TOP 3 Easiest Drivers to Hit

Golf is the most expensive game ever on this planet. Why is it so? This is because it needs a big budget to buy the equipment used for the game and ground management. When it comes to buying equipment, it can be a little disturbing thing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing golf for years or just started playing a month ago, it is always hard to find golf equipment. Here in this article, I am going to discuss the drivers for your club that can give your shots more power. 

First of all, we need to understand the qualities of the driver club. It is the most important club in your golf bag as it is used to hit big shots in the game. You need to have the best driver to be on the top of your friend’s list playing golf with you. Here are those few qualities of a good driver.  

Driver must have Large Club Face

Larger the club face, larger the sweet spot there on the driver. The club head is the most important spot for a golf club. So, for hitting better shots, you must have a larger size driver or at least standard size that is being used by the professionals. There is a number of models available having different driver sizes. 450cc is considered as a standard size of the driver. Many golfers prefer more than that as well. If you’re after the most forgiving club, then always choose the one having large club head. 

Center of Gravity of the Driver 

The driver with a low center of gravity always better than others with large value of COG.  The developers try to make divers that exhibit low COG. So, you don’t need to worry about this one.  

Buy a Branded Club 

Although there are golf drivers having a price of more than $500 in the market. That is too expensive I guess. So, you can find what is preferable. There are local brands as well who are selling their drivers at low prices. All you need to do is to find a trusted company or brand that always provide quality products.  If you are after a cheap branded driver, it may cost you more if it breaks in a few months. There are few brands that are considered best for the drivers named Cobra, Callaway, TaylorMade and Titleist etc. 

I am going to mention a few drivers that you can buy for you for playing some good shot. Their drivers are suggested by many of the golf users. So, you can trust these products. 

PineMeadow PGX Offset Driver

We are after easiest hit drivers and PineMeadow is one of such kind. It is unbelievably cheap and easy to hit driver. 

What else do you want? Do you want a cheap driver with some good qualities? If yes, then it can be your piece. The PGX driver is an offset driver that can help you in hitting the full face of the driver to put the ball far away. The offset can help you in hitting the full face of the driver to the ball. Slicing or pushing the ball becomes easy and accurate with this driver especially when you’re one hell of a slicer. 

The sweet spot of this driver is considerably larger than many other drivers even from many expensive ones. So, mishits with this driver end up with good distance too. Obviously, mishits make a difference, but your Off-center hits would be the ones you love the most.  This driver has many qualities that can’t be found in many other expensive and fancy drivers. 

Cobra King LTD

Cobra is the most underrated company in the golf industry. They don’t release many drivers, however, just a few pieces in the past 4-5 years.

This is good for the users as it is not famous like many other companies and that is why their prices are low.  Many golf players and professional trainers would suggest Cobra King LTD, not because of its low price, but better hitting capability. 

The size of the driver is a little larger than many other practicing drivers. So, hitting big shots isn’t the issue for this piece. The developers of Cobra always find a way to have a zero gravity at the driver end that help all the shift weight of the club to the driver which maximizes the shot. There are many other drivers in the cobra category like King F6 and F7. They are all good and affordable for anyone who wants to play golf.  

There is limited stock available for Cobra King LTD. You can buy it soon. If you want it at cheap rates, then wait for a year or two till the next brand comes.

TaylorMade M4

Cobra is the most underrated company in the golf industry. They don’t release many drivers, however, just a few pieces in the past 4-5 years.

Now, here we have the best driver company which has provided the best drivers for the past 5-6 years. They provided good and easy to hit drivers. There is no doubt about the quality of the drivers from TaylorMade. The drivers from TaylorMade are long, strong, forgiving and reliable. 

M4 from TaylorMade is one of their best creation with 460cc clubhand. The weight of the club isn’t much at all. It provides plenty of forgiveness which makes it on top of the list.  This is a little expensive piece in the market due to its high demand and performance. You can buy it from online stores, you can pick one of your choices. What can you ask more from TaylorMade?  If you are looking for some cheap drivers of the company then you can buy M1, M2 and M3 drivers. These drivers are cheap are still better than the latest driver brands of many companies. 

If you can pay the best, then buy the best. If you can’t afford expensive ones, then go for the above-given drivers. Their prices are low!

So, these were few drivers you can use for playing the most awesome game for every age. Pick one of your choices and smash the golf ball like hell.



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