The Longest Golf Balls [Best for Distance]

To perform the best with your golf practice it is necessary to have the best of a golf ball. It is necessary to have the finest ball that will fulfill your needs or requirements. You can get a number of golf balls available with multiple features but you need to decide what you want from it. There can be the preference o distance control, feel spin or the distance too. If the distance is your preference then here we have much more about the longest golf ball option the can prove to be the best for you. 

What makes a golf ball fly longer? 

It is important for you to know some important details about the long-distance golf balls that how these are crafted and work. There can be many of the assumptions about these balls that can actually help to understand the things. 

Harder core 

It is a fact that a harder ball bounces back the highest. You can experience the bounce with many of the balls and will get the ultimate results for sure. The hardcore golf ball will go further in distance after getting hit by the clubhead. It will simply get the longer power shift and will take the mass to the longer distance. 

Two-piece ball 

It is simple, more a ball will have layers more it gets softer and will cover the short distance. Typically the 2 piece balls are the best balls as they are made up of the golf ball cover and the core. 3+ pieces ball can be good for the distance but on average the 2 piece balls are the rated well. 

Dimple patterned 

Another notable fact that needs to e consider is the patterns and designs on the balls. The size, pattern, weight and the craft of the balls matter to the performance and the distance covered. The dimple patterns on the golf balls let them go further and have a long-distance flight. 

Outer surface 

Golf balls come with two kinds of covers, surlyn and urethane. Surlyn surface is the one that spin less and more durable. It helps in long flights for the balls while on the other hand urethane covers are usually found in the premium golf balls. 


Compression is the feature of the golf balls that is not usually advertised by the manufactures. It is important to understand that higher compression balls are made for the faster swing speed. If you are looking for the most distance with slow swing speed you need to look for the lower compression. The compression range commonly falls in between 40 to 100. 

The cheaper option 

It is not necessary that your long golf ball is expensive. In fact, it requires fewer coverings and lighter in weight so it is cheaper than the premium golf balls that are multilayered. 

Wilson ultra 500 Distance 

Wilson can you all the time option that brings you the cheapest options with the golf balls. These are light weighted and give you the much longer flight in comparison to any other ball in the list. It is as hard as you can imagine and will give you a good low spin and a perfect long distance. You can have it in two colors and will get the best of its performance. 

Noodle Long & Soft 

When you are looking for the best value option for the distance and price then here comes the ultimate option that you could have for once and all this will helps you to perform best with the longer distance covered and give you a good quality golf ball that will last with you for long. You will get the patented dimple designs with fewer curves, low spin rates, and two-piece designs with surlyn cover. 

Titleist Velocity 

If you need something to perceive and proficient then here come the Titleist Velocity that gives you the minimal spin rate no matter what is the shot. You can have a refined and precise hit with the ball that will go for the long-distance covered and will avoid any of the mishits. It’s hard and durable with the minimal spin rate and covers and an overall good average of distance. 

Bridgestone Lady Precept 

If you are looking for a lower compression golf ball for women then here comes the best option. For women, there is a need to have one such ball if the average swing speed is not above the average. The ball is designed to provide the best distance covered with the fewer spins and do not require much of speed. Dimple design reduces the backspin, two-layer construction and a hardcore gives the long distance covered. The ball is available in three colors to have all the exceptions. 



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