The Best Golf Clubs for Girls

Are you a girl? Are you into golf? If the answer to both the questions is yes then you may be surprised to know the following details. According to research conducted by the National Golf Foundation, there has been a sharp rise of women participating in golf than men. In order to maintain this steady increase, younger girls need to be encouraged and provided with the right equipment to help flourish in this sport.

The first thing that you would want is a pair of golf clubs. These tend to be different for both genders in various ways. This includes variation in weight of the best golf clubs for men and women. Golf clubs were women tend to be lighter than those of men. Women golf clubs tend to be much shorter in diameter and grip.

If we talk about girls, there are certain things they need to keep an eye on before they pick their golf clubs. This includes obviously your girl’s age. If you are looking to buy golf clubs for a five-year-old, you would not want to give her fourteen golf clubs to carry around, therefore, picking the brand that offers the right amount of clubs is essential. Furthermore, if you are a beginner and looking for golf clubs, an aluminum one with do you fine initially to learn and practice the game. Also, what kind of golf balls to use for junior girls who are slowly picking up the game. Well! Initially, younger girl playing golf do well with softer balls that generate enough spin to stay in the air for longer. Therefore, make sure to pick the right golf clubs for girls

Having the perfect pair of golf clubs is essential to learn the basics of the game. This article will enlighten you with a few gold clubs for girls.

US Kids yard club

girl golf clubs

Is your little girl into golf? Then these junior girl golf clubs are perfect for beginners who are still experimenting and wanting to learn the game. It has a balanced weight with soft golf balls for your girl to learn the basics of the golf grip and much more.

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You might think that with the pace she is growing up you might have purchase new clubs again. However, that is not the case. It is essential to have golf clubs that fit her well in order to play her best game and learn as much as she can. US kids yard club offers just that, they are affordable and user-friendly for all girls.

Tip: you can always sell those junior girl golf clubs to another junior who is into golfing.

US Kids Ultra thin girl golf clubs

girl golf clubs

These girl junior golf clubs are specially designed for girls moving from being a beginner to an intermediate. They are suitable for girls of the ages 5 to up to 12 years old. Moreover, these clubs are easy on the weight and are equipped with light graphite shaft appropriate for girl juniors. These junior girl golf clubs can be found in 9 various sizes, and they are made for both, left-hand players as well as right-hand players. Moreover, they have 3 to 7 club sets and highly recommended for golf clubs for teenage girls.

US kids tour series

girl golf clubs

Earlier we mentioned golf clubs for junior girls. However, these golf clubs for teenage girls are specially designed to cater to the needs of your girl who just entered her teens. Basically, these golf clubs are for those girls moving from being an intermediate to advanced golfers. Using these clubs, many girls have participated in local and regional junior golf tournaments. Moreover, these tour series are perfect for teenage girls helping them transition into beautiful teenage golfers.

Callaway Strata women’s clubs

girl golf clubs

If you are looking to gift your girl a pair of golf clubs who are transitioning from a girl to a beautiful woman, then these youth girl golf clubs may be your best choice.

Callaway Strata does not only offer the best men golf clubs, but they also cater to the needs of women as well. These golf clubs comprise 14 piece set which includes a hybrid, 2 wedge clubs, 6 through 9 irons, a lightweight stand bag with straps that looks super cool and much more. It’s by far the best option for picking out golf clubs for young women suiting women with whatever golfing level they may be on.

Aspire XD1 Ladies club set

girl golf clubs

If you are looking for an all-rounder, then this may be the one golf club for you. Aspire XD1 ladies club set is designed for all those young women or teens who have just started this glorious sport or are at an intermediate or advanced level. This golf club set is not only wallet-friendly but also provides quality clubs. Its set includes 4 drivers, a wedge, a putter and much more. It’s balanced and petite for women.

In conclusion, it is extremely essential to encourage your little girls to learn all kinds of sport but most importantly enjoy the sport that they are playing or learning. The focus initially at the beginner’s stage should be allowing her to have fun, experiment and learn. What parents or guardians need to make sure is the fact that she is being taught or trained by someone who is not too hard on her otherwise she may not like the sport anymore. Make learning fun that is the key.

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