Golf Clubs for Sale! Where To Buy From?

The golf market has expanded over the years allowing golfers the option to purchase golf equipment from various outlets and getting the best available deals on golf clubs via online marketplace or physical shops.

This article will not only list the various places to buy or find sales on golf clubs, but it will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of each outlet listed below.

Due to time management, there are ways to find a golf club for sale.

Buying Golf Clubs In A Sporting Goods Store

Golf Clubs for Sale! Where To Buy From?

Buying a golf club from a sporting goods store such as Sports Authority, Academy Sports amongst others offers benefits to a few individuals whose interest is purchasing a complete set of clubs.

Sports authority golf clubs sets for sale allow golfers save some cash when compared to online outlets which include expensive shipping cost for complete sets, these sporting goods store offers demo options for golfers to test their products before final payment.

It’s also essential to go along with your old club to compare the distance and accuracy against the new one, and this is because the hitting bay of most sporting goods store manipulates and boost the ball tracker to get you excited to seal the deal.

However, for those buying any other club or club set, the online outlets are often cheaper with 20-30% price difference.


  • Suitable for purchasing complete set;
  • Try out options for some clubs;
  • Ready to use immediately after purchase.


  • Overpriced and can’t haggle;
  • Golf ball tracker manipulated;
  • Sales tax included.

Buying Golf Clubs Online

Golf Clubs for Sale! Where To Buy From?

The introduction of the online market has been a significant advantage to all golf ardent around the world because it makes golf gadgets accessible, cheaper and convenient to purchase.

Sites like Amazon and eBay have revolutionized the golf market; eBay, for instance, allows anyone to become a seller which lead to fierce competition and lower price rate. For those scared because “anybody can sell” eBay customer service will ensure you’re well protected while giving room for refunds if you’re not satisfied with the goods.

Then again, searching phrase like “Golf on a budget” or reading articles on best value clubs help golfers make more informed decision to save cost and get the best value for your price, here are the three ways to buy golf clubs for sale on eBay.

  • Buy it now: This is the best option when you’re guaranteed a much better deal is not available.
  • Make an offer: this another option, although the price difference might be a small percentage.
  • Auction: if the club you wish to buy is on auction, add it to your watch list and make a reasonable bid in the last ten seconds of the auction. You can get a good deal when the auction title has a typo, or it is slate to commence too early or late in the day.

NOTE: there is other website with great deals and discount rate for golf clubs, follow some of our best website for golf equipment articles.


  • Better prices;
  • No sales tax;
  • Excellent customer service for the buyer;
  • Lots of options to choose from and discount rate.


  • A buyer cannot try out first;
  • Can’t be used immediately after purchase (wait 2-5 days);
  • Sometimes lead to hassle.

Buying Golf Clubs from Friends

Buying a golf club from a friend is another convenient means at a reasonable price; sometimes your golf buddy might grow tired of his old club you which to buy. By showing interest both parties will trade, and if you’re lucky, you may get a generous discount too.

Though trades between friends are tricky if both parties aren’t trying to rip the other all will be fine.


  • Friend discounts;
  • No sales tax;
  • Can be used immediately after purchase.


  • Trade with friends can be difficult.

Buying Golf Clubs for Sale on Forums

Golf Clubs for Sale! Where To Buy From?

Been a member of a golf forum is another way to buy golf clubs for sale because sections for buying and selling equipment which allows members to post items for sales and interested individuals respond is available.

I’d advise you trade with a reputable member and avoid trading with new members who might be selling counterfeit gadget or planning to scam you.

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Having a Paypal account offers an advantage as the seller might request payment via “friends and family” payment method which charges no fee from the seller.

Nonetheless, it is essential to note that it’ll be challenging to get a refund with Paypal.


  • Variety of options;
  • Multiple forums available;
  • Paypal’s “good and services” feature is a reliable option.


  • Need a Paypal account;
  • Shipment takes a while;
  • The complex process overall.

Buying Golf Clubs on Craigslist, Facebook MarketPlace, Facebook Groups and the LetGo/OfferUp Apps

Buying golf clubs on local selling websites and apps is very risky because the outcome is often uncertain. Platforms like Craigslist, Facebook and selling apps is not only suitable for buying and selling golf equipment but also requires broad search term like “golf” to avoid missing out on anything or restricting your search to only certain brands or gadgets.

Once you find a product that interests you a message like this should be sent to the seller.

“Hey ______ (Name)! Is your ________ (golf item for sale) still available? I’d be very interested in buying it today if we can agree on a price.”

Let’s break it down.

Hey (name)!: shows that you are serious about buying the item. Our names are our favorite word, so it’s nice to use it when it’s available. Also, using titles like Mr. or Mrs. (Name) for an older seller to show respect is also an excellent way to go about it.

Is your (golf item for sale) still available?: This ensures the seller responds and makes him/her more inclined to sell to you.

I’d be very interested…: This show you are serious and willing to pay soon as a deal is agreed.

Once they respond, ask for the lowest acceptable price or make an offer (never be scared to lowball them) and be confident.

Remember to also check for different groups within your region.


  • Can haggle;
  • Incredible deals are available;
  • Product research is convenient;
  • No sales tax.


  • Can make you deal with creepy people;
  • Research sometimes takes time.

Buying Golf Clubs for Sale at Yard Sales

Golf Clubs for Sale! Where To Buy From?

People sometimes get rid of items due to various personal reasons, and this makes them part with this item for a reasonable price. So it’s advisable you take advantage.

A periodic check on Craigslist and Facebook for “garage sale” or “yard sale” available close to you helps.

If you find any garage sale golf clubs close to you, go early to avoid missing out on useful items and try to friendly with everyone while you there, this makes negotiation easier.


  • No sales tax;
  • Goods items for sale;
  • Can haggle;
  • Usable immediately after purchase.


  • Some yard sales are absolute crap;
  • Unfavorable to a neighborhood without a golf course.

Buying Golf Clubs at Thrift Stores

The thrift stores might not be the best place to visit when searching for newer golf product, because most people don’t often donate golf clubs except it about 20-40 years.

For those who don’t mind visiting a thrift store, you might get lucky.


  • You never know what you will find.


  • Mostly old clubs.

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