The Best Low Compression Golf Balls for Seniors

People use low compression golf balls in golf because they have a good range and spin very well on the golf course. Many low compression golf balls spins and cover more distance. Low compression golf balls can go straighter too. But most of the times, it depends on your swing. They can be controlled very well by playing short shots on the golf course. You can give a shot on the low compression golf ball which will go farther as compared to the higher compression golf ball. A low compression golf ball has a high spin rate too. Many seniors golfers don’t have a better swing speed but they can surely buy better golf balls with low compression, so that the senior golfers can have better shots. Low compression golf ball will help the senior golfers to have covered maximum distance in the shot. The outer cover should have a better shape and dimple design, so that the golfer can easily hit a shot which will be covering much distance. It depends the golfer wants a golf ball which spins more or the golf ball which goes farther and straighter. There are some best low compression golf balls for seniors.

Best Low Compression Golf Balls

Without any wastage of moment let’s break the ice together and explore the review of golf balls 2019.

Bridgestone Golf e6 Soft

BridgeStone Golf e6 Soft comes with a dynamic design and Delta Dimple. It is designed to have better air resistance around the ball. It has the Surlyn outer cover with Delta Dimple, which makes this golf ball fly straight. This golf ball goes 9 yards longer than its competitors and 31% straighter.

BridgeStone Golf e6 Soft is a high performance ball. The Delta Dimple is designed to produce straight distance. Accuracy of Golf e6 Soft comes from the lower side spin which helps to have more control of the ball in every shot.


  • Great flight and distance;
  • Good mantle design;
  • Controlled Spin.


  • Easily scratched.
Srixon Z-Star XV 2016 Golf Ball

Z-Star XV has better and enhanced speed dimples for long penetrating distance and the skin and coating which makes the golf ball spin even more. ZStar XV Golf Ball features a new second generation spin skin which increases force by 18% and softness by 21% as compared to the previous Z-Star. There are total 324 speed dimple pattern on the Z Star XV Golf Ball.

These dimple patterns let the ball go even farther. The S.T.A.R performance feature which stands for (Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration and Responsiveness) lets this ball have the unmatched performance as compared with its competitors. 


  • Lower spin;
  • Soft feel;
  • Low compression.


  • Not enough durability.
Titleist Pro V1 Pro

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls offer performance and enhanced longer distance shots with lower spin and faster ball speed. Casing layer of this golf ball enhances speed and control on the full shots. The soft Urethane Elastomer cover helps to drop-and-stop control.

The cover makes this ball long-lasting and durable. The 352 spherically-tiled tetrahedral dimple designs help to have even more consistent flight. You can get a pack of 12 of Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation from the Amazon. 


  • 3-piece ball;
  • Very good spin;
  • Suitable for high swing speeds;


  • Thin Urethane cover;
  • Low accuracy.
Nitro Ultimate Distance

Nitro Ultimate Distance features a super reactive 2 piece titanium core which lets the golf ball spin less and cover more distance. The reactive titanium gives maximum energy from the club to the golf ball. This golf ball has two layer structure, which means the cover and the core. The outer cover of this golf ball is of Surlyn. The symmetrical dimple design of this ball increases lift and decreases drag which covers more distance.

Nitro Ultimate Distance have improved feel on. Nitro Ultimate Distance golf ball cut-proof is constructed to have a long-term durability, better performance and covering more distance. The best thing about this golf ball is that it is affordable. You can find it on Amazon.


  • Affordable;
  • UCGA approved;
  • Durable Surlyn cover.


  • Not suitable for Elite players;
  • Slow swing speed.
Titleist Pro V1 Pink

Pro V1 comes with a thinnest cover and more efficient design. The urethane elastomer cover system gives the best scoring control. It’s great for generating high spin shots and short game shots. After cutting the cover thickness, they have added speed. It covers extraordinary distance with consistent flight. It has a soft feel and drop-and-stop short game control. Titleist Pro V1 have longer driving distance.

You can give a long spin shot with this golf ball. Titleist Pro V1 is designed for the high-performance. It has an improved durability. The golf balls will be staying white and bright for a long time. You can find better deals for this golf ball on Amazon.


  • Soft feel;
  • Consistent flight and distance coverage;
  • Low long game spin.


  • Color or Logo fades away after a wash or excessive use.
Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson’s Smart Core golf ball helps the golf ball to cover more distance and spin depending on the shot. It actually reacts on your swing speed. It depends on how you swing. For the long shots, spin is minimised to cover more distance and accuracy. For the shorter shots, spin is maximised to improve spin.

Wilson’s Smart Core golf balls are long-lasting and durable. It is constructed for a long lasting playability. Cover is constructed from a durable ionomer for a better performance and durability. You can play with this golf ball in any weather condition. 


  • Smart-Core design complements the player’s swing;
  • Good control and accuracy;
  • Firm response.


  • Poor distance coverage.


Since we have many senior golfers who play golf and want some low compression golf ball which will let them swing the way they want to and have a better experience playing golf. These balls will let them perform very well. All of these balls will be fun to play on the golf course. Golfers will find these balls interesting and they’ll buy them from a store near them or order these golf balls from the Amazon. All of these golf balls will cover much distance and will spin very well. Some golf balls have better spinning skills and the other golf balls can go farther and straighter very well. There are many competitors in the golf balls category, the buyers or the senior golfers can have a variety of golf balls, and they can choose between what suits them and which will be helping them on the golf course. Amazon have great deals for all the golf balls. Someone who’s interested in buying a pack of 12, can get from Amazon. These 6 golf balls can be very helpful and fun for all the senior golfers out there. It will be easy to swing and will put less effort of all the senior golfers.



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