How to Throw a Disc Golf Driver Straight?

Playing is fun, isn’t it? But what if you are keen to play your favorite game but not that much aware about the right tricks and techniques? Indeed that is a situation which makes you embarrassed as well as realizes you your lacking points as well. This mostly happens with those who are the beginners and novices. To continue this tail, by the name of the title, you are aware that today’s article is all about the golfers. So if you are a lover of golfer and playing golf passionately, then you are at the right place. 

Before this, in my recent past articles, I tried to cover the drivers, forgiveness, golf hits, golf bags, golf shoes, and tricks as well. But today in this article I try to cover how to throw disc golf straight? 

What Kind of Hurdles do People Feel or Face During the Time of Disc Throwing?

Well, during the time of throwing the disc, some general or common hurdles which people face is first they don’t know how to get their disc throw. The majority of the golfers who are beginners face this issue as they don’t know the right trick of using the golf disc. Secondly, another major or common issue which golfers face is the accuracy and distance. They get confused and unable to trigger out the accurate distance cover tricks especially when they are going to throw their discs. And then last but it least the third main and common hurdle which golfers face is the tee issue and mile hours covering. 

These are the common problems which I found out after searching a bit on the net. So in this article, I try my level best to trigger these queries and try to counter or come up with some relevant answers through which you can easily make your disc throwing moves valid and perfect and enjoy your game without any fear or hurdle.

How to Throw a Disc Golf Driver Straight?

So, let’s get the ball rolling and start unveiling the facts and things which you should keep in your mind before and during the time of disc throw golf driver.

Stay Calm and Relax

The first thing always comes first, and that is your patience. Make sure that you are patient and calm during the time of throwing your disc as most of the time during the time of throwing beginners, and the new golfers get nervous, which sometimes leads them towards the rough, harsh, or serious injury. 

Make Your Grip in a Balanced Way

Another thing which you have to consider during the time of playing and that is your grip consistency. Make sure your grip is right and accurate as it depends directly on your accuracy level. But making a grip consistency doesn’t mean that you have to pick the disc strongly. Make it in a normal griping balanced way, not so loose and not so tight. Do not strangle your hands around your disc. 

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I am highlighting this grip factor because if you have a right grip, that means your disc will automatically go straighter and mannerly. 

Running Up Towards the Tee is not a Solution

Best Disc Golf Bags

Another thing which most golfers don’t know and then do this common mistake is to run up towards the tee. Make sure that you are not doing this if you have done this in your past, then wrap it and trash it. Try to make a slow pace up to your tee box when you are throwing your golf disc driver.

Which Trick is Reliable for you to Opt?

Well, one of the best techniques that you can adopt during the time of your golf disc driver throwing is to pick the x technique. So with the help of this x trick, you can easily reach up to 7 or maybe 8 miles per hour, which is quite ok and feasible for you. So what you have to do is simply plant your leg for throwing, pivot it and then turn your body when you release your disc. 

Believe me, if you haven’t tried this trick, then try it at least once as it will surely help you out to maintain your accuracy and distance level together. 

Additionally, despite this factor, do remember one thing, and that is your skill. Throwing your golf disc driver is the main trick if you throw it mannerly then everything is in your hand you can get your desired outputs if you throw your disc in the above-mentioned ways and techniques. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can pro disc golfers throw?

Well, according to the world record golf disc pro throw at least 1000 feet, but not all the pro golfers reach that point. An average pro can reach approx 450 to 525 feet, which is a normal recorded distance. 

Secondly, it also depends on the size of the golf disc as every golf disc has come up with different sizes. 

What are the best golf discs for beginners?

Well, no doubt there is a series of best golf discs. But apart from them for beginners, there are some top five best golf discs through which they can get their best scores.

  • One legacy patriot;
  • Two-disc mania FD;
  • Three Discraft Zombee;
  • Four Innova leopard;
  • Five westside disc underworld.

What kind of weight should a pro golfer use?

Well, if you’re a beginner, so I suggest you to pick the lighter disc as for you first, making a grip is an important deal. But in case if you are professional or mature, then mid-level of heaviest disc is not a big problem for you. 

After reading this, you will be enough to know that how can you throw a disc perfectly and which disc is perfect for you to pick. 

At last, if you think you need to know more, then feel free to contact me.

I’ll try my level best to counter your questions.



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