Easiest Golf Putters to Use

The very competitive golf game has seen many golfers practice several techniques or purchase various types of equipment in their attempt to improve their skill level and game result whether it was a mere training exercise or PGA tour competition.

Putting is an integral aspect of the golf games as it either makes you happy with better game results when you’re pretty good at it or ruin your day when you suck at it.

Golfers who struggle to putt must understand the two key things to consider when putting are “direction” and “speed.” The failure of some golfer’s while putting can be attributed to their focus on perfecting their speed while struggling to aim the putter in the right direction.

Golfers who struggle to line their putter must realize not all putters are easy to aim. Everyone’s eyes are a little different while standing over the ball, and some putters are designed to improve confidence by making it easier to line up to their target.

Although, the general rule state that putters with a more extensive sight line is the easiest to line up.

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However, Putting is influenced by personal choice. While some people line up better with a “naked” putter (putter without any lines or design on the top line of the putter), others line up better with the aim line on the bottom of the putter.

Here are the best putters for the easy aim that meet golfer needs such as putt alignment, improve confidence, and style that fit your eyes.

Easiest Blade Putter to Aim: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 is the easiest putter to use for golfers who struggle with putt alignment. This simple and sleek model has one white sight line on the top of the putter, making it easier to align with the golf ball.

The White Hot Pro feels excellent at impact for an affordable price around $100 and boasts of being one of the best odyssey putter ever produced for easy aim.

The White Hot Pro is a great putter for a golfer with a more rounded arc putting motion. But for golfers who have (or are trying to attain) a more straight back, straight through motion, any of the two face balanced putters below is a better pick.

Easiest Mid-Mallet Putter to Align: Seemore FGP Black Mallet

The mid mallet is ideal for golfers who prefer the consistency of a mallet putter but dislike the size. It is an excellent blend of appearance, ease of aiming, and lack of clubface rotation.

The SeeMore FGP Black Mallet putter is the easiest mid mallet putter to align. By using the shaft of the putter to cover up the red dot, golfers are  assured that the putter face is perfectly square to your target.

This putter improves alignment either by using one single sight line on the top of the putter or by using the two lines on the back of the putter when adjusted while over the golf ball.

SeeMore putter remains one of the most underrated putters in the industry, though professional putters like Zach Johnson, has praised its alignment system in the past.

Though this straight putter shaft offers to improve comfort to many golfers compared to the offset putter (like the Odyssey #1 putter above), the major downside is that it can be challenging to focus on the sight line while covering the red dot at the same time.

Easiest Mallet Putter to Aim: Odyssey 2018 O-Works Putter

Mallet putters are known to be the best putters for aiming because of its extensive sight line. This more extended sightline often ensures you improve aim at the target.

The Odyssey 2018 O-Works putter is the easiest putter to aim with, and it also guarantees high-level consistency to golfers who don’t mind the big head.

This putter balanced face is designed to ensure it does not turn much during the stroke. Odyssey 2018 O-Works remains the best for golfers who seek to improve their straight back and straight through putting motion.

Odyssey 2018 O-Works improve features makes hole alignment to be more comfortable and work fine for individuals with more of an arc stroke.

The Odyssey 2018 O-Works is the best Mallet putter as it ticks all boxes for any Mallet putter ardent out there.


The putter style is also an important factor due to various shape preference for different individuals. Personally, I could never imagine using mallet putter because it’s clunky and strange to me. Others, obviously, couldn’t imagine using anything but a mallet putter for the rest of their lives.



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