How to Increase Your Club Head Speed

The game of golf is a very competitive and technical sport activity to partake in; it is no news that many golfers irrespective of skill levels have strived to gain some form of advantage over their opponents. In an attempting to improve their results, some golfers would prefer the comfortable and temporary way out by lavishing huge sum on expensive golf equipment, while others would prefer a more lasting and cheaper approach of training and improving their golfing technique such as swings and distance among others.

Every golfer wants an improve distance range to better their chances of becoming victorious in any competition. The best way to attain these is not hitting the ball harder, but learning how to increase your clubhead speed.

The first and an essential skill is the ability to master your golf swing, if you haven’t, getting that fixed should be your priority. Although improving your speed is not easy and as it affects other aspects of your game such as control and spins temporarily, my advice to serious golfers is to embark on the process below during their offseason.

Here are some techniques on how to increase your clubhead speed below.

Overspeed Training drills (Golf Swing Fix)

How to Increase Your Club Head Speed

The overspeed approach is the best method to generate improved clubhead speed and ball distance. This technique help develops both the fast and slow twitch muscles by improving swing techniques and distance range of any skill level golfer. The method can be perfected by practicing various drills below.

Swinging something light very fast: this drill helps develops your fast twitch muscles which are very important for improving clubhead speed, and can be achieved by using very light club shaft or an alignment stick to swing as fast as you can. You can also reverse your swing quickly to ensure your name is excluded from the long list of one-sided golfer.

Swinging something heavy very fast: this drill helps to strengthen your slow twitch muscles while improving your hand and forearm strengths. By practicing with heavy equipment and rotating as soon as you can is another approach to enhance golfer’s clubhead speed.

Practice swinging your standard driver very fast: this is necessary after completing the above drills; golfer should practice turning quicker with regular clubs while aiming the golf ball. Wayward shots are no disappointment; your goal here is distance, so always challenge yourself to reach faster speed.

Note: Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar is essential to monitor progress and discover the best techniques to maximize your clubhead speed.

Visiting the gym and practicing specific exercise/workouts routines:

The right physical education and workout routine will improve golfers swing speed and power if correctly done, and I’m not talking about the bodyguard or wrestler build routine for those wondering. I’m talking about the kind that makes you swing faster and last longer on the course. Here are activities to focus on at the gym.

Core muscle development activities: Exercises such as mountain climbers, planks, using the ab wheel, reverse crunches and medicine ball throws against a wall are use improve torso rotations where golfers swing speed and power is derived. Developing the core muscle of any golfer improves stable movement and torso rotational movements to enhance clubhead speed.

The jumping exercise and compound activities is another way to improve and create power from the lower body, workouts like squats and deadlifts ensure golfers improve in strength and endurance needed for swing and better game result.

Reducing Tension and Improving Lag

How to Increase Your Club Head Speed

Many golfers irrespective of skill level often feel a degree of tension when they are about to take a swing at the ball, dealing with this tension which often builds up in your wrist and forearm with below techniques is another step toward improving your club distance.

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I’d advice golfers to loosen the grip on the club and reduce pressure throughout the swing to improve clubhead speed upon impact. Increasing club speed has more to do with technique than muscle, if golf were all about muscle John Cena would be dominating not Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, and Tigerwood.

For those not familiar with the word “Lag,” it just means allowing the club to fall behind the hands until the last split second when there is an impact. Golfers should take advantage of this by merging more lag into the swing to improve clubhead speed and effect on the golf ball.

Ways to incorporating lag in your swing are as follows:

  • Keep the wrists loose from the start of the downswing until you come into impact;
  • Don’t hit the ball or swing the club until you are about to make an impact. Rotating just before impact allows golfers to unleash the wrist at the right time to hit the ball farther;
  • The Swoosh sound of the club should be heard upon impact or right after impact. For a golfer who swing early and fail to tap into the late swing technique the sound is often heard midway before impart.

More significant Shoulder Turn, More Extension

How to Increase Your Club Head Speed

The more prominent shoulder turn technique is another approach to improving golfers club head speed, this technique ensures efficient transfer of energy by creating a broader arc in your backswing. Although getting right shoulder turn is not an easy task, as some golfer shoulder turn is either too short or beyond their comfort spot which can be very risky. So it is advisable to know your elastic limit to maximize your shoulder turn.

Another technique is by extending your hands in backswing to improve ball distance. This technique of getting our hands further from your head on your backswing and extending your golf swing can be improved with the aid of golf swing extender training.

Monioring Improvements

The above techniques will be incomplete without constant track of progress to measure how much you improve, what style works for you and how fast you swing.

Getting an accurate Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar for tracking swing progress is another critical step to improving your clubhead speed.

I wish you all the best on your training to honing the various techniques in this article.

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