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There has been a ton of discussion recently about low pressure (delicate golf balls) versus high-pressure golf balls. Many golf retailers are notwithstanding making parts of their stores committed to these low-pressure golf balls. So for what reason are these ending up so prominent? For what reason would it be a good idea for you to find out about what they are? Would it be advisable for you to ever mind? Short answer: yes.

A lower pressure golf ball has numerous advantages however there are two that golfers will genuinely see a distinction about. In the first place, a low-pressure ball takes into consideration a bigger twisting (crushing) of the golf ball at effect. At the point when the vitality at effect goes toward twisting the center of the golf ball, the measure of turn granted on the ball is definitely decreased. Thus, for some, golfers, bring downturn implies straighter ball flight (less arch). What’s more, less ebb and flow implies more separation! The following is a video reenacting the end result for a golf ball at effect. With high-pressure golf ball, the ball will misshape less at slower speeds. With a low-pressure golf ball, the ball will disfigure MORE at slower speeds. Said another way: slower swing rates misshape a lower pressure golf ball significantly more than they twist a higher pressure golf ball. So in the event that you have moderate speed, you ought to play a low compacted golf ball.Ultimately, as referenced above, golfers with slower swing paces regularly find that they can hit the ball further with a low-pressure golf ball. These golf balls boost the spring-like impact at effect. Then again, golfers with quicker swing velocities commonly utilize a high-pressure golf ball, since they swing quick enough to basically achieve the center of the golf ball and amplify the separation (and limit the turn).

Here is a portion of the 2 reasons why you should need to play with low compression golf balls:

  • Much better feel: contrasted with “remove balls”, these low-pressure balls misshape more, feel vastly improved at the effect, and enable you to make more turn around the green, particularly with short irons. The golf ball will remain on the club confront only a small amount of a second more, giving the golfer more criticism than a high-pressure ball will.
  • Better for slower swing rates: those with moderate swing velocities will significantly profit by lower pressure golf balls. You probably won’t have the capacity to completely pack a high-pressure golf ball except if you have a quicker club head speed. Therefore, stay with a lower pressure golf ball for both more separation and better feel.

Wilson is the pioneer in the market for low-pressure golf balls by a mile. They create the 2 most minimal pressure golf balls that you can discover, so they are the ideal brand for those searching for separation and feel with a slower swing pace. If I somehow managed to do it once more, I would utilize these balls when I was beginning, since I wasn’t swinging the club rapidly in those days. These are likewise the balls that I would exceptionally prescribe to most seniors and ladies.

In today’s article, I will list the best low compression golf balls of 2019 and they will be golf balls suited for slow swing speeds, let’s begin the list of low compression golf balls

Wilson Staff Duo Soft (Compression: 29)

low compression golf balls

On the off chance that you need to experiment with unquestionably the most reduced pressure golf ball at any point made, you’d gotta get the Wilson Staff Duo Soft golf balls. With a pressure rating of just 29, they are authoritatively the most minimal pressure golf bundle ever. For those with moderate swing speeds, this is the ball for you!

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The ball is very delicate, so it will augment the spring impact once the ball is hit with the club head. It’s the best blend of separation and value that you’ll discover among low-pressure balls. This DUO golf ball is 25% milder than the first DUO and a smidgen longer in separation. It is a two-piece golf ball that gives less turn, additional yardage, and an incredible vibe all around. An extraordinary advantage is that this ball is likewise accessible in a wide range of hues including blue and pink! They are known as the Wilson Staff Duo Soft Optix golf balls, and they arrive in a sparkling matte completion that looks extraordinary as I would like to think. Incredible for those that don’t have any desire to play with an exhausting ole white ball.


  • extraordinary ball on a tight spending plan
  • most reduced pressure golf chunk ever
  • the best golf ball for moderate swing speeds (generally tenderfoots)
  • 2 piece golf ball – made for separation
  • comes in various splendid hues also

Wilson Staff Duo Spin (Compression: 35)

low compression golf balls

Low driver turn + green side usefulness + control on short irons = an incredible low-pressure golf ball

Wilson balls are incredibly misjudged as I would like to think, and this is another model that underpins that conviction. These Wilson Staff Duo Spin golf balls feel incredible on almost all shots. You needn’t bother with an excessively quick swing velocity to pack the ball and to get the majority of the advantages identifying with feel and turn. In the event that you need an incredible by and large golf ball with regards to separation, cost, and feel, at that point, this is the ball for you.

Why you may like it:

  • remove off the tee + extraordinary delicate feel
  • 3 piece ball with inward mantle for expanded feel
  • gentlest 3 piece golf ball at any point made
  • ionomer cover creates higher dispatch points
  • extraordinary sturdiness for a delicate ball

Callaway SuperSoft (Compression: 38)

low compression golf balls

I can’t speak more highly of Callaway’s SuperSoft golf balls. They are priced to sell, and man does these balls sell. They are currently the #1 seller on Amazon for good reason. The ball is super soft (you don’t say!?!) yet results in great distance off the tee. It is by FAR the lowest compression golf ball that Callaway has ever made.

When you get below 40 on the compression ratings, you get into the absolute softest golf balls on the market. They feel great on nearly every shot you’ll hit, and you’ll love the green side spin as well. Because it is a lower compression ball, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone with fast swing speed. You’d simply deform the ball far too much, leading to some wild, uncontrollable shots. For someone with slower swing speed, though, this is one of my best recommendations to you!

Why it’s a great low compression golf ball:

  • tri-ionomer cover for more feel and spin
  • core designed to be a low spin on long shots and high spin on short shots
  • comes in four different colours (including pink for the ladies!)
  • hex shaped dimples to be more aerodynamic and reduce drag


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