How to Increase Your Club Head Speed

If you’re a golfer and you know you want to increase your club-head speed. You want to take a drive which covers enough distance. If you want more yards to cover and increase your drive speed, then the first step is to learn. You need to work on your drive and you have to practice hard to increase your yardage. When you’ll start practicing, your golf game might suffer a little but it will get better and you’ll get used to it after a time. If you have a good swing, then you don’t need to learn how to do a decent swing. If your swing skills aren’t good, first you have to brush up swing skills so after that you can focus on the speed. If your swing is decent, then you should start swinging fast. 

How to Increase Your Club Head Speed

Speed Training And Swinging Training

  • Practice swinging with light driver very fast, it will develop your fast twitch muscles;
  • Practice swinging with heavy driver very fast, it will improve your hand and forearm strength. It will also strengthen your slow twitch muscles;
  • Practice swinging with normal driver very fast, it will allow you to swing fast.

If you’ll keep practicing swinging quicker, the faster your swing will be and the longer your drive will be.  You need to do over-speed training so you can hit your drives longer. For practicing with the light driver, you should use a very light club shaft or use an alignment stick. Put some grip on it or just put some tape on it if you want to build the grip on it. You have to take some time out of your day and swing it fast as you can. This will develop fast twitch muscles. The fast twitch muscles will allow you to hit the ball further. You should swing fast and aggressively. If you have reached your finish, then you have to reverse your swing and swing fast in reverse. By doing this, you can be a right hand golfer and a left hand golfer at the same time. If you want to track your stats on your swing speed, then you should pick up a Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar and keep challenging yourself to keep reaching faster speeds. Once you have reached a new milestone, set another goal and keep going for it. You can use a swing monitor for the best techniques and swing thoughts to increase your club head speed and drive distance. If you’re practicing with a heavy driver, you have to practice swing as fast as possible. It will surely feel super heavy as compared to the light club. By swinging the heavy driver, this will develop your slow twitch muscles. The slow twitch muscles matter but these aren’t as important as the fast twitch muscles. Whenever you’re practicing with a normal driver, try hitting the ball to cover more distance. Use the training skills you did with the heavy and light clubs and try to hit the longest drives. 

How to Increase Your Club Head Speed

Gym Training

You have to the hit the gym if you want to swing faster and to perform well on the course, also to avoid injuries. You have to focus on some activities to increase your club head speed:

  • Core Activities: Keeping yourself stabilized and your torso’s rotational movements.
  • Heavy Weights: You have to do compound exercises like squat and do the deadlift.
  • Fast movements, like throwing balls against the wall.

You have to do core activities to develop core muscles of your body. These muscles are exclusively responsible for your torso rotation, from where you get a lot of speed and power. The faster you can rotate your torso and release from the top of the backswing, the further you can hit the ball. You can do exercise like jumping, which will make you create more power from your lower body. You will notice a big increase in power if you will keep jumping on. If you want to do fast movements, you have to do medicine ball throws which will make you to swing the club faster.

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Less Pressure, More Lag

If you want to swing faster and have a longer drive, you have to take the tension out. Taking the tension will make you swing your club faster. You have to loosen up, so you can swing faster and have a longer drive which will cover more distance. You have to keep your wrists loose from the start of the downswing. If you will keep your wrists looser, it will make you hold that angle and you will unleash at the right time which will make a great impact. You need to reduce all the tension so you can swing as fast as possible. 

Bigger Shoulder Turn, More Extension

This is another great swing trick if you want to increase your club head speed. A bigger shoulder will let you swing faster and cover even more distance. It will give you a wider arc in your backswing. You have to keep distance between hands and body so you can have more room to generate more speed and lag. Big shoulder turn will give you more extension. For getting more extension in your golf swing is the Golf Swing Extender.

How to Increase Your Club Head Speed

Keep Tracking Your Improvements

You have to keep an eye on your improvements and the skills you’re learning. It will tell you that how far you have come and how much experience you have gained in making your swing faster and having a longer drive. You should get a Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar, so you can track your improvements through it. It will give you an accurate measure of how fast you can swing. You have to have a goal swing speed in your mind, after how fast your swing is currently. Try to increase it by 10mph if it’s easier for you. Add 5 more mph if you want to. Each mph adds 3 yards. Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar will help you measure your distance too. 



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