How to Put a Spin on the Golf Ball?

Good golfers are familiar with the techniques using which they can produce backspin. Although putting a spin on the golf ball is not an easy task to do. But it’s possible. 

You only require knowing the right technique which some golfers use to backspin the ball. If you want to put spin on a golf ball but are struggling with it, then in this article, we can help you with it. 

Below we have mentioned some techniques via which you will know the answers to “How to spin a golf ball?” Beneath there are step-by-step guides through which you are going to know about the Setting up to spin.

Consider the Grass

At first, you have to examine the grass. Make sure that the grass from where you are hitting the shot is not irregularly groomed because the type of grass provides higher resistance to the golf ball. 

This resistance will create reducing to the spin. If the grass is longer, then the chances are that it might get trapped between the clubface and the golf ball, which will also minimize the spin. 

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However, you can also create a backspin while hitting from the long grass, but this spin becomes much easier when you are taking the shot from a well-groomed grass.

Selecting the Ball

Mostly golf balls arrive in two varieties, including hardcore and softcore. Both types are quite different from one another. It is much easier to backspin the softcore ball in comparison to the ball having hardcore.

 So if you are going to start practicing the backspin, then make sure to use the softcore balls. The softcore balls offer more control, and it grips the club better. 

How to Put a Spin on the Golf Ball?

However, you might use the hardcore balls for some other purposes. For example, using hardcore balls, you can hit higher distance shots.

Selecting the Golf Club

The other thing that you should consider is the type of golf club you are going to use on the golf course. If you want to put spin on a golf ball, then you can go for the lofted clubs. 

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Golf clubs that carry greater loft helps in getting the backspin much easier. So you can master this complicated backspin task quite quickly. In the loft clubs, the distance between the angle and loft is higher, which causes a boost in backspin. 

Besides this, golf club height also plays a role when we talk about the backspin shot. We would suggest you try the clubs that have below seven irons.

Examine your Golf Club

If you are playing in a golf course having long grass, then the chances are that the golf head might get stuck into it, which can harm the backspin. 

However, you can prevent this thing from happening by checking the clubface. You can clear the grass or other dirt from the club using the water. The golf club also comes with instructions that guide the cleaning process.


To put spin on a golf ball, you need to position yourself correctly. Make sure to get the right stance so that the golf club can easily reach the golf ball. You can keep the ball one inch away so that you can create backspin. 

How to Put a Spin on the Golf Ball?

By putting the ball deeper, you will be able to golf ball at a downward angle that boosts the distance between angle and loft of the clubhead. If you feel that 1-inch distance is not allowing you the right backspin, then you can try changing the distance.


Once you have found the right positioning, now you need to aim to hit the ball harder with the clubface. Compression is quite essential when it comes to producing backspin. 

The ball is going to get pressed with the clubface if the golf club is coming at a constant speed at the time when it hits the ball. This constant speed supports in developing more backspin. 

In case the club speed is not consistent and is decelerating, the golf ball, while coming to the contact, will not produce much backspin. So make sure that there is no deceleration cause.


The right swing is very much important in a golf club if you want to create a backspin shot. Most of the golfer, don’t know the exact technique of swinging the club, which might help them in achieving the backspin shot. 

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To put spin on a golf ball, keep it in mind that you raise the golf club in the upright straight direction and then bring it down to make it contact with the ball. 

How to Put a Spin on the Golf Ball?

Try to boost the angle of attack so that the ball gets in contact at a steeper angle. You additionally need to consider that while shooting for backspin, ensure that the club first hit the ball before hitting the soil.

Keep Good Follow-through

Make sure to keep a good follow-through. Try to retain a firm grip on the club during impact because mostly golfers miss-hit golf ball due to a bad grip. 

Ensure that you are hitting the ball from a certain level above the ground so that the club doesn’t hit the ground. If it hit the ground first, then it might make your wrists to move away.


If you genuinely desire to know “how to spin a golf ball,” then try to follow all the methods given above. Causing a spin in a golf ball is not very difficult, but if you are a beginner, then you might struggle with this process. 

The backspin process demands some practice, which most of the golfers don’t want to do. If you are among those golfers, then you might also strive to get a spin on a golf ball. So don’t forget to practice, and you will achieve the backspin that you desire.



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