What Clothes Do Men Prefer on a Golf course?

When it comes to golfing, you might have noticed that professional golfers wear similar clothes and accessories. While playing, they are mostly found wearing a plain polo shirt, a golf hat, non-pleated shorts or pants and white golf shoes. Outfits and accessories can vary in design, color and price. While opting for them it is best to pick something that is under one’s budget, feels comfortable and looks good, all at the same time. It can be difficult to find the right piece in a decent budget, since most high quality apparel are expensive and the ones that are cheap usually have poor quality. However, you do not have to worry, since there are many available alternatives to high-end brands.

For as little as $120

You can pull of a great look by combining the following outfit and accessories with each other or any other piece of your choice. Each accessory or outfit costs under $120.

Chosur Golf Hat

This hat is fit for outdoor sports and is easily available on Amazon. You can pair the hat with almost any outfit you wear.

Quick Dry Golf Polo Shirt

Found on Amazon, this polo shirt is quite comfortable and holds a good quality like that of top brands. It is durable and looks great too. It does not come with any logo on it.

V46 Performance Golf Pants

Like other similar pieces on Amazon, these pants are of great quality and are very comfortable to wear in any weather. They are available in plenty of different sizes. You can get these non-pleated pants in three different colors as well.

Adidas Men’s Adipower Bounce Golf Shoes

golf outfits

Adidas is famous for its top-notch accessories. While picking golf shoes under a budget, you should definitely opt for these. For just $100, they not only give maximum comfort but also are very durable and pocket friendly as compared to other branded shoes of the same quality. These long-lasting shoes come in many different colors.

Mile High Life Golf Belt

In under $20, you get a pack of two belts that would look great with any golf shirt or pants you wear. These belts are quite cheap for the great quality they provide.

For roughly $180

If you are willing to spend a little extra for good quality stuff, then you should opt for the following pieces that we have picked out.

Nike Golf Hat

Nike is one of the most famous sports brands out there. Their golf hats are quite popular among professional golfers. If you can spend around $20 for a golf hat, then you should definitely get your hands on one of theirs.

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Nike Victory Golf Polo

Nike’s polo shirts are durable, extremely comfortable and look great as well. You will not have to worry about this polo shirt losing its quality after a few trips to the washing machine, unlike other cheaper polo shirts of this sort.

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Adidas Golf Climate 3 Stripes

Adidas’s pants carry the same quality as other high-end sports brands, but you should opt for Adidas if you are looking for a high quality piece in a slightly lower price than that of Nike or Under Armour.

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Under Armour Men’s Webbed Golf Belt

This plain white belt would go great with most of your favorite outfits. White belts are quite trendy among golf players these days, so if you would like to add a little white accessory to your whole look you should definitely get your hands on this durable and pocket friendly belt.

New Balance Golf Shoes

These golf shoes are extremely comfortable and long-lasting. Their design is quite attractive as well, so you should definitely consider them while looking for golf shoes.

For Roughly $200

Put up an attractive look by wearing the pieces in this section.

Classic Titleist White Mesh Hat

Most golfers pick this hat mainly because it looks great and is quite durable. You can wear it for a couple of years without worrying about its quality fading away.

Nike Victory Striped Polo

If you are bored of the plain polo shirts and love a little bold look, you should buy one of these. The shirt is comfortable and looks great.

IZOD Men’s Classic Fit Golf Shorts

IZOD is quite an underrate brand for golf. Its shorts give the player a comfortable feel, even during the hot weather, and they do not stain easily as compared to other golf shorts.

golf outfits

Under Armour Men’s Webbed Belt

This belt would go great with the pieces discussed in this category. The brand provides a wide range of belts in different designs and color and most golfers wear it.

Footjoy DNA 2.0

If you want good quality shoes that would last in all weather conditions, then should pick this one. Known amongst many professional golf players, these shoes are a must have.

Perfect Winter Outfit for Golf in Cold Weather

If you play golf in cold weather, it is necessary to dress properly for it. Added accessories like hand warmers and beanies are necessities.

Titleist Golf Hand Warmer

It is important to keep your hands warm while playing golf during the cold weather. Titleist Golf Hand Warmer is a great pick.

Titleist Beanie

Golfers opt for beanies to keep their ears warm. Titleist Beanies come in a large variety and are great choice to protect your ears while playing in the cold.

Columbia Golf Omni-Wick Pullover

To make sure you play well in the cold weather, you need wear an appropriate outfit for it. If you cannot extend your arms properly, you will not be able to swing properly. Opt for Columbia Golf Omni-Wick Pullover to stay warm, look good, feel good and swing properly at the same time.

Adidas Climate 3-Striped Pants

Golf pants really do not make a difference since they all come in almost the same material. Therefore, Adidas Climate 3-Striped Pants would be a great pick to go along with other pieces in this section.

Heat Holders Socks

These socks are great for cold and even rainy weather; they will keep your legs warm all day while providing maximum comfort.

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