The Best & Easiest Fairway Woods Off The Deck 2019

Fairway woods are metal-wooden golf clubs used to make shots between the tee and the green. These clubs give golfers the needed loft on a fairway to hit the ball in the rough or around the greens. The versatility of a fairway wood is very important because it helps find distance and consistency when a golfer is hoping to improve his game with fewer strokes.

Though modern fairway woods come with adjustable features that allow golfers alter either the clubface angle or the sole for better loft and optimal ball flight. The variation in fairway woods clubface, sole and curve design determines if the fairway wood would be best suited off the deck or off the tee. Fairway wood with larger hitting area which allows access to more clubface are good off the deck, while very curved faces and curved club soles better suited off the tee.

In our research for the best and easiest fairway woods to hit off the deck 2019 in this very competitive market to help our readers make the best choice when shopping on Amazon or Aliexpress. Here are the best fairway woods 2019.

The Overall Best Fairway Woods: Callaway Golf Rogue

Fairway Woods Callaway Golf Rogue

The Callaway Golf Rogue is the overall best fairway woods to hit off the deck in the world currently, these Callaway fairway woods improves distances and forgiveness; thanks to the special crown design and jailbreak technology.

Callaway Golf Rogue is the first fairway wood with jailbreak technology, this club helps mis-hits fly like the center-face hits while improving golfers control spin. This best fairway wood cupface technology helps boost distance and it’s the easiest to hit off the deck.

Here are the reasons why the Callaway Rogue is the overall best fairway wood that is easy to hit off the deck compared to Callaway X2 Hot.


  • Five different club loft options;
  • Large sole for increased forgiveness;
  • Huge sweet spot and good club face;
  • Jailbreak technology for higher ball speed.


  • Quite expensive for less than 300$.

The Easiest To Hit Fairway Wood: PING G400 SFT

Fairway Wood PING G400 SFT

Ping G400 SFT is the easiest to hit fairway wood off the deck 2019, this Ping G series club set is better than the Ping G25 fairway wood because it improves the distance and accuracy off the deck and allows golfers shoot great shots from all kinds of lies. Ping G400 is a premium quality club that helps golfer maneuver trouble while giving an impressive feel and feedback after every hit.

This user friendly fairway wood weight is also distributed low and behind the face giving more advantage and higher launch angle, making it easier to lift the three woods more than a few feet above the ground with the straight flight technology.

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The introduction of a slightly larger turbulators makes it easy to align and Maraging Steel to create a thinner face, thus improving the Moment of Inertia (MOI) and Center of Gravity (CG). The Ping G400 SFT remains one of the best versatile fairway wood any golfer looking to shop would love to lay his and on this year for less than $200.


  • The G400 is available in a 3,5,7 and 9 wood options;
  • It delivers a high level of feedback;
  • Improves distance;
  • Improves accuracy and control with less spin;
  • Handles all kinds of lies easily;
  • Good aesthetic design to improve swing;
  • Reasonable price tag.


  • Feels more like a wood than an iron which some golfers might dislike;
  • Take slight time to adjust thereby limits adjustability;
  • Another limitation for the Ping G400 SFT is that it has only two different shaft options.

Cobra King F7 Fairway Woods

Cobra King F7 Fairway Woods

The Cobra King F7 is the best Cobra fairway woods, though similar to the Cobra King F6 in design and feel, the F7 have an improved speed and distance and considerably more forgiveness to offer.

Though, the Cobra King F6 key highlight was the movable weight and adjustable hosel. The F7 provides better moveable weights of 3 and 20 grams in the sole which offers the option of sparking a lower or higher launch and trajectory, which golfers will appreciate. It is however advisable for golfers to test out the weight settings, to know which works best for them then stick with it.

This inexpensive fairway wood comes at exceptionally good price for the best fairway wood to easily hit off the deck 2019.


  • Good hosel and weight adjustability;
  • Excellent playability and versatility;
  • Adjust the loft to maximize distance with good flight trajectory and spin;
  • Forgives mis-hit to ensure better golfing results;
  • Not expensive to afford;
  • Great sound;
  • Smart design on the sole helps the Cobra King F7 fairway woods cut through grass of varying heights.


  • Some golfer complains of lack of workability.

The Best Value Fairway Woods: Callaway GBB Epic

Fairway Woods Callaway GBB Epic

The Callaway Epic is the last addition to the list, beating off numerous brands and models to become the best value fairway wood in 2019, offering premium quality at affordable price.  

Callaway epic might be larger than the average fairway wood with face; it still promotes loft, distance, control and forgiveness without the jailbreak technology found in most Callaway clubs.

Though much older model Callaway X2 Hot and Ping G25 fairway woods are second and third runner-ups for best valued fairway woods any golfer would love to own, because these two also boast of lots of high quality features and functions for less than $200.

The Callaway Epic is the best in this category.


  • Moment of Inertia (MOI) and low center of gravity provides for superb forgiveness due to the Triaxial carbon crown;
  • Face cup technology increases ball speed and maximize distance;
  • The Callaway Epic Gives lot of loft option allowing golfer hit from anywhere from the tee to the green without stress;
  • It can be purchased at a reasonable price;
  • It looks fantastic, makes you want to hit fairway woods all day long.


  • Lack more advanced technology like such as Jailbreaker technology that can be found in the latest release from Callaway, Rogue or Taylormade.


The Callaway Golf Rogue is the overall best fairway woods off the deck. While Ping G400 SFT followed closely as runner-up, the Callaway Epic is the best value for golfers who want premium quality and features at reasonable price.

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