Callaway Rogue Irons Review

Are you in searching for golf club that deliver accurate shots, great distance, and exceptional forgiveness? If that is the case, then try out the Callaway Rogue Irons that have got some fantastic features at affordable rates. 

Callaway Rogue Irons is going to offer a wholly different and exciting experience for the golfer on the golf club. It is a second to none product that is preferred by many golfers due to the excellent performance. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, you will love using the Callaway Rogue Irons because Callaway has manufactured it after keeping all types of golfers in mind.

Callaway Rogue Pro Irons Review

Callaway Rogue Pro irons is an exceptional quality product that delivers high-end performance on the golf course. It is a perfect choice for newcomers and expert golfers. 

The more you are going to use Callaway rogue pro irons, the more you are going to love it due to its excellent functionalities, which leads towards outstanding performance. 

If we compare Callaway rogue pro irons with some other product of the same category, then it’s hard to beat Callaway rogue pro irons because of the superior quality.

Callaway Rogue Irons Specs

Below is the complete specification of Callaway Rogue irons that will let you know about this excellent product. 

The following specifications contain all the detail, including Shaft Material, Flex, Hand orientation, Configuration, Loft, and Standard length of Callaway Rogue irons.


Callaway Rogue Irons

Shaft Material

KBS Max 90 Steel and Synergy, 60G


Regular, Stiff, Senior

Hand Orientation

Left hand and Right hand


Four irons, five irons, six irons, seven irons, eight irons nine irons, AW, GW, PW and SW


18.5 degree, 21 degree, 24 degree, 27 degree, 31.5 degree, 36 degree, 41 degree, 46 degree, 51 degree and 56 degree

Standard Length

39 degree, 38.375 degree, 37.75 degree, 36.50 degree, 36.00 degree, 35.75 degree, 35.50 degree, and 35.25 degree.

Design and Material

Callaway rogue pro irons have an elegant look and durable material. At the front side of the product, you may see a silver color with different edges on it. 

There is a “Rogue X” trademark on this end, and at the tip on the product, you may also see “Callaway” written that represents the brand. Furthermore, at the rear end, you may see a pure black color. 

The black/silver color combination makes the product look amazing. There is a style included at the backside of this product, which seems classy. 

Callaway rogue pro iron is composed of steel/iron material. This composition makes it a long-lasting product. It is a durable material that can withstand hard hits, so you don’t need to worry much while using this product.

Features and Performance

Callaway rogue pro irons arrive in a variety of different compositions. You can encounter multiples shafts, flex, and iron configuration for this product. 

The KBS Max 90 Steel and Synergy, 60G, are two different shafts material that you can choose from. These shafts content deliver the durability to the product. Other than the shafts, the Callaway rogue pro irons arrive with three diverse flex, including regular, still, and senior. 

These flex allow the user to hit the balls within the particular ranges, so choose the flex type after knowing your need. In case you are a golfer who consistently hit the ball 250 yards away, then you must go with the Stiff flex.

Moreover, the Callaway rogue comes with ten distinct iron configurations such as four irons, five irons, six irons, seven irons, eight irons, nine irons, AW, GW, PW, and SW. These iron configurations play a vital role in terms of the loft. 

For examples the Four irons, five irons, six irons, seven irons, eight irons, nine irons, AW, GW, PW, and SW irons configuration has a loft of 18.5 degree, 21 degree, 24 degree, 27 degree, 31.5 degree, 36 degree, 41 degree, 46 degree, 51 degree and 56 degree respectively. 

The loft is essential when we talk about trajectory and distance. Loft angles handle the path and influence the range of the shot. 

Other than this, many golf clubs product produces an unpleasant sound and vibration after hitting the golf ball. Thanks to the Urethane Microspheres in the Callaway Rogue irons, that release a pleasant sound during contact with the ball. 

Other than the delightful sound, it also causes less vibration, which is another plus point. The reduction in vibration supports the product to improve the tone, and the best thing is that the urethane microspheres don’t compromise on ball speed or COR.

Another thing that might encourage you to buy this product is the Tungsten Weighting. The Tungsten Weighting helps the user for Optimal Flight and Control. It helps in performing a more precise shot, control loft, and promotes the optimum launch, which might assist you in performing well on the golf course.

Moreover, it is a lighter product that is longer and has strength in comparison to other golf clubs. It also contains a wide sole that is great for high launch and long carry. Furthermore, the 360 Face Cup with Variable Face Thickness technology offers an extra face portion for rapid ball speed.

Callaway Rogue Irons

The Callaway Rogue irons cost may vary on different platforms. For example, if the price of this product is $699 on their official website, then you might get the same product at $500 on Amazon. 

You will never want to spend $699 on a product that you can purchase at $500. So before buying Callaway Rogue irons from a single source, we will recommend you to do some research so that you can get the best affordable rates.




Callaway Rogue iron is something that every golfer might want to include in their golf accessories. We will suggest you read the full article and decided whether this product suits you on not.



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