How to Swing a Golf Club?

Golf is a game of precision and determination and swinging a golf club is the most basic and number one technique to follow in a golf course. So, you would want your swings to be focused and properly directed. 

Categories of Golf Swing Techniques

You have to follow a proper technique and rules if you are planning to take a club. There are three categories to follow when we talk about how to swing a golf club. 

Beginner’s Target

The first important thing to know is how to swing a golf club for beginners. All you have to know in the beginning is how to use the club to hit the ball up in the air. 


Even as a beginner, you know where your target is. The most important thing is that you are able to control the direction of the ball to reach the target. This is the second technique that requires patience as a key factor. 

A Pro Like Focus

The third most important thing is to control the consistency and distance in every shot. You have to calculate and maintain the target position. Also, try hitting in a specific distance to achieve the target distance. Practice is the key to maintain consistency throughout, so the more you practice the more it becomes easier to swing. 

How to Practice Golf at Home

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When you know all the basics and understand them completely, you will realize that it is easier to keep working the swing properly. 

Golf Swing Techniques

It is important to understand the following techniques:


It is important to understand that hitting hard is not the game. Your primary focus should be maintaining your posture. Your front foot should be a little ahead of the ball so that the club is positioned in the middle of the body. The position of your feet should be wider as compared to the position of shoulders. You have to be close enough so that the clubface can reach the ball straight by means of using your arms. Your upper body should be slightly bent towards the ball and away from your torso. 

Grips and Details

After positioning yourself in a proper gesture, fixing a proper grip is the next thing. If you have comfortably gripped it and are in a relaxed position, you can perform an accurate swing. Using your full energy may increase the chances of injury and cause your muscles to tense. So being relaxed is very necessary. 

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There are different styles of gripping that can be used. Some of them are baseball grip, interlocking grip, and overlap grip. From the above mentioned styles, you have to check and understand what would suit you the best. 

Coil Properly

You should start by turning your shoulders so that your arms can stay straight and relaxed comparatively. If you are able to coil enough that your arms can stay straight when your hands reach the waist-high position, your position is enough to create power in your swing. 

Cock Your Wrists

As soon as you get coiled suitably, your right elbow will bend. This bending of the elbows will cause your wrists to cock. If one arm bends and the other is straight, the wrists will have to cock. That wrist cock will form an ‘L’ between the club shaft and your left forearm. 

Design of the Club

Drivers are built with bigger heads because their purpose is to hit a long shot off of a tee. Irons comparatively are built with shorter heads because they are supposed to move the center of gravity around so that it becomes easier to liftoff the ball up in the air. Drivers are designed such that they move more around the body than going up and down. Whereas, irons are designed partly to swing more vertically so that it is easier to hit down into the turf. 

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Ball in the Air

You usually hit an iron shot right off the turf, without tee propping the ball up. The driver, on the contrary, is nearly always hit off the tee leaving some room below the ball. 

Balance Matters

Although there are differences between the swings you should make with your irons and drivers, but the balance should preferably be a constant for both. Balance is very important no matter how hard you are hitting, or the kind of shot you are hitting or the type of club you are using. Maintaining balance increases consistency in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to swing a golf club?

You have to know how to swing a golf club step by step to be it in a proper way. 

  • Your front foot should be slightly ahead of the ball. 
  • Play bigger clubs (like drivers or hybrids) more on the front foot and smaller clubs (such as irons) near the middle of your posture. 
  • Get closer to the ball such that the middle of the clubface can be reached to the ball with arms in a straight but relaxed position.  
  • Tilt your upper body a little away from your target position. 
  • See in what direction your shoulders and feet are pointed. To check if your alignment is proper, get into your position. On the teeing area, place a golf club along the tips of your toes. Move back from the golf club and check its direction. The direction should either be at your target position or at the hole. 
  • You need to have a relaxed grip as it will help the club head to turn over when you swing. It will give better distance and accuracy. 
  • Start your backswing – it is where you lift the club back from starting position and move it above your head. 
  • Track through with your downswing – you should feel like you are pulling the head of the club slightly and everything else lags. 
  • Follow through completely. 

Is the golf swing the same for drivers and irons?

The driver and iron swings are quite different and it is important to understand the difference because it will help in playing better golf.  These are some areas to consider when comparing the golf swing of irons and drivers.



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