How to Organize a Golf Tournament?

A golf tournament is one of the best ways to bring value to your organization in an entertaining manner by connecting corporate clients over lush green courses. It can be a great event to unite a large crowd for a cause such as charity or fundraising.

Organizing a golf tournament can be crucial for first timers as well as those who are running these tournaments from few years. If you are managing these tournaments but the turnout rate is not impressive or event does not turn successful like you hope, then you’re at the right place. 

Here you’ll read a helpful two-part guide that explains how to organize one with some amazing tips that you may have missed before. 

How to Plan a Golf Tournament Successfully 

Call a Meeting for Decision Making: The first and foremost step is to decide certain things before you kick start the preparations. For this purpose, call your team members and workers in your organizations to discuss. Take their suggestions and make mental notes of who among them like to play golf or have golfer friends and relatives. This information will come in handy.

Decide the Purpose: You’ll be going to put a lot of efforts in it so deciding a purpose is a must. It will add value and meaning to the tournament, and serve as an attention-catching information when someone discusses or inquire about its main goal.

It could be anything like:

  • Charity or crowd funding;
  • Club championship;
  • Entertainment;
  • Corporate & Business promotion.

Decide the Date: Ideally, the planning and preparation for a successful golf tournament should start months before. Doing so gives a lot of time for doing all the required arrangements such as finding sponsors, booking golf course, marketing, etc.

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By deciding a date before hand, you’re helping the potential golfers to manage time. After all, everyone have a schedule to follow.

Finalize the committee: Not everyone in the meeting is going to be your helping hand. You don’t just need volunteer who are skilled but also those who are interested and excited to embark on this journey. Look out for those that can efficiently help you with tasks such as marketing & promotions, sponsorships, day-to-day monitoring, etc. 

 Make a committee of at least 8-10 members for smooth progress. 

Assign their roles as chairmen of each different task and let them have their own volunteers.

Don’t forget to motivate them during all this time using incentives and appreciations.

Select Golf Courses: This is going to be major factor to determine the turnout rate of golfers. Don’t go for cheap course tracks just because you’re short on budget. People –particularly golfers love to experience a golf place at prime location.

Short list few one with following features:

  • Ideal location;
  • Best condition with lush greenery;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Challenging;
  • Best Food and beverages;
  • A Memorable one that adds value to entire tournament.

Decide your Budget: Do it smartly so you can gain more money than you put in it, be it for charity or what other purpose it has. List your estimation for expenses such as golf course booking, advertising, golf equipment, food & beverages, transportation, etc. Next calculate how many golfers will be attending it and think of ways to make money. Check out tips in the end of this article to know few such ways.

How to Run a Golf Tournament

Now that you’ve planned everything out, it’s time to get in action for following tasks.

Choose your Format: This depends on your targeted people. If they are highly skilled golfer then go for Best Ball which is played as team and handicapped in which winner is decided on average par score after deducting 20% while Medal Play where one with fewest total strokes is winner or Scramble for foursome play in a team, is best for average players. Choose any then plan teams and other details accordingly.

Find Sponsors: Sponsoring will lower your budget and will bring more attention to the whole event if done right. This will even bring money. Decide what you’re selling, do your research and short list ideal sponsors. Wondering who to reach? It could be anyone who is looking to expand their marketing and business awareness such as industry vendors, your business friends & family, board members, beneficiaries and the list goes on.

Reach and Convince sponsors: This is where you need to pay extra attention when running a charity golf tournament or any other. Prepare a complete package to convince sponsor and show them how this event is going to help them reach their goals. You can include their logo printed gifts for golfers and on-site branding in packages. 

The best way to do this is to first analyze your target audience and determine their demographics. By Demographics, we mean the information such as occupation, interests, age, income and location. Use this information to give better marketing idea to your sponsors.  Finalize one and then stay in contact till the big day. Try to go for their less crowded days because of cut-price.

Visit the Golf Course: After narrowing down the list as mentioned previously, you need to personally visit golf courses. Sit down with their managers for detailed discussion and try to get the best possible deal without compromising on the quality of the service.

Marketing & Promotion: It’s time to spread the word. Invest on marketing the whole contest to excite people. You can do following things in order to promote the golf tournament

  • Create a catchy tournament title & logo;
  • Create a website for online awareness;
  • Get bill boards;
  • Press Release. (Every golfer watch news);
  • Get help from Local media if you’re organizing a charity golf event;
  • Print grocery bags, flyers, etc to reach more people.

In all this, don’t forget to decide a catchy & concise name for the tournament. Its title can highlight the game type, purpose, location, etc. 

Take care of Registration process: Hire one or two volunteers specifically to take care of signups and registrations by golfers and keep track of payments. There should be an organized list of all contestants and invitations for the tournament day to avoid any kind inconvenience.

Decide Gifts and Trophies: Your prize table should be attractive and not limited to just three positions like 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Instead try to offer gifts to other golfers as well as because it will lift their spirit and they will be more excited to come back next year. Choose gifts that are valuable (but don’t rob your budget) for golfer. Be creative. Get a big trophy for winners and let them showcase it with pride on their mantles. Make sure it has tournament name, your organization name, and logo engraved on it. Every one wants to keep a record of their achievements. 

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Be Ready For the Tournament Day

  • Reach the golf course few hours ahead and confirm all arrangements with their management few days before;
  • Set up the prize table before the ceremony starts;
  • Gather your team and give them their task with proper explanation;
  • Make sure every volunteer is well-trained to do everything smoothly
  • Place a large and professional banner about your tournament in the course to welcome visitors;
  • Place sponsor flags and signs at holes and carts;
  • Hire someone for coverage like photography and video-taping;
  • Let golfers skip some holes in game to fasten the pace of game;
  • Set up a proper stage and select a professional MC for Award-winning ceremony;
  • Don’t forget to introduce your team and give credits to your helping committee;
  • Assign someone to keep track of raised charity;
  • Offer food and keep the steady supply beverages throughout the tournament;
  • After the tournament ends, wrap things nicely at golf course with happy goodbye to everyone.

7 Best Tips To Set Up A Golf Tournament- A Unique One

  1. Some ways to make money for organizing golf tournament are charging decent registrations fees, arranging auction, sponsoring, inviting local eateries for food stalls, advertising invites.  You can also sell photos and video clips of golfers to them;
  2. Give free gifts to participants such as logo branded balls, tees, towels, etc.
  3. Use your connections for sponsor help;
  4. Get best golf course deals by booking half-day;
  5. Show highlights of best performances, best shots, etc on projector or LCD during closing ceremony;
  6. Add a theme to your Golf tournament;
  7. Bring extra games and other contests aside from main competition. Choose many winners so everyone leave with a smile and promise to sign up for your next tournament!


Setting up a golf tournament is a difficult and tricky business but if done right in an organized manner will increase its chance of being successful. Form a committee of head and volunteers and decide date, format, purpose and golf course. Name tournament with branded logo and reach out sponsors and offer numerous advertising options and other games to make it all the more exciting and profitable for both sponsors and participants.  Do proper marketing and promotion to spread the words and sign up golfers. Be organized with well-trained volunteer team on the main day.



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