How to Replace Golf Club Grips?

Well, when it comes about the game, so we all know that in every game, we have to put our 100 percent with some advanced tricks and techniques. No doubt there are a heap of games and sports which are worldwide known and people love to play it and represent themselves at national and international level but among the series of the golf is one of the well-known and reputable game that is worldwide famous but also a youngsters new passionate and most demanding game. 

In my last articles, I tried my level best to guide you everything related to golf whether it’s about shoes, golf balls, golf drivers, golf shots, golf guide for beginners’ and basic, golf disc drive, golf stick shots, golf bags, golf gadgets, and a lot more apart from this, today in this article I try to guide you about the golf club grips. As we all know that grips are important and an essential thing during the time of golf playing but how many of you guys are aware about replacing the grips? And how many of you are know this that at what time and after how many months you need to change golf grips

As a beginner this all is entirely new thing for you all, so to make things easy and convenient for you, today I am going to guide you that how to change grips on golf clubs, how to install golf club grips, how to re-grip golf club, and also how to re-grip golf club so without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and unveil the answers together. 

Most of the time, people ask curiously that how to change grips on golf clubs at home? And how to re-grip golf clubs at home? So the answer is very easily. See changing the grips is quite easy but sort of messy as well. One thing which I need to clear you all and that is you need to know when you have to change your golf grip and the correct time is in between six to eighteen months as it depends on you that how often you use your clubs secondly one of the major ways to realize that when to change your grip is when your grip starts going shiny or bald that means this is the right time when you have to change your golf grip. 

How to Remove It?

Well, you have to place your club in vice guard if the vice is not available, then make sure to stick it tightly from the end butt of the club, then take the knife under the grip and start cutting. After this, slowly peel it off from the shaft and also remove your old tape with the help of a tape scraper.

After this, what you have to do is simply rinse your shaft with mild and soapy water. Once you wash it properly, then leave it a while until your shaft gets dry. Once it gets dry, that means your shaft is ready for a new or re-grips.

Further Guidelines

Well, if you are new in this, then there are few things which I need to mention here. First is, make sure that your new or re-gripping is in the right position where you put your pressure during the time of making a shot. As after rinsing the actual position area line of indication, remove through which you can get an idea. So at that time, what you need to do is roughly hold it in your hands and assume to make a shot, so by doing this, you actually get an idea that from you have to start to make a new grip.

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Second is, don’t make your grip so harsh or hard. Try to make it light as I have noticed that most golfers, especially beginners’ do this mistake. They make it so hard, which becomes the reason of their injury, so during the time of making a new grip or re-grip, make sure that you are not placing it so hard. Try to place it over your shaft light not so lightly but light in a sense that you can easily play your golf without feeling any pain. 

Despite this, last but bot least, a third thing which you have to keep in mind during the time of placing your grip on the club (shaft) is the adjustment. Make sure that you have to check it roughly before placing the grip as during the time of rotating, adjusting, and distance actually matter. 

Despite this, if you want to re-use your grip, then I suggest you to not to use a knife instead of a knife blow it with the help of an air compressor. So by doing this you can re-use your old grip easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace golf grips?

Well, I cannot quote the exact amount as there are different prices in which labor asks for re-gripping or changing your grip. But mostly the cost of replacing the golf grips is in between 10 to 15$ 

When should I replace my golf grips? 

As I mentioned above that, it depends on your playing, like if you are a frequent player, then within six months you have to change or replace your golf grips; if you are an occasional player, then you can exceed it around 18 months mannerly.

How long does it take for golf grips to dry? 

It hardly takes 30 minutes, but one advice which I want to give you all then try to play with your club from the next day when you replace your grip or change your grip. 

How do you remove golf club grips?

The entire process is easy and simple. Knowing a step by step guide means kindly go through my above-mentioned article. 

I hope this article helps you a lot and gives you enough awareness about the grip changes. For more details and further queries, feel free to bug me in the below-mentioned comment box. I will try my level best to trigger your questions.



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