How to Practice Golf at Home?

Is it possible to practice golf at home Yes, Pretty much with ease!

Though it’s an outside game, you can’t always have access to golf course due to number of reasons such as bad weather, winter, green fees etc. So in-home practice sessions are best in this case for passionate golfers who want to play for fun or need to keep their game in shape for the upcoming matches.

As they say, “Practice makes a man perfect”.

It’s true but just practicing without adequate knowledge of techniques and drills is not enough if you’re trying to level up your golf game. 

Here in this article, I would help you learn how to improve your golf swings & performance from the comfort of your home and turn your free time into effective golf practice quite easily. 

You need to get started with setting up your practice area.

Things you Need for Indoor Setup

Golf equipments that you’ll need to practice golf swings at home depend on your plans. For basic practice you can start with basic items such as:

  • Golf clubs & balls: Get some different kinds of golf clubs with you to home for practice. The heavier ones are best for use;
  • Full length mirror: Don’t have one or can’t afford? Its okay, a reflecting glass door or window in the room or practice area will also do the trick.
How to Practice Golf at Home

However, if you want to go an extra mile and aim for challenging practice in your putt and chip areas then consider going for a pro-DIY setup in your house with the help of one or more following equipments:

  • Putting mat: It is a well-known way to practice putting efficiently due to real grass sensation. Putting mats are available in different forms from easy to difficult such as one with uphill holes, at an affordable price range;
  • Golf Practice Net: This is another easy aid for improving chipping in golf that gives hard time to many beginners. These practice nets comes with targets and you don’t have to go collect balls every time you chip. Setting up a practice net in your outdoor such as lawn will put you at ease and you’ll be able to practice anytime you like. Let’s not forget the good news that you won’t need to golf course often and deal with green fees, traffic, time issues;
  • Golf simulator: Though it is expensive to install, it is one the best way to check your trajectory on 2D screen while playing from home.
How to Practice Golf at Home

How to Improve your Golf Swing at Home?

Work on your posture first

The first in order is to improve your grip and alignment while doing a golf swing. For this, practice in front of the full length mirror with only golf club. Check out how you stand and grip it firmly using the right way and let your mind register the complete set up. Practice on heavy golf clubs for strength and flexibility. You can also copy and imitate other golfer posture from internet or TV. 

Work on your swing drill

The best way to improve your backswing and downswing is to first stand in front of mirror with correct posture. Now, perform your required swing once and then do next swing in a slow motion. Keep checking in the mirror to do swing changes correctly.

Keep doing these swing changes slowly and consistently. It will help your brain to memorize this right action which will help you later during the course.

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Now after doing it for several times, Increase your pace. Swing faster in the similar manner for final practice. Do not forget to take feedback from mirror every time you do.

How to Practice Golf at Home

Check Impact: When you swing the golf club, stop and look for the impact. See where your club face is heading. It will give you better idea of your swing motion.

Putting Practice Using Tape & Coin

Putting practice works best with putting mat but if you don’t have one then there’s another solution for it as well. You can do this simple tape putting practice in your room, lounge or any paved/wooden area. Take a wide tape and put it in straight line on the floor in your required length. The tape path will help you practice smoothly as you try to move the ball on it. 

Another easy way is to put coin on the floor few feet away from the drill and move the ball with an aim to touch the coin. See how many times you can do it successfully.

Chipping Practice Using Towel

You can hone your chipping skill using golf practice net and aim for swift swings. However, a towel can also help you to practice inside your home. Place a towel 8-10 feet away from the drill position and then try to land balls on it. Towel technique helps in distance controlling so it will help you excel chipping up to the great extent.

Experimenting New Drills & Muscle Movement

Whatever the new swing drill changes you experiment and you find them work, then it’s best to practice it first as much as you can to build confidence before doing it on the main golf grounds. 

The more your brain absorb your swing motions and muscle movements, the more it will help you by subconsciously moving your muscles in a required way during golf course.

Keep your Body for Golf

The most important thing you need to do in order to improve your golf swing is to keep yourself fit as well. To train your body for better golf course, you must shape it according to it. 

For that do some golf exercises which are designed for work outing of lower body to develop stability so you can maintain your posture for long time. Remember that strong muscles will help you to produce good hit force and great club head velocity. 

Watch TV & Read Golf Books

Yes, these two are great ways to learn more about best golf swing drills, techniques and strategies in order to significantly improve your golf swing at home but provided that you implement them. There are a lot of books written by skilled golfers with loads of informative content that you can help you turn into one fine golfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I practice golf in the winter?

Set up a practice area inside your home and keep working on your swings. Use putting drills and practice nets for chipping. Lift weights and do exercises for strength and flexibility to cope with cold weather without giving up on your performance. 

How can I get better at golf without lessons?

Practice with consistency and implement the new swing techniques you learn. Always take away from mirror while doing so and do not make swing changes during performance.


You can easily practice golf at home during winter or rough weather and improve your golf swings using minimum golf equipment and basic practice techniques. Be it chipping or putting, you can excel it with proper & consistent work out and take away.  Create a basic DIY setup inside or outside your house and practice at least an hour. 

Work on your posture 5-10 rows in your free time in front of mirror or window. Keep yourself fit and active for longer sessions. Make use of the knowledge shared by famous golfers by reading books or watch TV for better observation and HAPPY GOLFING!



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