Cleveland RTX-3 Cavity Back Review

The wedges are fundamental clubs in any golfers’ bag as it helps influence shots taken within 100 yards of the green, these clubs can either impact a golfer’s game positively or negatively pending on skill level or quality of equipment.

The Cleveland brand is known as one best wedge manufacturer in the golf industry due to its innovative design and production of premium quality wedges over the years. The release of RTX-3 CB wedges is aimed at satisfying individual needs and helps improve the game results of various golfers irrespective of the handicap level.

The RTX-3 Cavity Back is not just one of the best in features and functionality, but its relatively cheap price tag is one of the reason it remains one of the best for low budget golfers.

The Cleveland RTX-3 wedge bigger cavity back was aimed to improve confidence and increase forgiveness, while its unique technological design helps optimize game results. 

Technology: Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG

Feel Balancing Technology – This innovative improvement is one of the critical upgrades of this wedge as it helps modify the center of gravity nearer to the wedge face to reduce vibration and optimize head stability at impact. This technology not only helps minimize mass but also ensures optimal redistribution for better feel and control.

The Feel Balancing Technology also guarantees amateur golfer shots are more consistent compared to other wedges within the same price tag. The RTX-3 CB was tweaked to allow more movement of the mass toeside, while the Thermoplastic Polyurethane “TPU” aid reducing vibrations optimizing feel.

NEW V SOLE GRINDS – The V Sole Grind have been tweaked and refined to make sure the club offers better head speed, consistent spin, and control. Though the V sole grind featured in earlier models like the RTG, however, it has been modified to optimize performance.

This brand boast of three tour-proven grinds features with a V shape design crafted to aid the clubhead cut through the turf faster at impact while minimizing contact with the ground. Cleveland also ensures it is easier to identify these different sole features using the “Dot System.” Here are the RTX-3 sole features and their functions below.  

  • V-LG – This sole can also be represented using (1-Dot); its a very narrow sole designed for low bounce and maximum adaptability. V-LG is an excellent choice to navigate golfers out of challenging conditions. 
  • V-MG – This sole is also represented using (2-Dot), this sole feature offers mid-level bounce with the middle of the “V” the sole center, and it is used in a variety of conditions while remaining the best choice for most golfers.
  • V-FG – This sole is represented using (3-Dot), it is by design the widest sole of the three and masterfully crafted to provide more bounce, forgiveness, and playability.

However, it is essential to know that our research reveals the V-MG boast of better ability to get the club through varieties of turf conditions, lies, and angles compare to the V-FG and V-LG.

NEW ROTEX FACE – This improvement combines a deeper groove design with micro-milling process and variety of loft option to optimize spin and enhance contact across different conditions.

Our verdict:

Cleveland RTX-3 Cavity Back Review


The RTX-3 aesthetic design differs from other Cleveland earlier version like RTX and RTX 2, but it’s satin finish give a unique outlook and aid durability. Though this clubhead feels a bit heavy, it also boasts of a 6% higher MOI compare to their MB counterparts.


Cleveland RTX-3 CB excellent design and performance enhancement is another reason this brand remains one of the best wedge manufacturers in the game, this wedge not only offers maximum forgiveness but also guarantees to improve versatility compare to other wedges.

The RTX-3 CB is a good recommendation for golfers with a low budget as it’s very affordable.



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