sole, it is agile and performs well as you play and walk the course.


  • Synthetic sole, with the leather deco-stitched upper layer and very lightweight.


  • High-quality leather exterior;
  • Waterproof and very lightweight;
  • Comfortable cushioned insole with a durable outsole and small spikes for firm gripping.


  • Poor flexibility as compared to other models with the synthetic exterior;
  • Not a spiked shoe.


Your comfort and flexibility on the course is paramount, and having a high feet solidity stimulates confidence in your swing and increases your hitting power with the ball at impact. Being comfortable in your shoes, whatever by the type, spiked or spikeless, gives you the best chance to beat your best scores. 

The number of golfers who prefer walking the course is now increasing more and more, which in turn, challenges manufactures to produce shoes that provide better cushion on golfers’ feet. 

Also, breathability has become very important as it helps keep the foot dry and cosy so that throughout the game, the shoe doesn’t heat the feet, creating sweat on the skin and producing great discomfort. Athletes enjoy added comfort when walking by having dry feet, so do golfers also, when striking the golf ball. 

Golf shoes whose outer layer rests on top of the foot are very important for providing breathability. Therefore, finding a shoe with great breathability ensures your feet stay fresh throughout the round, keeping sweats away, and improving stability through the swing. 

And on rainy days or wet climates, golf shoes with waterproof come in handy, preventing your socks from getting wet, as no one enjoys that feeling of wet socks around their feet. This ensures your stability and confidence, taking away distracting feel, ensuring focus and accuracy.



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