King Cobra Golf Clubs Review

The Clubs is one of the most important golf equipment in the world of golf. Over the years, we have seen different clubs brand design different models to perform different functions. Selecting a club from the numerous available in a very competitive market is not only tasking and time consuming, but also, some golfers end up making the wrong choice.

Some club models are built to help improve the games of beginners and intermediates; some are designed specifically for professionals, while some others are built to enhance one or few features or in relation to the budget of the golfer. Why trying to save readers from endless search and ensuring they make the right decision, we would provide a list of the best King Cobra golf clubs available in market.

The Cobra King still remains one of the most respected brands in the golf market as their products boast of unique designs and high quality that can rival any other brand for males and ladies; rich and poor; pro and amateur golfers.

This American manufactured of golf equipment is one the best lightweight and forgiving clubs with aesthetic design and excellent craftsmanship. It is important to note that the technical depth of a golfer is the most important factor when it comes down to the results or expertise not the equipment per say.

While selecting the best Cobra King Club or the best to improve our various reader’s needs, I have taken certain features into consideration as guide to ensure the best models makes list below.

Basic Features of Cobra King Clubs

Here are the basic features considered below:

Quality: Premium quality is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a club. The performance and durability of any product is determined by the material used in producing it, though high quality materials often translate to high price. The quality of the products gives confidence to buyers and assurance of better performance and long lasting product.

Reviews: A positive review by various users which is not less than four stars is also another feature to take into consideration.

Cost and Value: The cost and value of the club determines the performance of the club, usually less expensive clubs below $100 are good for beginners and intermediate to perfect their skills. The pricey clubs for $400 and above are more suited for professionals’ golfers.

The Grip: There are various grip materials and size to help ensure every golfer have a unique feel when handling a golf club. The perfect grip material and friction will help aid a perfect swing and reduce any chances of erroneous swings.

Shaft: There are different kind of shaft such as iron, wood, steel, stepped steel, titanium, and graphite which are used for different functions and purpose. why steel shafts are strong, more durable and generally less expensive, the graphite shafts on the other hand has lighter weight and provide great swing speed.   

These shafts have various types of Flex which affect the distance and direction of golf balls, the Flex types includes:

  • Amateur;
  • Regular;
  • Stiff;
  • Senior;
  • Ladies;
  • Extra Stif.

Making the right shaft choice will surely improve golfers’ results.

The Crown: The crown is one of the most important features of the club as it influences virtually everything in a club from the spin, Impart, quality, durability and energy return. Cobra is unique for their Crown design and material varieties namely, the PowerFace Shell, Multi-Direction Crown Aero systems, grooves and ridges. The overall performance of a golf ball is often determined by the quality of a Club Crown.

The Best King Cobra Clubs Overview

Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver (Best Driver)

Top-Rated: Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver

The Cobra King F9 is the most powerful and stable, compared to other models.

It encompasses aerodynamics for clubhead speed and low CG for forgiveness, these high-performance club offers great values for money with it improved distance range due to its airplane shape. This club is more suitable for professional golfers, though it can also be used by beginners and intermediates.


  • The airplane-like shape with the first CNC milled fairway face delivers speed, precision, and workability.
  • It High ‘tail’ improves the aerodynamics and distance.
  • The Cobra King F9 crown features ‘Power Ridges’ that act as air tripping devices to smooth the airflow.
  • The Dual Roll design has an upper face with more curvature to give a higher launch with less spin, whereas the lower face does the opposite.
  • King F9 Speedback faster head shape and a low CG position provides enough high forgiveness any golfer requires.
  • King F9 driver offers to improve sound and feel due to quality shafts.


  • It is pricey to afford.

King F8 Driver (Runner Up)

Runner Up: King F8 Driver

F8 design offers enough speed and forgiveness with adjustable weight technology. 

The King F8 driver is the best-valued club on this list, this is one of the best technologically advanced driver prior to the introduction of the Cobra King F9, featuring golf’s first-ever CNC milled Titanium driver face with E9 Technology.

The price of this model has reduced compare to when it was first launch making if affordable to all golfers.


  • Designed for quality, performance and better swing speeds;
  • Offers variety of shaft materials and flex’s to choose from;
  • Adjustable sole weights alter launch, spin and shot shape;
  • Ultralight carbon fiber crown;
  • 360˚ Aero on front of crown and sole reduces drag for more clubhead speed;
  • Cobra King F8 Allow users to track performance on a smartphone app through Cobra Connect embedded in the grip.


  • It is expensive.

Cobra King F8 Hybrid (Best Hybrid)

Best Hybrid: Cobra King F8 Hybrid

The Cobra King F8 hybrid model offer the best control and performance for an inexpensive price tag, it is also boost good built quality and aesthetic design. 

This is the cheapest cobra golf club on this list.


  • Allow users to track performance on the smartphone app through Cobra Connect embedded in the grip;
  • Its large face makes it easy to hit and launch high from impact;
  • The AERO trips on the crown aid alignment and improves the aerodynamics of the club;
  • The taller Baffler rails on the sole allow for a consistent strike from any lies.


  • There is no adjustable hosel system in this hybrid making it less versatile;
  • The pattern on the crown, while helping with alignment, can be distracting to some.

Cobra King F8 Steel Iron (Best Iron)

Best Iron: Cobra King F8 Steel Iron

The Cobra King F8 hybrid model offer the best control and performance for an inexpensive price tag, it is also boost good built quality and aesthetic design. 

The Cobra king F8 steel iron is the best cobra iron, it comes with features such as Cobra Connect, Carbon Feel Technology, Tailored Performance, Specialty Wedge Design, Full Hollow Iron, The Cavity Back Iron, Optimized CGs, Milled Grooves and Forged Pwrshell with E9 Tech.

Though a bit pricey, this club offers all the value for every penny spent. 


  • Cobra Connect System;
  • Great Sound and Feel;
  • Exceptionally Long and Very Forgiving;
  • Reasonably Priced Compared to Other Irons in Their Class.


  • Cobra connect from Arccos is free for just the first year;
  • Expensive.


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